We're going to make a prediction right here and now: Bob Lutz's appearance on Dave Letterman tonight will result in at least two choice quotes. Granted, we're not exactly going out on a limb here, since the stage has been so perfectly set for a great bit of drama. Step one, Letterman loves Elon Musk from Tesla and tears the Volt a new one on national TV; step two, Bob Lutz and the rest of GM get a bit peeved; step three happens tonight. With all of this backstory and Lutz's history of picking the perfect phrase to get our attention ("crock of s**t," anyone?), how can Lutz's seven minutes or whatever not give us something head-smackingly good?

While we wait for the big appearance, the Detroit Free Press has put together a top ten list of things that Letterman should know about the Volt. Some are good ("Jay Leno wants one.") and some are not exactly Volt-specific ("Danica Patrick will look great in one."), but they all point to the excitement in Detroit about Lutz's latest turn in the spotlight.

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