• Feb 22nd 2009 at 6:24PM
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Click above for a gallery of the electric bikes

The International Motorcycling Federation (FIM), the world governing body of motorcycle racing, is holding its "Conference Meetings" and, as a way of introducing attendees to what it believes is the future, is hosting a display of electric motorcycles from several manufacturers. If you happen to be hanging out in Geneva, Switzerland with nothing to do (yeah, right), the bikes will be on display at the Crowne Plaza hotel until Sunday, Feb. 22. If not, here's what you missed. The KTM Electro Enduro prototype was in da house looking rather sharp without all the mud. Quantya was on its hometurf and brought a Strada, a Track and their SuperMoto prototype. America was represented by the TTGXP-ready bike, the TTX01, by Brammo. The TTX01, commissioned by TTGXP organizers was also on display. Check out some of the bikes in the gallery below. Thanks to John for the tip.

[Source: OtherMakes / FIM]

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      If it can be done with motorcycles, and these are very cool motorcycles, It can be done with anything. Of course a certain percentage of the all up weight has to be in E storage, The practicality of EVs has to do with range. The longer the range, the larger the load of E storage devices as opposed to payload. Performance doesn't appear to be an issue. Where is EESTor when we need them? It looks to me like NiMh batteries will have to be the practical solution for a few more years.
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      Where is Zero X? That's the one I want.
        • 8 Months Ago
        The TTX01 was not built by Brammo. It was built by the organizers of the TTXGP race.
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