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Competition Sport Corvette - Click above to watch video after the jump

Keith Cornett of Corvette Blogger spent last weekend down in Florida at the 12 Hours of Sebring. He was likely one of the few whose attention wasn't solely fixed on the top tier Le Mans P1 class in which the new Audi R15 did battle with Peugeot and Acura. Keith was there for the Corvettes, and this particular race was significant for Corvette Racing. Later this season, Corvette will switch from the GT1 to GT2 class, so this was the final chance for the C6.R to open up a can at Sebring, and open a can it did.

The Competition Sport is a new model offered by Chevy that celebrates the Corvette's success in racing, and it's more than just a pretty package. Keith got to sample what the Competition Sport has to offer while riding shotgun during a hot lap session at Sebring the day before the big race. His ride was #02 in the series, a fact that was evident to all thanks to the large door graphic that comes on these cars. Follow the jump for two videos that highlight Keith's hot lap in the Competition Sport Corvette and click here for more info on the limited edition cars.

[Source: Corvette Blogger]

Complete Video

Just Hot Lap

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      The woman is her own parking sticker....
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      A female driver, OK.
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        Don't always post BS!

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      So what is different other than pain and ebroidery on the seats????

      Inquiring minds wanna' know.
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        I found this by clicking on one of the links above the comments......

        "General Motors is spicing up its non-ZR1 Corvette line with a new Competition Sport package for the 2009 model-year. There's a bit of substance here, as the kit adds the Z51 Performance Package, performance exhaust system, differential cooler and a set of racing pedals to the standard 1LT package, resulting in a power peak of 436 horsepower."

        This is actually a pretty nice package as it's combining all the stuff that racers would add to the car anyways. My car has the Z51 package but I don't believe it has a differential cooler...which would be nice.

        FYI....the Z51 package includes upgraded brakes (larger rotors that are cross-drilled), bigger swaybars, slightly stiffer springs, stickier tires and different transmission gearing (shorter gears across the board).
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        I mean to type "paint" , not "pain".
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      I don't think she's heel-toeing the car. The first few turns it sounds like she pushes the clutch in and coasts. Ridiculous.
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      Its still a regular corvette riced out from the factory...GM should be ashamed of not having put more stuff into this car.
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      Haha. I read this as "New Compensation Corvette!"

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      It sort of irritates me when Americans pronounce it "Le maw".
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