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Sometimes, you come across a hidden gem that not only makes you smile, it makes you glad that there are so many different types of people in this crazy little world of ours. People that sooner or later leave their unique thumbprints on the Internet. So it is with A.D. Maddox, a Jackson Hole, Wyoming artist who most certainly has cornered the market on Ducati 999 riding, plain-speaking, Catholic schoolgirl outfit wearing, bug splattering artistry.

In Maddox's own words, the basic approach she has taken to her craft is to "Strap the canvas onto the bike, start riding, and kill bugs. That was my M.O." Eloquently succinct, that. "See, I'm an artist, and I do what I do. I mean, how can I define being an artist? I am what I am?" Indeed. Maddox has been creating her "Bug Gut Paintings" for some time now, and her website displays her 2006 catalog of work which is evidently entirely sold out. Most of the abstract paintings are sized 11"x14" or 14x14" and were priced at $350.

Hit the jump for the video and more information, then check out Maddox's work in the gallery below.

Does she worry about offending PETA or karma? Not so much:
I don't feel bad about killing bugs. You know, if they get pissed off at me in their next life, that's fine. You know, they can come back and bite me. That's fine. You know, Chances are I'll plow 'em again. Collect 'em and cash another check.
For the moment, the colorful Ms. Maddox seems to have veered in a more traditional (if no less brightly colored) direction, with the bulk of her newer output consisting of fish, fishermen, and rods-and-reels, a likely subject matter when surrounded by Jackson Hole's natural beauty. Maddox describes herself as "an avid fly fisherwoman" and she clearly has an affinity for the subject: "I feel like I was put here to fish and paint," she says.

But for those yearning for a "Rothko Roadkill" of their very own, fear not. On her blog, Maddox promises to make more this summer:
I miss riding my Ducati 999! It's in storage in Vegas at the racetrack. I just put a new Termi exhaust system on 'er and she purrs like a lion. I'm bug-gutting for sure this summer. I've got a special mount being built for 'er. I'm shooting for 50 canvases and a book!

Check out the video below and then visit Maddox's website and online store to learn more.


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