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Click above for a high-res gallery of the Fioravanti LF1

Cost cutting is the driving force behind...well, everything these days, but Formula One especially. Several of the automakers still in F1 raced into the Geneva Motor Show with their latest single-seaters, more of which we'll have for you tomorrow and which all look more or less the same thanks to tight new regs that seek to reduce both expenses and aero downforce.

But Leonardo Fioravanti has his own idea. And why not? He designed more than his fair share of road-going Ferraris during his tenure at Pininfarina, so it was about time he take a stab at a racer. The LF1 concept Fioravanti cooked up for the show takes the streamlining of costs and aero to another level, removing the rear wing that was downsized for this year in F1, while blending the sidepods into partial wheel housings... unthinkable in open-wheel racing, but it's still prettier than any of the current crop of real F1 cars.

Of course, this is just a mock-up with no running gear, which could be why the model at the show stand laughed at us when we asked for a test drive, but that won't stop us from imagining what it would be like to ake the Fioravanti LF1 out for a lap or 20 around our favorite grand prix circuit, and it shouldn't stop you, either; just click the thumbnails below to view in our high resolution image gallery.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 6 Years Ago
      im not a big fan of the front wheel coverings, but the rest of the racer looks beautiful
      • 6 Years Ago
      Looks great, it reminds me of all the ol' alfa's and ferrari's of yore. I'd love to have a go at something like this.
      • 6 Years Ago
      There needs to be a class of racing that is *almost* completely unrestricted. Really let the big boys play. Keep the length and width of the vehicle limited to something reasonable, but let engine/drivetrain/brakes tech go anywhere the engineers want.

      I'm sick of the bullcrap that we get when they start making things spec classes. Those are great, don't get me wrong (see Miata Cup), but they can also suck a big one (see NASCAR, which is really a misnomer now... it should be National Association of Completely NOT-stock Car Auto Racing, but NACNCAR doesn't have the same ring to it :D )

      With regards to this car, did you guys ask where the engine goes? It's gorgeous, but I'd like to know how it goes down the track.

        • 6 Years Ago
        ...aaaand that was supposed to be a response to skydrive...
      • 6 Years Ago
      There's not even enough room for the front wheels to turn behind those fairings.

      This thing is pointless.
      • 6 Years Ago
      form follows function not the other way around...
      • 6 Years Ago
      I dunno what you guys mean when you say the current F1 cars look not so good..
      • 6 Years Ago
      I'm loving it.
      What can I say I'm a sucker for these type of cars.
      • 6 Years Ago
      This is what F1 desperately needs. Interesting shapes, lots of mechanical grip, areo just for balance and minimal downforce. Todays generation of F1 cars can't get any uglier.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Open wheel racing needs a new vision, especially F1. It's cool to think of small, very fast cars with lots of new tech... Wait, isn't that what F1 used to be with Tyrell and such in the 60's? I'm glad there's a discussion at least, even if this is just a styling exercise...