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Click above for a high-res gallery of the fahgmitgas Matiz LPG Concept

Thanks to a company called fahrmitgas ("go with gas", get it?), our European readers will soon be able to cut their fuel costs to the low, low price of €3 (about $4.20 USD) for every 100 km of driving. Of course, they'll need need to be driving a converted Chevrolet (nee, Daewoo) Matiz converted to LPG, but on the other hand... that's just €3 to go 100 kilometers.

The fahrmitgas Matiz LPG Concept has been put through a suite of bench-tested enhancements in order to be so frugal. Since fahrmitgas is a supplier to Chevrolet, it has intimate knowledge of the Matiz's systems. After installation of the LPG unit and some engine tuning for mid-range power, the company added stop/start, lowered the car a whopping 30 mm, and fitted it with ultra low rolling resistance Hankook Optima 4S tires. A shift light on the center console helps the driver get the most of from his or her LPG.

A liter of gas in Germany is about €1 (@ $1.40 USD), meaning 3 liters/100 km for the LPG Matiz, instead of 5.2 liters/100 km for the petrol Matiz. fahmitgas is looking at a production run, but no timetable or prices have been announced. In the meantime, check out the press release after the jump and the high-res gallery of photos below.

[Source: Fahrmitgas]


The '3-Euro Car': The fahrmitgas.de Concept Car Based on the Chevrolet Matiz Consumes Just Three Euros of Fuel per 100 Kilometers

It sounds like a modern-day fairy tale: Drive a full 100 kilometers and spend just three Euros on fuel for doing so - and all in a vehicle that is also highly affordable. fahrmitgas.de, one of the leading designers and suppliers of model-specific autogas systems, have developed the '3-Euro' concept car based on a Chevrolet Matiz. It runs on LPG autogas making it both especially fuel efficient and exemplary eco friendly.

As a systems supplier for Chevrolet in Germany fahrmitgas.de has decades of experience designing autogas systems for Chevrolet vehicles.

The three-cylinder gasoline engine with a displacement of 796 cc is the smallest in the Matiz model lineup. It is equipped with a fahrmitgas.de autogas system that can be ordered as special equipment from the Chevrolet options catalog.

In addition the fahrmitgas.de specialists have modified the alternative drive system in many details. Extensive bench tests were used to determine new parameters for the engine management system that adapts the concept car specifically to the special qualities of 111-octane autogas. Special emphasis was placed on optimizing power yield at medium engine speeds and more efficient operation close to a knock limit much higher than that of gasoline. Both measures result in significantly reduced fuel consumption.

Yet another fuel-saving feature is an automatic stop/start system that turns off the engine if the car is stopped for more than three seconds. A push of a button suffices to bring the engine back to life instantaneously.

On average, one out of every five time a car needs refueling, the entire tank will be used for overcoming the rolling resistance inherent in the tires. fahrmitgas.de equips the sub-compact with eco-friendly Hankook Optima 4S low-resistance tires. The Hankook Optima 4S is the only tire in the world quiet enough and with rolling resistance low enough to hold Germany's eco seal, the "Blue Angel."

The installation of HEARTBEAT Motors suspension springs lowers the ride height of the Chevrolet Matiz by some 30 millimeters, reducing both aerodynamic drag and fuel consumption.

Another important criterion for achieving '3-Euro Car' status is the driver him- or herself. An auxiliary green-yellow-red display in the cockpit helps the driver to operate the '3-Euro Car' at maximum efficiency.

The result speaks for itself: Three Euros worth of autogas can carry the fahrmitgas.de concept car over a distance of 100 kilometers. No other car can duplicate that feat. What's even better: The optimized car is also more eco-friendly than its production counterpart. CO2 emissions drop by approximately 15 percent.

fahrmitgas.de is exploring the possibilities of turning the '3-Euro Car' into a production vehicle. No sales price has been projected yet.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 6 Years Ago
      LPG is THE way to drive nice american cars like old Caprices everyday in Europe..
      • 6 Years Ago
      That may be news to some, but in Europe, especially eastern Europe, LPG is quite common. The conversion costs for old carburettor / monopoint injection cars can be as low as 300 Euros (100-150 for used units), but there is a catch. Having the same performance using LPG means 15-20% higher consumption compared to regular petrol. Having the Matiz's 3-cylinder engine tuned to a consumption this low means really terrible performance (0 to 100 kmph / 60 mph in ages), so it's not quite practical in real life.

      By the way, this concept is based on the second facelift (M200) of the original Matiz (M100), badged as a Daewoo. This original version was also built from CKD kits in Romania until last year (Ford bought the plant, long story) and was offered for a couple of years with a conversion that enabled it to run on LPG or gas straight from the factory (for around 600 euros over the regular version), so the guys behind the concept are really reinventing the wheel here.

      You can see the technical data of the original model here (oddly, the english version of the page does not list the LPG versions): http://www.daewooauto.ro/modele/matiz/tehnic.php
      And the price list: http://daewooauto.ro/en/preturi/
      • 6 Years Ago
      $1.40 USD for LPG? Damn. It's about 40 cents per litre here in Australia. Just about every car here in Australia (running on petrol) can be converted to gas or ran along side with the existing fuel (dual fuel) so one tank of Petrol and one of LPG.

      The LPG used down here is a blend of methane and butane and if you have a car running on Petrol, the government gives a AUD$2,000 cash back on any conversion.

      However, the government is about to start pushing up the prices on LPG because its a money mine (as of 2011).

      A standard Ford Falcon can get a range of about 600k's to a 60L tank of LPG, so that works out to be AUD$3.50 per 100k's, and this is no Matiz, a full size sedan (Think 4.0L 6 cyl Pontiac G8 GXP pretty much).
      • 6 Years Ago
      hi there italian comments,
      the C. Matiz LPG converted is also available in Germany since ages.
      In reality the new part of the story is that obviously the concept car details work high efficiently. When you compare the consume of the basic (standard) car 6,8 ltr./100 KM with the concept, you'll note that 'fahrmitgas' achieved a reduction of 2 ltr's/100 KM.
      And that is really something to be called - NEWS-
      • 6 Years Ago
      With all the natural gas that we have in the US, this car would be nice to have in the States.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Is this just advertising because LPG isn´t something new here in europe.
      You can get a couple of different LPG cars from the dealer and most other gas cars can be converted to use LPG for about 2000-3000 euro.
      There are also several thousand LPG gas stations around europe with nearly thousand just in Germany.
      So what´s the point of the news?
      • 6 Years Ago
      Rends and Dim, you wanna know here the beef is ?
      It's not that the 'fahrmitgas' people want to ad this as a new idea.
      Obviously the concept car details work high efficiently. When you compare the consume of the basic (standard) car 6,8 ltr./100 KM with the concept, you'll note that 'fahrmitgas' achieved a reduction of 2 ltr's/100 KM. That's what the point is, do you agree ?
      And Robert B., the 'fahrmitgas' will beat your Fiat in Holland around 50% cheaper. And with the local Holland price of 0,35cent/ltr. as you said, the 'fahrmitgas' Matiz headline news would be: 100 KM for 1,64 Euro.
      • 6 Years Ago

      thats correct LPG is currently the most used alternative fuel in Europe...

      current groth and drop

      petrol +3%

      diesel -10.1%
      reason more fuel efficient small engines are avaible like VW 1.4TSI, diesel fuel price jumped much higher than petrol and was partly more expansive than petrol fuel, at the moment diesel price has droped back and is now clearly cheaper than petrol which most likly will restart the diesel boom

      Hybrid -18.8%
      they have no future in Europe

      LPG +160%
      because today you can turn nearly every petrol powered modern car into LPG powered cars many buy aftermarket kits and most company offer LPG models stock from factory.
      • 6 Years Ago
      funny to suddenly see my little little local Opel/Chevrolet dealer (who made all this) from my little german village on the big big autoblog.com...
      • 6 Years Ago
      Yeah, I don't really the point of this car. What "Rends" say is true.
      And be careful, there is an import difference between the LPG and the natural gas. LPG means Liquefied petroleum gas so it's made from petroleum. Not a revolution !
      The lower prices just come from the taxes.
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