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All you need to know about the Toyota Verso: It's like our Matrix, but cooler. The Verso is a seven passenger Corolla-based MPV that's being refreshed for the 2009 model year, and details are starting to trickle out onto the web. The new version goes on sale in April and is intended for European buyers. 1.6- and 1.8-liter gasoline engines get power boosts, emissions reductions and a reduced appetite. Aimed as it is at European buyers, there's also diesels; a 2.0- and 2.4-liter rattlers are available. Transmissions depend on engine choice, with a six-speed manual and CVT offered.

The Verso is longer and wider than its predecessor, and Toyota says it's been tuned to drive well on European roads, which means it'll drive far sharper than anything Toyota offers its North American customers. Inside, the seats are configurable in a billion (32, really) combinations; each folds individually. Safety has been attended to with more high tensile steel in the body shell, so the Verso stands a good chance of earning five-star ratings like its Avensis and iQ siblings. We'll be able to catch a glimpse of the Verso when Toyota rolls it out at the Geneva Motor Show, but for now, there's but a single photo floating around.

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      • 6 Years Ago

      Hope Nissan won't sue them because Verso is very similar to Versa.
        • 6 Years Ago
        yeah and pirates are going to sue everyone because they all have an "R" version
        • 6 Years Ago
        I could care less if they sued but I agree, these people need to be a little more creative with their names...I mean come on, you could come up with almost any random combo of letters to make a word and it would be ok
        • 6 Years Ago
        Indeed ... except that Toyota has been using the name "Verso" for its MPV variants of the Yaris, Corolla and Avensis for almost a decade. Whatsmore, Nissan only uses the "Versa" nomenclature for the North American market - in Europe and elsewhere, it's badged Tiida.

        But being American, you didn't have a clue about that, did you?
        • 6 Years Ago
        Versa, Verso, Venza... Car names suck lately.
      • 6 Years Ago
      "Aimed as it is at European buyers"

      Let's hope Europe remembers what cars should be like and buy proper exciting cars.
        • 6 Years Ago
        europen buyer know it ...the reason why Toyota sales drop since many months by more than minus 20% in Europe... in some month they reach Lamborghini sales numbers... Lexus already sold less LS models in Germany than Bentley sold Continetal in 2008... go figure..
      • 6 Years Ago
      Another blandmobile whose sales figures will convince Toyota to launch more soulless automobiles!
        • 6 Years Ago
        I challenge you to find a car that fits this mold. Call it bland if you like but it looks as good or better than any economy car out there.

        This is a good looking small car IMO. Better proportioned than the current leader, the Fit. You anti-Toyota people are a hard crowd to please.

        Anyone complaining about how bad Toyota small cars look, should consider the following
        Versa, Sentra, Aveno, Kia Rio, SX4, Kia Rondo. All competitors and all look like crap.
      • 6 Years Ago
      ""But your comment typifies the blue-collar American male - fat, lardy-arsed, uneducated and clueless about the wider world."

      "Brian - YOU grow up. Just because it isn't American (and let's face it, Canada is nothing but a quasi American state) does NOT mean you can get away without being chastised yourself."

      I love Dazza's comments. This site is his only way to vent. He got raped on his last visit to Mississippi and now that he's back home in the UK he is getting back at the US. His frustrations grow in the UK since he is surrounded by all things American. Immoral hip-hop music, fast-food junk, Hollywood, Starbucks on every corner, overbearing US companies, "Friends", "Deal or no Deal", the list goes on and on.
      Dazza is smart, he knows that American Cultural Imperialism is destroying his "proper" Britain but all he can do is come to this "trashy" US-centric blog, owned by America Online of course.

      Even American investors are "playin" Britain.
      Jim Rogers -> "The UK is finished"

      "‘UK has nothing to sell"

      Please let him continue, its his way of dealing with issues he knows he can never fix.
      Also, spending time on a blog frequented by "rednecks" and "blue-collar fat asses" makes him feel much more intelligent.

      Dazza would dare not go to "The Truth About Cars" blog because he knows thats where the big boys play and that his sissy-venting comments will only be met with condolences.

      Continue Dazza, make Britain proud and "God save the Queen-mom"

        • 6 Years Ago
        TTAC is nothing more than a redneck run site; even Americans often chastise it.

        As for your belief that "American cultural imperialism is destroying Britain" ... what American culture? Apart from a few fast food joints, the UK retains its identity exceptionally well. As an accountant who works frequently between the UK and US, I know exactly the level of business and trade run between the two countries, so I don't have to scour online like you do to dredge up someone's opinion.

        But all this detracts from the point: the Toyota Corolla Verso thread is typical of how the uneducated male portion of American society (the ones most subjected to America's horrific 65% divorce rate because their women can't stand them) see a car which they have no idea about, which is unlikely to go on sale in the US, and then rip it to pieces. They have no clue what market segment in Europe this vehicle falls into, and judge it only by the comparatively few vehicles offered in their country. In short - they have no respect for other countries, and then get their noses out of joint when foreigners criticise them for it.

        But here's the real ignorance so typical of the uneducated, untravelled redneck American male: they think some jibe at the royal family will insult the average Brit! Sorry pal, I'm no royalist and if you had any clue about Britain, you'd know most people here aren't, either.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Dazza I love you, you tormented soul.

        "TTAC is nothing more than a redneck run site; even Americans often chastise it."

        Really, what articles do you find silly. How about the constant "Deathwatch" articles about the big three.... of course they don't have posts like "Google StreetView uncovers split-window Corvette "barn find"... and thats why you keep coming back here...

        "As for your belief that "American cultural imperialism is destroying Britain" ... what American culture? "
        Exactly, what culture? America is telling the world to let go of established cultural norms and try something new, in essence, question your own culture.
        What movies and music do most of the kids in the UK see and listen to, whats on TV, you think "Friends" is harmless, think of all those cultures that now think that your wife leaving you for a lesbian and taking your child with her is ok, haha

        You think having a minority US President isn't making the French squirm, of course Britain will never have a UK born Indian/Pakistani/African as PM.

        "I don't have to scour online like you do to dredge up someone's opinion."
        Yes but Jim Rogers got into Browns face, the PM humiliated himself by publicly responding to a rogue investor. Maybe Jim is right the UK doesn't have anything left to offer after North Sea oil runs out and the City of London implodes.

        "the uneducated male portion of American society (the ones most subjected to America's horrific 65% divorce rate because their women can't stand them) "

        Hilarious, how old are you old man? If your judging cultures by divorce rates then how about cultures that consider marriage a failed institution to begin with. Your Swedish neighbors, yes the ones that have not fought in 200 years, consider marriage old-world. Most couples are now cohabitating, this allows them to take breaks yet still maintain their relationship. Sweden has more children born outside of marriage than in. And if its one culture I think of as trashy, its got to be Sweden....

        "They have no clue what market segment in Europe this vehicle falls into, and judge it only by the comparatively few vehicles offered in their country."
        So let them post, WTF, since when did AB get a moderator...

        " they think some jibe at the royal family will insult the average Brit! Sorry pal, I'm no royalist and if you had any clue about Britain, you'd know most people here aren't, either."
        Who cares if your not a royalist, much of your country's identity is connected with the monarchy. The US (and the UN) put an end to you and your Franco fornicators Imperial plans during the Suez Crisis. You should have finished it off by getting rid of the Monarchy.
      • 6 Years Ago
      This is the most anti-Toyota blog I've ever seen. No one says anything remotely positive about the company - one that has acted responsibly and has been successful. I never read anyone writing about how bad the G8 looks. It's like a hot-wheels car! And you wonder why people don't buy it, except for the few gearheads out there.

      So Toyota makes reliable, sensible products that don't stir the soul. So what?! They make where 90% of the market is. 95% even. That's why they are successful. And when they try to go for the extreme (Sequoia, Tundra), they fell flat on their face too. I think they should've stuck to producing good middle-of-the-road cars that get good gas mileage. A smaller pickup than the behemoth Tacoma (formerly compact, now mid-size), smaller crossover (RAV4 becoming the size of the Highlander, Highlander getting bloated) is the wrong direction, especially with people beginning to conserve.

      These smaller, efficient cars are what's needed. And most Americans want something practical and bland. This car fits right in. The Corolla is a best seller for a reason, not the more "fun to drive" and look at Civic. I think they know the market better than you folks.
      • 6 Years Ago
      A van without a sliding door? It's Highlander sized Matrix? WTF?

      Luis- the Mazda5 sells well in central Florida, they are all over the place. People have downsized from Explorers and vans the 5 it seems.
        • 6 Years Ago
        there is no way that thing is Hylander size. It is far smaller than a Rav-4. This is likely even smaller than the Mazda5. This thing looks like a shorter Mark Zio. It is likely so small that everyone will doubt it actually seats 6
      • 6 Years Ago
      Not too bad actually.... though I do see a little Klingon. Maybe it will win a Car of the Year award, as we saw with the Hyundai Klingon :-)
      • 6 Years Ago
      "You never made a point. TTAC is more focused on what it considers newsworthy vs AB. Check out the discussions which are clearly more involved than at AB. So much so that posters would take pity at your troll-like behavior. Why don't you try..."

      The point was there ... you just can't see over your own trousers to see it.

      "Games shows are not effective means of pushing cultural views.... "Friends" has peculated to every corner of the planet. Lets not forget Hollywood which reigns supreme when pushing pop-culture down many unwelcoming cultures' throats. The 21st century is all about hearts and minds and no one at the moment is competing with the US. Obama's victory was celebrated everywhere... suckers."

      I referred to one game show. The other was a drama. Then there are comedies (The Office, Coupling). No-one competing with the US - ever heard of Bollywood? Many in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent would laugh at your remarks. Obama's victory was celebrated everywhere, and rightly so. Finally we have a US President willing to work with the world instead of antagonising it.

      "Did you watch the same election over there. So Obama had it easy, well if Hillary got the nomination she would have won right... a female President, what are the odds. Even this week's rebuttal to Obama's speech came from Bobby Jindal an Indian-American... the UK and Europe have a long way to go. Selecting a PM is not as reflective of a culture as direct elections, ask the French. Yes indeed Indira Gandhi was indicative of women's rights in India from the 60s onward...haha
      Head of State? I thought you weren't a royalist.
      Stick to arguing about cars...."

      As if Hilary Clinton stuck any real chance in a culture where men aremade insecure my women with power. Good grief, pull the other one, it's got bells on. I'm not a royalist, but that does not alter the fact that we have a female head of state. You're so devoid of any common sense, but then again, look at where you're from.

      "WTF... your correcting posts on a blog... hehe. Yes indeed its all the man's fault for the high divorce rate. So you think its a good idea to get rid of marriage like the Swedes, after all they are much more progressive than the UK...."

      There we go with the "you're" and "your" unfamiliarity again. Most American males are incredibly arrogant, and most of them haven't the first clue about fidelity.

      "Your history of outbursts on AB are mostly irrelevant to most readers, but I love them... keep em coming...."

      Just as your ignorance as to what goes on beyond your own shores is.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Welcome to the Dazza blog everyone. From now on a Brit named Dazzawill be filtering every post and deciding which ones represent a"balanced opinion based on personal experience"

      Examples of ballanced opinions include

      "You typify the blue-collar American male - fat, lardy-arsed,uneducated and clueless about the wider world"

      "Be nice and respectful? To people who are clearly utterly cluelessand have no respect for other countries?"

      "Canada is nothing but a quasi American state" (no respect for othercountries huh)

      "you can't get away without being chastised yourself."

      and the all time classic
      "YOU grow up".

      That ladies and gentlemen is how you express a ballanced opinion based on personal experience.
      • 6 Years Ago
      It looks kinda like a big Yaris, but then again, a lot of Toyotas look alike now. Doesn't look too bad, though.
      • 6 Years Ago

      Would make a nice Scion.
      • 6 Years Ago
      With declining Sienna sales Toyota would do well to bring something like this over to the U.S. The Mazda5 is the only competitor and it doesn't sell well because of Mazda's limited distribution and marketing budget. I think Americans are ready for smaller 4+3 passenger vehicles. Those that easily accommodate 4 but can take an additional 3 when necessary. This is all Americans really need when they say they NEED 7 seats.
        • 6 Years Ago
        So you think 7 Americans can fit into that vehicle?
        • 6 Years Ago
        People rarely if ever carry 7 adults. 4 adults and 3 children, or more like 2 adults and 5 children (soccer practice?). If you're carrying 7 adults once in a while (even once a week!) its more efficient to just take 2 cars than drive around in bloated van every day of the year, at 17mpg city (with no lead foot). This is what Americans just don't get.

        Maybe they would if gas was stabilized at $4/gallon.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Uh American is not a ethnicity (race) its a nationality.
        • 6 Years Ago
        I'm sure if they were flying off the shelves they would make more. I think it's more of a niche vehicle and not something they try and sell hundreds of thousands of. With the right marketing and dealership network I bet Toyota could sell at least twice as many Mazda5 clones as Mazda does.
        • 6 Years Ago
        to Yikes,

        That's quite a racial comment...
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