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Hyundai Avante LPI Hybrid - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Hyundai brought two hybrid vehicles to the Shanghai Motor Show this week. The first one is based on the popular Santa Fe crossover utility vehicle platform, and it adds a 30kW electric motor to the 2.4L four cylinder engine. The dual power sources send their power through a 6-speed automatic transmission, and the Korean automaker believes the setup can increase fuel economy and reduce emissions by 50-60 percent, which would be quite impressive if true.

Hyundai believes it could see similar 50-60 percent improvements from its second hybrid in Shanghai, in this case based on the Avante (that's the Elantra to much of the world) compact sedan platform. Both the Santa Fe and Avante hybrids feature a full parallel system, which features regenerative braking, stop/start and the ability to travel solely on electric power.

Like the Forte Hybrid from corporate cousin Kia, Hyundai's Avante Hybrid runs on liquefied petroleum gas (propane), which also leads us to believe that Hyundai is likely using the same lithium polymer battery packs from LG Chem.

[Source: Autoblog Chinese]

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      Puleeeeeeze get these cars in production. Hyundai has talked about it for two years. Time to make it so. Or just like American cars, do I have to look elsewhere. As an Elantra driver, I'm so ready for a hybrid one.
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      I'd consider either. Specially in that Sante Fe hybrid boasts impressive numbers.
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      I guess You will need to enter the details of your vehicle ie fuel type, transmission, make and model etc. The search results will give the CO2 emissions and the vehicle excise duty band for your vehicle, by doing all this and by tracking all the details we can some how little bit control the CO2, however as usual the most of the CO2 concerns are aimed at aircraft and cars, with reasons because they are the heaviest contributors to the problem, But they are not, I think, the place where to start. I believe we should focus in a first time on boats and specialy cargo. Very dirty, polluting, inefficient pieces of machinery, they do not mind a bit of increased weigth and therefore can bear the burden of less than perfect technology. This would be a source of revenue for alternative technologies to diesel engines and prepare future evolutions for car and aircraft.
      Regarding aircrafts, their main advantage is the combinaison of freedom and speed. The problem will be better solved by development of faster trains and easier to install/maintain railways
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