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This morning's announcement that Chrysler LLC and Fiat S.p.A. have formed a global strategic alliance is exciting news, to say the least. Fiat gets a 35% stake in Chrysler LLC, and the latter gets a life line that should prevent it from entering bankruptcy in the near future. But we're all about product here at Autoblog, and since we expect Chrysler and Fiat to start sharing theirs at some point, we wanted to check out what's in the Italian automaker's line-up. We've assembled a gallery below that takes you through each model currently on sale by Fiat, and also includes the other brands that they own and/or operate like Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo. Don't expect an Italian-powered Viper anytime soon, but there is a good chance that we'll see some of these vehicles in Chrysler showrooms in the U.S. once they're redesigned and meet U.S. safety and emissions standards. So click through the gallery below and let us know in the comments which Fiat you'd most like to see for sale on these shores.

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