• Jan 28th 2009 at 3:22PM
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The UAW idled Chrysler's jobs bank earlier this week, and as of February 2, the UAW and General Motors will shut down the job bank it also maintains for its workers. GM is paying the 1,600 workers currently in the system 85% of their on-the-job wages. As of February 3, they will receive a measure of supplemental pay from GM and can apply for unemployment, the total of which should come to 72% of their former pay. The move potentially leaves Ford's jobs bank as the only one left running, but Ford has yet to comment on its status.
[Source: The Detroit News]

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      • 6 Years Ago
      Did you hear that government. If William H Byod is laid off he is volunteering to not recieve any form of unemployment or assistance of any kind. That's right he wants to show the UAW how it's done even with the economy in the toilet and despite the fact that he has been paying for Unemployment out of his pay cheques. It amazes me how people can be so horrible when it is not their family or their mortgage they are talking about. Watch a bit too much Farce News this morning?

      In most places what you pay into Unemployment covers your benefits. It is called insurance. Yes there are obviously a few states that haven't done a very good job of managing the money but that is not the fault of the workers paying into it. They need to manage the program properly but as has been said before if you take away people's Unemployment they just end up on welfare which is completely paid for by taxes. So which would you prefer? The jobs bank had the company paying for the workers instead so they were not a burden to Unemployment or the Tax system. Unless you are just going to line these people up and shoot them when they get laid off the money has to come from somewhere. It is not like they don't go looking for better jobs but for folks whose skill level adds up to factory work they are not easy to find.

      By the way folks what do you think happens when Toyota and Honda let all their "temporary workers" go? Unemployment anyone?
        • 6 Years Ago
        Judy Zik wrote: "Yes there are obviously a few states that haven't done a very good job of managing the [unemployment benefits] money but that is not the fault of the workers paying into it."

        I agree it is not the workers fault, unless you are specifically talking about the UAW members. They used strong-arm tactics (read: threats of strikes or actual strikes) to force the Big 3 into this whole business with the jobs banks. If the jobs banks had never been created by the UAW:
        1. The Big 3 would not have wasted untold amounts of money paying people to not work. They would be in much better shape financially right now, instead of borrowing billions of taxpayers dollars.
        2. Without 85% of their normal wages for sitting around and doing nothing, these idled workers would have found other jobs when other jobs were still available back in the day. Instead, they are now going to be a burden on the unemployment benefits system in Michigan, which is currently borrowing more taxpayers dollars.

        In summary, there is no such thing as a free lunch, or free government money. When the Big 3 are forced to squander money on the antiquated and bloated UAW, it all comes out of the taxpayers' pockets one way or another. Unions built this country, and now, they are going to tear it down.
      • 6 Years Ago
      The job bank, in a reduced role is still there, "they will receive a measure of supplemental pay from GM". The cost cuts that are being made on both sides are becoming draconian. ;)

      When do they get the next 14 billion?
      • 6 Years Ago
      Nice of the UAW to stop kicking GM in the nuts for a while and let them breath. Nice "concession". Next, maybe they can stop the stomach punches.
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