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The Jaguar XF-R has doffed a little more of its mask, and now we can clearly see the copious amounts of black mesh that will fill in the front air dam's side vents, replacing the aluminum strips there now. Otherwise, and as usual, you'll need to know your Jags in order to tell this R apart from its lesser siblings. In addition to the mesh the mesh, the hood vents, rear deck spoiler, and quad pipes are the giveaways.
Otherwise, the car will get 20-inch wheels of a different design than the ones found on the XF Supercharged. And speaking of that other blown cat, the supercharged 5.0-liter lump that will power the XF-R will be up 80 hp up on the "regular" blown XF; in addition to a faster 0-to-60 time, we imagine there'll be increased sound and the fury to go along with it.

[Source: Next Autos]

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      Jonathan - I don't think you realize just how well you made my point:

      "The roofline and c-pillar are absolutely perfect."

      Trust me, nobody ever took a look at an XJ, SHE, or even (God help me) an S-Type and had superlatives for it's roofline or c-pillar (at least not specifically). Those elements, while helping define the Jag language, do not a Jag make.

      And, I can't help but notice that the picture you link hides the car's face - indeed, just as I said about most owners enthusiastic about the car (roofline! c-pillars!) but apologetic about the style (err - ignore the face - it really is a cool Jag!).

      Kudos - I did not know it was based on the '68 XJ, however neither would anyone else who took a look at the two side-by-side. It's not a case of good-retro-Camaro vs. bad-retro-Challenger, it's a case of poor implementation using parts-bin-cobbled from a corporate master.

      Go back and take a look at the XF prototype show car and then the production version. See what got left on the cutting room floor? It's not the Ford bits, it Jaguar's.

      (note: I disagree with your Challenger assessment, but let's not digress)
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      In addition to the new engine, the XF-R is rumored to be getting a brand new DCG 7 or 8 speed ZF gearbox.
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      the jaguar xf is one of the most underrated cars on the road today, i hope this doesn't join it.
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        I'm sorry but if your gf thinks the XF looks like a Ford then she knows nothing about cars. There is not a single Ford line in this car. That's seems to the common answer anytime someone either doesn't like a design or thinks the design doesn't look like old Jags. It's getting old.
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        The reason why it's underrated is because most people don't believe it's a Jag on sight - and given the instantly recognizable form that Jag has developed over decades, that's not good.

        Take a look at pic 3. See that XJ in the back? Immediately recognizable as a Jag. My girlfriend, who knows squat about cars sees an XJ (or even an S-Type) and knows it's a Jag. When we came across the XF at a release party in SanFran - where it was the star of the show - I had to point at it and say "that's the new Jag."

        Her first response was "It looks cheap." Quickly followed by - no joke - "It looks like a Ford."

        Amazing - she can't tell an Altima from a Camry from a Cruze from a Mondeo, but she can see Ford in the XF (where it got it's genesis). That is not a good sign.

        I'm thrilled to see Jag have a sales winner with the XF, and I'm even more excited about a real honest-to-goodness Type-R, but while the XF may be a great engineering comeback story for Jag, it's not a stylistic one. From what I read of owner postings on the net, they're enthusiastic about the car, but apologetic about the style. I sympathize with them - Jag coulda had a home run, instead they got a double since, from the public's standpoint, Jag style came to a stop with the XJ and S-Type, and no the XK isn't cutting it either.

        (Side note: when anyone has to tell you the obvious [read:the Jag "Beautiful" ad campaign] it tends to leave doubt and derision in discerning people's minds)

        Thhe XF would make a great design study for a Taurus SHO, but it's a disappointment as a Jag...
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        Since you know so much about cars, how is it you've never seen the Lincoln MKS? I'd check the two side by side before bashing someone's girlfriend leaving you the victim of your own label.