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To borrow a line from the classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Crane Cams isn't quite dead yet. The storied aftermarket auto parts company was founded back in 1953 and has since grown into a well-known brand name specializing in camshafts and valvetrain components. While the company did, in fact, recently close its doors and tell all 280 of its employees not to come back the next day, vice president Steve Leva says that Crane plans to reopen after restructuring takes place, which could take as little as a week or as long as a month. Considering the sorry state of affairs that currently plagues the American economy, we'll keep tabs on this story with guarded optimism.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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      I know nothing about the company but that is the most AWESOME corporate logo I've ever seen! Best wishes!
      • 6 Years Ago
      Comp Cams is generally a safer bet these days. Better/newer technology and better capitalized and backed. For example, Car Craft and other buff mags will use a Comp Cam valvetrain (maybe Comp Cam supports the mag...Crane won't) with great results.
      • 6 Years Ago
      I hope they open. It will keep 280 more people off the unemployment line.
      • 6 Years Ago
      I know if they put their collective nose to the "grind" stone, they "cam" make a big comeback!
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        HA HA HA...

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        Well that was mean.
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      Honestly you got LL Cool J in my head with that song, so I'm gonna knock you out...
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      Yay. I am gonna make sure and get my new cam from them :D
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        Ok jake be.I hope there products ar better ounce this happens.Rosetta stone works well.I speak in three languages how many do you?
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      March 23, 2009

      To the readers Crane Cams problems started long before this shut down. Throughout the late 70's until the sale the Company it was mismanaged or not managed. I'm sure Harvey is burning he said it would happen. The Cam selection was always controlled by Chase who had very little understanding of how the Cam business or any other business really works.

      The production and quality of Cams manufactured by Cranes employees has always been superior to all other companies. Crane’s business choices and failure to recognize a shrinking market has leaded it to this end. During the 90’s Crane’s long term goals were over shadowed by its lack of money making products. Hence workers were paid for there hard work while management looked for golden parachutes.

      To fix the Crane Cams as a Company first the Ignition Company should be shelved until Crane can afford to support it. Next the Cam section should be streamlined along with its support staff. The Core business of Crane should be Cams.

      Now to the fix (1) Stop all Catalog Cams until the Crane establishes new contacts with all racing programs (2) Buy Hyd Cams and Re-box limited Cam number.
      (3) Scrap all Solid Lifter Cams and stop production (4) Hyd Rollers should be limited to those engines that have shown a purchase need. (5) Development of a New Rocker Shaft system like the one Gene said would never work. (ie when Danny Jessel traveled to Crane in the beginning of his development stage hoping to have Crane Market his product). (6) Look for new R&D programs
      that draw the company closer to its racing roots. (7) Build a new line of Roller Cam Numbers that highlight today’s performance goals.

      If anyone knows the new owners they should tell them about the guy who opened up accounts like Keystone and many more. I’m sure he could lead the Company to a New Beginning/Profitability. It will take someone who has raced and conducted business on a global scale to set the fix in motion

      Think Small and Live in the Shadows of the Companies. Crane lost its focus many years ago and was not able to adapt when the new owners arrived, this problem was long in motion.

      By the way if you do not know the owners of these companies Cam Dynamics, Comp Cams and Cam techniques and a few more are all X-employees. Makes you wonder.

      • 6 Years Ago
      Things do not seem to be improving any at Crane. There is still no news from anyone there, only rumors, but it doesn't look good. An online petition was started by some former employees. Please sign it to show your support of this innovative American company and it's 250+ workers and their families. Thank you very much. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/CraneCams/index.html