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We're not getting the Audi TT RS There's a 50/50 change we'll get the Audi TT RS here in the United States, and frankly, if we don't that sucks. Ingolstadt has released the first "teaser" details on the über-TT, which will get the full dog-and-pony next month at the Geneva Motor Show, and it sounds like a good time waiting to happen.

The TT RS will make "well over" 300 horsepower from its turbocharged 2.5L five-cylinder. Expect it to go like stink, handle like a slot car, and make people write flowery new paeans to quattro. Look for the usual RS cues like monster-sized oval exhaust outlets and even more aggressive intakes up front. As the photos demonstrate, TT RS also sports LED driving lights and a fixed rear spoiler.

Oh, it sounds wicked, too. Just listen for yourselves. We'll be on hand next month to cover the big reveal in person.

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[Source: Fourtitude]