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Garmin, one of the most well-known satellite navigation device manufacturers, has developed new software that can help motorists save gas. Announced at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happening now in Las Vegas, the software, called ecoRoute, allows any Garmin nüvi user to select an new type of route called "less fuel." Then, using ecoRoute's Fuel Report, Mileage Report and fuel-saving tips, you can focus on fuel conservation en route. The software is customizable, and you can select your car type as well as enter your car's real fuel economy and gas prices. The software will then calculate also how much you could save by taking the eco-route. A similar service is available to Fiat drivers via a USB key. Full press release after the jump.
[Source: Garmin]


ecoRoute™ from Garmin® Helps Drivers Save Gas and Money Through Fuel-Efficient Paths, Smarter Driving Habits

LAS VEGAS, Nev./January 7, 2009/Business Wire - Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation, today introduced ecoRoute, a free software update that helps drivers conserve money and fuel, easing growing pressures on personal budgets and the environment. ecoRoute, which suggests fuel-efficient navigation, was announced in conjunction with the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, and will be on display at the Garmin booth (South Hall 4, #35832).

"Many of the biggest challenges currently facing people around the world involve the economy and the environment," said Dan Bartel, Garmin's vice president of worldwide sales. "Using ecoRoute on your Garmin nüvi® helps you be a smarter driver at a time when everyone is trying to make their paychecks and their gas tanks go the extra mile. As the global leader in satellite navigation, we embrace the opportunity to be the leader in fuel-efficient, eco-friendly navigation."

In addition to "faster time" and "shorter distance" for route preference, ecoRoute lets nüvi users choose "less fuel" as the best way to save gas and money. Through ecoRoute's Fuel Report, Mileage Report and fuel-saving tips, drivers can focus on their fuel conservation even when they're not behind the wheel. Fuel Report tracks fuel usage over time, and Mileage Report monitors mileage and fuel usage on a per-trip basis. Drivers can customize their nüvi to fit their vehicle by accessing the "vehicle profile" under ecoRoute in the tools menu. There, you can enter your car's fuel economy and the current price of gas to help nüvi better calculate your savings.

To find out if your nüvi is compatible with ecoRoute through a free, downloadable software update, go to www.garmin.com/ecoroute.

ecoRoute is the latest breakthrough from Garmin, which has spent 20 years using technology and innovation to enhance users' lives, making Garmin a household name in the automotive, aviation, marine, wireless, outdoor and fitness industries. To learn more about ecoRoute and Garmin's other products and services, go to www.garmin.com and www.garmin.blogs.com.

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      to download it go to the gamin site and plug your GPS into the computer, download the Garmin webupdater and with the GPS connected to the computer run that application and it should automatically update your GPS. after you disconnect from the computer power on and when you get to the screen that says "where to?" and "view Map" click on tools, directly below settings is the new ecoRoute setting. you configure that to your car by entering the vehicle profile option and entering the gas mileage of your car, which I didn't know off the top of my head so I used google to find this. and the fuel type that your car uses. return to the menu screen select settings, navigation, and route preference... there are now four options... select less fuel and you are now using the ecoRoute and navigating by which way is most fuel efficient.
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      has anyone actually found the download for this? I found the description on garmins site but no download. On google, everyone reports that you can currently download it off garmins website
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        Looking at their site, the download won't be available until February.
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      The less fuel route depends on what type of car you drive.

      If you drive a normal car then the less fuel route should have less city driving and more highway.

      If you drive a prius then city driving with stop and go traffic is not a problem, the less fuel route should be flatter with less hills.
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