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When the Volkswagen Group starts building its "new small family" NSF micro cars in a couple of years, there will be variants for most of its mainstream brands. That includes Audi, which is likely to use the ultra compact platform to kick off a new E series of models starting with the E1. The E1 will be built with other NSF models at Volkswagen's Bratislava, Slovakia factory.
While the E-series cars will be aimed at maximizing efficiency, they will still offer a variety of powerplants including turbocharged 600 cc two cylinder engines running on either gas or diesel. Those will be joined by both hybrid and all-electric versions using lithium polymer batteries.

The original VW up! concept was a four-seater (barely!) but the production model may only be a 2+1 or perhaps 3+1 like the Toyota iQ. The 600 cc E1 should easily get CO2 emissions of under 100 g/km when it launches in 2011.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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      • 8 Months Ago
      Perhaps we might see full ultralighting in smaller cars, as much less material is needed. It would also improve performance and safety which although being exagerated as issues with small cars still figure in some peoples decision making process.
      • 8 Months Ago
      I don't suppose there is any hope of seeing something like this across the pond?
      Why do we get idiotic crap like the Hummer; overblown luxury cars galore and even exotic supercars but only the smart in this category.
      Unfortunately as much as I like the concept the Smart is vastly overpriced with a lousy transmission and considering it's size only mediocre fuel economy considering it's size.
      If they were to sell this here and keep the price reasonable (under 15 please!) I would be first in line and I bet I would have plenty of company.
      • 8 Months Ago
      Yeah, I've got a smart and I will admit that mileage is not fantastic. I don't believe that other similar cars will do better once they are permitted to be converted to US specs.
      In addition I hear and read from individuals that their ten year "watchamacallit" got much better mileage.
      So...let's look at a few facts:
      The smart is laden with many safety features that add weight, even though it's a paltry 1800 lbs.
      The engine on today's vehicles is burdened with a whole bunch of smog fighting paraphenalia that will affect mileage.
      Cars years ago did not have to have all these items on them.
      Last, but not least we all remember the good things about our cars because that's the way we are. Did those great old timers have Key FOBS, ESP features, electric windows, etc.?
      On another note the aerodynamics on a tall and short vehicle are compromised on high speeds. That is a fact.
      There is no Hybrid with extra heavy expensive batteries involved here. It's a straight 3 cylinder gas engine that happens to have an excellent mileage rating in all the tests and reviews given.
      The bad of the smart is that it needs Hi-test but it's little 8.7 Gallon tank won't make me cry.
      Also driving habits will affect any vehicle ,if you race to the next red light then you are not a thinker and you probably seldom check you tire pressure. My smart as all new cars has a TPM by the way.
      The transmission is unique to be sure but I am pleased with it after learning it's foibbles. 1) the transmission can be left in D and used as an automatic. The issue with that setting always was a stumbling, when the transmission shifted from 1st to 2nd gear. That has been corrected somewhat with the update to 2009 specs. It is still present albeit very little now. To cicumvent any hesistation one just steps on the gas pedal more to get that continuous respones. 2) The transmission can be switched manually via steering wheel paddles. This will give a faster response and makes it possible for the driver to interact with the car during driving. There is no clutch!
      When I stated that it is short and tall, I did not imply that it doesn't corner well.
      That is not true. It has a low center of gravity which makes it possible to appreciate a good incline or curve. I paid about $15,300 for my 451 model and I'm not complaining because when I look at it, I can realize that material and quality are excellent. It's got an extemely safe design that can handle larger cars in an accident, and is much better than the econoboxes that are offered these days.
      The best thing is to ask a smart owner what he likes about his or her car. You will hardly hear anything negative about it.
      I feel sorry about the larger cars for when the car is finished being washed, the others are just partly done.Sorry about my rambling but the car get's too much of a bad rap.
      I hope to see smaller cars on the road in the future regardless of gas cost or not.
      I want to see the road in front, not someone's large rear window.
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