• Dec 27th 2008 at 1:48PM
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Over 100 racers have taken to the track for the 2008 24 Hours of LeMons at Thunderhill, and the field of competitors is as disturbing as it is vast, with every marque, drivetrain and criminally indecent act of automobiledom represented in spades.

The green flag dropped about two minutes ago and we're already at a loss to describe the vast expanse of potential carnage ahead. We're in the process of picking out our favorites, and after meeting up with the esteemed Mr. Lieberman, we learned that a new cheater class (four cars that amassed between 700 and 2,100 penalty laps each) has been established to separate the lightly-veiled racers from the usual assortment of crap can conveyances.

Naturally, as we're typing the green flag has gone back to yellow after an off-track excursion at turn five. Let the attrition begin...

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      • 6 Years Ago
      Go on guys! Yay!

      I would love to see Top Gear (USA) take this on, would be hilarious.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Was the CBR powered car relinquished to the cheater's class? I read the rules and buying the car/engine/drive train must have been more the $500 for sure.
      • 6 Years Ago
      I second......and third, and fourth- the proposition that this "spectacle" be televised. What fun this would be! The sponsors? Schucks, Carquest, NAPA, as well as your local U-Pull-It. I should be working the phones right now, putting the package together. I'm sure when Steve Earle first thought of racing old cars "they" said what a folly, it can't be done, etc., etc. What was this last year? Thirty? Now where is my ten page rollodex?
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