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2010 Lincoln MKZ - Click above for high-res image gallery

Perhaps a Ford Fusion just isn't upscale enough for you, and even a Mercury Milan is too plebeian to be seen in. Fortunately there's a third option called the Lincoln MKZ that, like its less expensive brethren, was redesigned for the 2010 model year. Along with its new, more in-your-face nose bearing Lincoln's flying wing grille, the MKZ also gets a new price that starts at $34,995 including destination charges. If you demand the sure footedness of all-wheel-drive, your MKZ will begin a little higher at $36,855. For comparison's sake, a 2008 MKZ starts at $32,695 not including destination charges.

Besides your choice of how many wheels are driven, there aren't any trim levels for the MKZ, just lots of options to tack on your order sheet like a power moonroof ($1,200), THX II certified stereo with surround sound ($995) and special White Platinum Tri-Coat pain ($495). New for 2010, however, is a Sport Appearance Package, which includes stiffer springs and larger stabilizer bars, 18-inch Euroflange polished wheels (17-inch wheels are standard), a unique grille, body-color door handles, darker headlamps and a gussied up interior. Click here to view the complete pricing PDF and check out Lincoln's official press release after the jump.

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* The 2010 Lincoln MKZ offers more standard luxury features compared to other midsize luxury sedans, such as the Lexus ES350 and Cadillac CTS
* A new Sport Appearance Package is available for the 2010 Lincoln MKZ that offers a variety of custom details, including 18-inch chrome wheels
* Base price of $34,965 includes destination and delivery

Dearborn, March 18, 2009 – The 2010 Lincoln MKZ offers customers more standard luxury and segment-exclusive safety features for their money, with a starting price of $34,965, including destination and delivery.

Compared with other midsize luxury sedans – such as the Lexus ES350 and Cadillac CTS – the MKZ comes with more standard luxury features, such as Bridge of Weir leather seats, genuine wood trim, heated and cooled front seats, the popular SYNC entertainment and connectivity system, a reverse sensing system and driver multi-adjustable power seat.

The 2010 Lincoln MKZ also has features not offered by competitors in this segment, such as the all-new Blind Spot Information System (BLIS™) with Cross Traffic Alert (CTA).
"Customers universally are surprised when they get into a competing vehicle and find out that they have to pay more for luxury features, such as premium leather seats," said Jonathan Richards, Lincoln MKZ Marketing manager. "That's what sets the MKZ apart from the competition. It comes standard with all the features you would expect from a world class entry-level luxury sedan."

The front-wheel-drive MKZ has a base price of $34,965, and the all-wheel drive model is available for a base price of $36,855. Pricing on both models includes destination and delivery.

Ultra-Quiet Ride
The new MKZ offers an ultra-quiet cabin, a feature that consumers – especially luxury car shoppers – undeniably connect to overall product quality and satisfaction levels, according to vehicle studies from third-party voices, such as J.D. Power and Associates.

According to Ford research, the 2010 MKZ also beats out the current Lexus ES350 in key interior quietness attributes, such as road noise at 30 mph and wind noise at 80 mph.

The interior quietness coupled with the premium THX II Certified 5.1 Surround sound system available in the MKZ offers customers an exceptional in-car audio experience, says Richards.

"This pairing represents one more example of why customers are now equating the Lincoln brand with elegant, modern design, unparalleled comfort, unrivaled features and best-in-class quality," he said.

Segment-Exclusive Safety Features
The new Lincoln MKZ offers segment-exclusive safety features, including first-in-class Blind Spot Information System (BLIS™) with Cross Traffic Alert (CTA), which makes navigating traffic and parking lots safer and easier. BLIS tracks vehicles in the blind-spot zones on either side of the vehicle using two multiple-beam radar modules behind the rear fenders, and CTA uses the BLIS radar sensors to alert the driver to approaching traffic while in reverse and backing out of a parking spot.

New Sport Appearance Package
Luxury car buyers who want a sportier-looking ride can opt for the Sport Appearance Package, which is new for the 2010 model year. It offers special sport suspension tuning with stiffer springs and larger stabilizer bars; 18-inch Euroflange polished wheels; unique grille, body-color door handles and darkened headlamps; and an interior with tuxedo seam seat patterns, contrasting piping, upgraded floor mats and aluminum appliqués.

Additional Information
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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 6 Years Ago
      The CTS is a better choice. Also the Genesis offers great value for money.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Good luck winning over customers from Lexus, BMW, Audi, Mercedes. Plus the Lincoln is an absolute eyesore.
      • 6 Years Ago
      I like this a lot, but with the Fusion and Milan, Lincoln will have a tough time selling this.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Ford is trying to move Lincoln upscale by frequent updates, upgrades and price increases, but this MKfusion at $35K is way over priced! Biggest problem with the MKZ (Zepher) is "Depreciation" at approx. 50% over 2-years as an '07 MKZ is only worth approx. $16K today! If you want the '10 MKZ - better look at leasing...
        • 6 Years Ago

        You better go buy one if you find one at that price. Average wholesale price is over $17k at 20k miles and it's over $19.5k at 10k miles. This is real data from the auctions.

        I would go buy as many of those $17k retail units you can and take them to auction and make money selling them wholesale.

      • 6 Years Ago
      It looks like a Sonata from this rear quarter view.

      • 6 Years Ago
      Why don't they make the Hybrid standard on this model... that would be a great idea... cause its mine... mwhhhhaahahaha
      • 6 Years Ago
      I liked the look of the original Zephyr / MKZ, and this one is lovely. But I always thought pricing should start around $29K...more like in the Acura TSX category. Even with the refresh for 2010, the MKZ is unrealistically over-priced by about $4500 to $5000.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Lincoln = Uninspired. Ford should kill Mercury and use the savings to move beyond badge-engineering Fusions into Lincolns. Ideally, they would learn from Toyota and use the platform/engine/transmissions but none of the sheet metal or glass from the Fusion on the Lincoln, including the hybrid.

      The Camry/ES line has been very successful and should be emulated by Ford/Lincoln without pesky Mercury in the way. Why would anyone buy this over a Taurus when it's just a fancy Fusion?
        • 6 Years Ago
        Nobody reads press releases I swear. This car is a leftover from a previous mindset. Ford has already said that future Lincolns will no longer be rebadged Fords. Examples are the Flex/MKT and Taurus/MKS. The next MKZ will be handled the same way. Completely different body/interior on shared platform. So that rebadge thing everyone's bitching about constantly? Yeah, they got it handled.
      • 6 Years Ago
      While it might be an OK car, there are better choices at that price. G37 and CTS come to mind. I sense big incentives, soon...
      • 6 Years Ago
      Maybe there's something dumb about this, but I have a sense that if they dropped the 2.5 4-cylinder in there, they could cut the price a little and tempt more buyers. I don't think the lux market is as uninterested in fuel economy as car makers seem to think. An MKZ with a 23/34 mpg rating would be a pretty unique selling proposition.
        • 6 Years Ago
        This would have been AWESOME with the hybrid powertrain, too. Totally would have rocked over the fugly Lexus HS250H
        • 6 Years Ago
        Both of you took the words right out of my mouth. There's a huge untapped market for premium and fuel efficient cars. The hybrid powertrain definitely needs to go into this car - they're stupid if they don't do it!
      • 6 Years Ago
      I wondered what Bridge of Weir leather is after reading this post. It's one of the largest leather producers in Europe, based in Scotland. Why is this a selling feature? Perhaps because there's nothing interesting or noteworthy about this car other than the THX sound system. Maybe if the dash was covered in Bridge of Weir leather, it would look less like an economy car interior with a strip of wood slapped on.
      • 6 Years Ago
      I saw this car last weekend at an auto show. I'm not a fan of the MKZ at all, but I have to admit Ford/Lincold did a great job of moving the MKZ toward being the baby brother of the MKS. Only thing is that in person, the implementation of the new Lincoln face is too big for this car.

      OTOH, I couldn't imagine buying this over a Genesis. The base MSRP is only $1K less than a Genesis with the Premium Plus package.
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