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The McLaren legacy is a powerful draw. Bruce McLaren himself was a tour de force as a racing driver, engineer and team principal in his day, winning races and championships in Formula One, Indy cars and Can-Am. Ever since his passing in 1970, there has been no lack of supercars ready to lift up his mantle: McLaren F1, Mercedes SLR, Caparo T1...even the tuned Viper concept that recently hit the auction block all owe their origins to the Kiwi and the racing teams he established. Add to that list the Hulme CanAm, a lightweight supercar six years in the making.

The car is named after Denny Hulme, the New Zealander won the F1 title in 1967 before going on to win the Can-Am championship the following year. Appropriately, the car shown above is painted the same bright orange hue as the McLaren racer in which he did it. We've been following the development of the car, previously referred to as the Hulme F1, for a few years now. Along with the name change and the addition of an open-roof model, the Hulme has received a heart transplant in the form of a 7.0-liter LS7 V8 borrowed from the Corvette Z06 to replace the previous BMW unit, offering 600 horsepower. That's enough to push the supercar to sixty in less than three seconds and on to nearly 200 miles-per-hour. The Hulme CanAm recently underwent a public shakedown at the A1GP race in New Zealand, where it lapped the circuit at 123 mph without incident, and is expected to hit the market with a $700,000 price tag sometime next year. Follow the link for more details and check out the assorted images in the gallery below.

UPDATE: new hi-res images of the open-top Hulme CanAm on track added to the gallery
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