• Feb 25th 2009 at 3:08PM
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The original smart car was designed to be easily customizable, to give each owner a car that looked just how they wanted it to look. But, why bother with your own Batmobile wings when Daimler is constantly churning out new variations of the fortwo model? The latest version is the "edition limited three," which will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in short order.

The idea behind the edition limited three is to make eco driving a bit more chic (well, as chic as a fortwo gets). The green metallic paint and 15 inch alloy wheels on the outside work with the brown and leather interior for something Daimler says is both spring-like and fresh. The trim level is close to the "passion" version of the non-limited smart fortwo and you can get the edition limited three in either coupé or cabriolet styles. Green credentials come from the standard micro-hybrid (mhd) start and stop system that reduces fuel consumption by about eight percent compared to a fortwo without mhd. CO2 emissions are a solid 104 grams/km with the €15,470 coupé and 106 for the €18,510 cabrio.

[Source: Daimler]

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      This car must be unconfortable over bumps and cracks on the roads with a short and narrow wheelbase like that and a relativelly high center of gravity compare to wheels position. And it don't look like a car but a big shoes box. This represent more the pricing hack of regular unleaded 87 octane or super 92 octane priced well over the normal market price of 79cents/gallon 87 octane gasoline. Maybe in paris where parking spots are scarse, this is a more adapted place for that car. I won't park this car in my driveway because im afraids that young kids of 7-10 years old confuse it as a toy and try to use it. If you go to flea market with that, you might miss a lot of good deals because you cannot bring back anything with it except some t-shirts. Tata nano is on the way replacing that box with a even more ugly body but way cheaper, if they are allowed to build it.
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