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Click above for more shots of the Vectrix maxiscooter

We've been anticipating the release of a few new soots from Vectrix, the only current manufacturer of electric maxiscooters. The flagship model has been named VX-1 and two new models are set to be debuted at the motorcycle show in New York, which starts today. The next electric machine down the line is known as the VX-1E and is based on the same platform and drivetrain as its larger brother. The difference? We're a bit fuzzy on that, but Vectrix says that it will have a bit less top speed and acceleration. More when we get it.

The lowest model on the chain is the VX-2, which is supposed to offer similar performance to a standard 50cc gas-powered scooter. In other words, expect a top speed of around 30 miles per hour and the ability to accelerate a bit quicker than a typical economy car. Range on the VX-2 is said to be 45-50 miles and the price will be $5,195.

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Vectrix Debuts VX-2 and VX-1E at Cycle World International Motorcycle Show New York

A true family of Personal Electric Vehicles with lower priced options makes the good clean fun of Vectrix available to more riders

New York, N.Y. - January 16, 2009 -Vectrix Corporation (www.vectrix.com), the world leader in Personal Electric Vehicles, will debut its entry-level VX-2 and the VX-1E urban commuting model at the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show in the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center.

Alongside the flagship VX-1, the new models round out the company's family of electric vehicles, which will help make 100 percent electric vehicles available to a broader consumer base.

The world debut of the vehicles is set for 10:30 a.m. Jan. 16 during the Media Sneak Preview in the Scooter Pavilion, where Vectrix will showcase the line-up throughout the show Jan. 16-18.

VX-2 is a smaller and more compact electric equivalent of a 50cc internal combustion engine (ICE) bike with a weight of 429 pounds, a wheelbase of 54.5 inches and seat height of 29.9 inches. It features a 40-50 mile range, 30-mph speed capability, a 48V/20A battery charger that plugs into a standard 110V/220V outlet and safe, near- silent operation.

"It's the perfect choice to replace cars for short urban trips," said Mike Boyle, Vectrix CEO. "The shortest car trips are the most damaging in terms of global warming, air pollution and our dependence on foreign oil." Available in green, blue, red, yellow and white, VX-2 is expected to arrive at
dealers in June 2009 with an MSRP of $5,195.

Another new addition to Vectrix's family of Personal Electric Vehicles, VX-1E uses the same platform and drive train as the original VX-1, yet features a lower price point and a more urban commuter driver profile with slightly less acceleration and top speed. VX-1E is expected to arrive at dealers in April, and the MSRP is $8,495.

As part of the company's drive to make electric vehicles available to a wider range
of consumers, Vectrix also plans a new line of accessories for its VX-1 and VX-1E-
including a lower, narrower seat to accommodate riders with smaller frames.

"One of the most important new accessories in the 2009 catalogue is an optional seat that is significantly lower and shaped to give riders with a smaller frame the ability to place both feet on the ground at each stop," Boyle said.

Other new options include a sport windshield about 7 inches lower than standard for riders who like the feel of wind in their face, and a winter windshield nearly 9 inches wider than standard that offers additional protection from wind and insects. Lastly, a new center stand offers more convenient parking and raises the rear tire off the ground for easy tire maintenance.

Vectrix's original Personal Electric Vehicle, the VX-1, was first introduced in 2007 as an eco-friendly, zero emission and powerful alternative for commuting and recreational needs. The 2009 VX-1 will have refreshing new graphics in four colors: white/burgundy red, white/metallic silver, white/sapphire blue and white/acid green.

The VX-1 weighs in at 515 pounds, has a 60-inch wheelbase and 30-inch seat height. It is highway legal, with a top speed of 62 mph, acceleration from 0-50 mph in 6.8 seconds, and an average range of 30-55 miles on a single charge.

All vehicles in the Vectrix family are 100 percent electric – no gas, no oil and no emissions-and feature minimal maintenance and simple operation. In 2008, Vectrix saw 321 percent growth in its distribution network, and now has the largest dealer network of any electric vehicle in the country. "The success of the Vectrix dealer network shows consumers are ready for new commuting alternatives," Boyle said. "Vectrix appeals to men and women of all ages, and our new accessories make the VX-1 available to everyone looking for good clean fun."

About Vectrix Corporation
Vectrix Corporation was formed in 1996 to develop and commercialize zero emission vehicle platform technologies focused on two-wheel applications. The single focus of Vectrix has been to provide clean, efficient, reliable and affordable urban transportation. Vectrix two-wheel zero emission vehicles currently are being marketed to consumers and government fleets. Vectrix Corporation has headquarters in Middletown, R.I., engineering and test facilities in New Bedford, Mass., sales offices in the UK and production facilities in Wroclaw, Poland.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 6 Years Ago
      Neat. Not quite competitive with the normal scooters yet, but we're getting there.

      I wonder if they plan on introducing a more motorcycle-like model in the future. Right now it might not work, but give it a little time and a little price drop and it'd become interesting.
        • 6 Years Ago
        What a load of bullshit.
        You know, the cool thing about electric vehicles is that it doesn't matter where its power comes from. I can select a "green" power company that trades only renewable energy, I can run it off my own solar panel if I like. Or not. Even if you do run it on "regular" electricity, it's more efficient than a gasoline engine and gets cleaner everytime an old coal plant is shut down in favor of a cleaner option.

        Oh and do shut up with that "silent electric cars are deathtraps!" myth. If people are hit by electric cars, either they or the driver haven't been paying attention to their surroundings, simple as that. You can't really blame that on the car now can you? AS food for thought, we don't see that many casualties from bicycle accidents either and they're pretty damn silent.

        Bringing up that issue in the context of electric bikes though is just hilarious and shows very well that you have no idea about motorcycle riding. Motorcyclists are THE most cautious people on the road, certainly much more aware of their surroundings than your average car driver, because that's the best way to avoid an accident which will probably kill or at least badly hurt you.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Should a vehicle powered by electricity generated by burning coal be categorized as "zero emission"?

        "Near silent" and "safe" are contradictions for nearby pedestrians! Riders should be cautioned.
      • 6 Years Ago
      They do look big and clunky.... awkward looking.

      I'd like them to go for the "solid but compact" look.
      • 6 Years Ago
      The Vx-2 is NOT a Vectrix!!!

      It is an e-max electric scooter with panels changed. The e-max scooter is identical in engineering in every way.

      The only major difference is that Vectrix has increased the price for no reason whatsoever.

      Incapable of building their own scooter they have got their closest rival to build it for them.... except the closest rival is still building their own and its miles cheaper!!

      A farce I hear you cry....

      www.baroni-evs.com see for yourselves....
      • 6 Years Ago
      still going to be hideous?
      • 6 Years Ago
      I am really glad that they seem to have deep pockets. After the poor sales of their first model in the first year I was worried that Vectrix might go belly up.

      I do think they're on the right track; EVs, limited in range by batteries, are much less of a compromise in a vehicle on which you wouldn't want to spend hours anyway.

      I wish them luck.
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