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With the two-year lease up on her first generation Honda FCX fuel cell car, actress and environmentalist Q'orianka Kilcher has decided to trade up to the latest model. Kilcher this week took delivery of a new FCX Clarity in Santa Monica California. The only cars that the 19 year old Kilcher has ever had are the two hydrogen powered Hondas, so she proclaims that she has never pumped a single gallon of gasoline.

One of the locations that Kilcher will use to fill up her Clarity is a Shell outlet in west Los Angeles that produces hydrogen on-site from water via electrolysis using a roof mounted unit. That station is reportedly the first retail hydrogen station to operate in that fashion. Honda also has a solar powered hydrogen station at its Torrance headquarters campus. The Clarity recently won the World Green Car of the year award in New York and is the first series production car in the world built from the ground up as a fuel cell vehicle.


Honda Delivers FCX Clarity Zero-emissions Vehicle to Environmental Youth Leader Q'orianka Kilcher

05/08/2009 - TORRANCE, Calif. -

American Honda Motor Co., Inc., announced that actress and environmental youth leader, Q'orianka Kilcher, took delivery of the FCX Clarity hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle on May 7 at Honda of Santa Monica. Kilcher completed a two-year lease term as one of the original FCX customers.

"Since my first car was the Honda FCX, I am proud to say that I have never pumped a gallon of gasoline," said Kilcher. "As a young person, I feel it is my responsibility to always try my best to think about the consequences of my actions and choices as a consumer, and the impact they have on our planet."

Kilcher, winner of numerous environmental youth awards, is the world's youngest FCX Clarity owner at 19 years old. The zero-emissions vehicle can be refueled at a Shell hydrogen station in West Los Angeles, which is the first retail hydrogen station to produce hydrogen from water via a roof-mounted electrolysis unit.

The FCX Clarity is a next-generation, hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle. Propelled by an electric motor that runs on electricity generated in the fuel cell, the vehicle's only emission is water, and its fuel efficiency is more than two times that of a modern gasoline-powered automobile.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Months Ago
      I just googled her to see who she is...talk about a no name. Besides being in pedo love scenes with Colin Farrel, she has no claim to fame.
      • 8 Months Ago
      "she has never pumped a single gallon of gas..."

      Oh yeah that is right, chicks don't fart! whatever.
      • 8 Months Ago
      Might not have pumped a gallon of gasoline, but just wait for the price of hydrogen to skyrocket, there is almost no infastructure for it.
        • 8 Months Ago
        The fuel tank of the FCX Clarity holds almost 4 Kg of H2, enough to propel the car 270 miles. Current retail cost of H2 is about $8 to $10 dollars per Kg, making a fillup costing up to $40.

        More important than the cost per fillup is the fuel cost per mile, which comes out to 12 to 15 cents a mile, about the same fuel cost as the average SUV. Driving electric, on the other hand, has a per mile "fuel" cost of 2 to 3 cents.
        • 8 Months Ago
        OK one more time... MAYBE we can get a answer this time to a VERY basic question..

        How much for a fill up?

        When ever you ask this question you don't get a answer . Me thinks because the answer will make everyone go... WTH????
      • 8 Months Ago
      Q'orianka Kilcher is a distant cousin to musician, Jewel whom if memory serves me correctly the first female musician ever to grace the cover of Time Magazine.... when this occurred I believe the only other musician to ever appear on the cover solo was John Lennon.
      • 8 Months Ago
      • 8 Months Ago

      give me a break.

      • 8 Months Ago
      She's my green dream girl.
      • 8 Months Ago
      I think we'll see without huge infusions of taxpayer money this fuel cell hype will be dropped quicker than a republican in a college town. It was always a no brainer. Man I took a lot of hate on this issue from the airheads!
        • 8 Months Ago
        Good point Chris M.
        • 8 Months Ago
        Exactly. Of course, those who are dependent on the hydrogen hype, like Blencoe, will squawk like crazy. They don't want to loose their gravy train!
      • 8 Months Ago
      I would take a hydrogen car over a battery only car anyday. Hydrogen acts more like an ICE as far as range and reliability go. We have all kinds of battery car options for decades and they have never given been comparable to an ICE...except for those who only go from gay bar to gay bar each night. One cannot take a battery only car on a long distance trip anywhere. Nobody is expecting hydrogen to be here tomorrow. If you want battery...you can make your own by yourself at home with existing vehicles. Oh, and batteries are certainly NOT green by any stretch of the imagination. More than one technology should be researched.

      Give the girl a break.
        • 8 Months Ago
        "Hydrogen acts more like an ICE"

        Please smarten up and make fair comparisons! An ICE is the motorized component of a drive train, therefore it directly compares to an electric motor, not to an energy storage solution, that would be the gas tank if anything.

        "for those who only go from gay bar to gay bar each night."

        That sounds a bit excessive, how about you chose one night of the week? May I suggest Saturdays, the hot guys are always out on the weekend.

        "Nobody is expecting hydrogen to be here tomorrow."

        You are right! We don't expect hydrogen to be here at all!

        You seems to have a lot of preconceived misconceptions. Try giving technologies and people a chance before you judge them.
      • 8 Months Ago
      Great curves, great outfit, love the colour black on a great body...

      She might as well be leaning on a garbage can for all care. (she pretty much is,haha)

      She's beautiful!
      • 8 Months Ago
      They'll lease million dollar fuel cell vehicles with only a few filling stations in Cali, but they won't make and lease (or better yet sell since there is a trust issue leasing EV's due to the whole EV-1 lease fiasco) an EV with literally millions of outlets in California alone.

      Simply amazing.
      • 8 Months Ago
      I can think of a few reasons she might want to lease this car:

      Maybe she wants to drive a zero emission vehicle that goes more than 240 miles between fill-ups (in real traffic, with air conditioning, at freeway speeds, etc.)

      Maybe she likes 4 seats in a car. Some people do have friends and family.

      Maybe she doesn't have access to a dedicated parking spot with an electric charger.

      Maybe purchasing today's only EV option at $110,000 is a bit out of range.

      Maybe obnoxious boys who slobber over batteries and insult strangers disgust her.

      Just a few possible reasons to want this car.

        • 8 Months Ago
        Tell me, Maxwell, are you deliberatly lying, or did you just not know? The 244 mile per charge range for the Tesla Roadster IS the official EPA certified and tested range! So Tesla is being just as "honest" as Honda on that issue. Even better, Tesla has revealed a lot more about their own range testing results, and even shown some efficiency graphs, Honda has done neither. To drive the Roadster range down to 150 requires sustained driving at 80 mph, above the speed limit. How well does the FCX Clarity do at 80 mph? Honda doesn't say. BTW, the actual greatest "if your life depended on it" range for the Roadster is over 400 miles, at 20 miles an hour.

        As to why the Tesla Roadster is not listed on fueleconomy.gov, you'd have to ask their webmaster. While you're at it, ask why they don't have a single H2 fueled model listed, and why electricity is not on their list of "alternative fuels". Seems that only gasoline, diesel, flex fuel, propane and CNG are listed after 2003. The only electrics are discontinued models, and the most famous, the EV1, also isn't listed.

        Oh, and put down your own binoculars, your list of reasons was just as long, you creep!
        • 8 Months Ago
        @ Chris M,

        You are wrong about the range comparison. If Honda claimed range the same way that Tesla does (unadjusted city driving test), Honda's range would be 342miles (86miles/kg x 4kg H2). Being a bit more honest, Honda uses EPA's metrics (on www.fueleconomy.gov, the Clarity (and all the other fuel cell vehicles listed by EPA) is using adjustment factors of 0.9xCity, 0.78xHwy. This yields 77City/68Hwy/72 Combined.) Why is the Tesla Roadster not listed on fueleconomy.gov? Why don't they post numbers that are adjusted to meet real world driving? They claim to have done the testing? What have they got to hide?

        This is another way that Tesla and most of the EV press release waving crowd, including the GM Volt, lie about the capability of their EVs, and why "regular driving" of the Tesla Roadster on real roads in real traffic yields about 150 miles of range, not 244. You can get 244miles if you drive like your life depends on achieving 244miles, rarely cross 50mph, and never use the air conditioner or heater.

        Clearly disingenuous to claim 244mile range.

        You sure seem to know a lot about Q'Orianka Kilcher. Put down the binoculars! It's creepy.


        • 8 Months Ago
        While some of those reasons may be legitimate, others aren't. The difference in range between a 244 mile per charge Tesla Roadster and a 270 mile FCX Clarity is only 26 miles, and her previous FCX car had a much shorter range, around 180 miles. She most definitely does have a dedicated "parking spot", a garage where she can secure it at night - it is one of the requirements to get a FCX lease, Honda doesn't want them vandalized or stolen. If she can afford that lease and the cost of H2 fuel, she could afford to buy a Tesla Roadster. If she can deal with paparazzi, then obnoxious battery fanboys would be nothing.

        I have my own list of possilble reasons:

        She's an actress, and can't be expected to know all that much about cars and the technical details.

        She's following a script, her agent told her it would be good for her career to be "green".

        She's been totally taken in by the hydrogen hype, and hasn't got a clue about efficiency or costs.

        "Hydrogen" is such a great buzzword.

        She wants an exclusive "one of a kind" car, and with less than a dozen on the road, this is as close as she can get. Tesla Roadster? Hey, there are over 400 on the road!
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