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Ford Works Solutions caters to the kinds of commercial builders and workmen who will buy trucks no matter what state the economy is in because of one simple fact: they need them. Its four main features -- Internet access with limited Office functionality, Tool Link, Crew Chief, and Cable Lock -- are meant to not only help owners and workers look after their trucks, but also look after the tools necessary to do their jobs. As usual, that kind of convenience is going to cost you.

You can get all four features installed for $2,815 on regular and Super Duty F-150s. To that cost you add the monthly charges: Crew Chief is $16 or $20 per month per vehicle for a minimum of three years; Internet through Sprint is either $25 or $50 per month plus taxes and fees; and LogMeIn, used to access the desktop back at the office, is an optional $50 per year. If you went for the full functionality of Works Solutions you'd spend about $80 after taxes on the service, which isn't exactly nothing, but not bad considering how much the extra knowledge is worth and how much tools cost nowadays.

[Source: PickupTrucks.com]

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      • 6 Years Ago
      pretty cool! Nice work Ford.

      pmalloy, Pro offers file transfer, file syncing, and remote printing. I'd suspect the interested parties would benefit from this.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Thing is, Logmein ha s afree utility. IF you need to access your files from home simply set up logmein free (www.logmein.com) on the PC at home (or work or wherever) and you can access them for free.

      * I am not a logmein employee, just a big fan of the free software
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      I would say most self-employed small business owners would be able to write-off the expense anyway.
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      I actually think that's a good price for a contractor's needs.
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      Another solution to a problem that does not exist. Maybe something useful to an individual contractor, or supervisory personnel ( small niche market), but not as a crew fleet truck (much larger market).

      My brief of a "Professional Grade" truck product would be a SINGLE model of 15,000# GVW, powered by either gasoline or bio-fuel-capable diesel of one common displacement per engine type; automatic transmission (eliminates clutch abuse, and gearbox wear); 2 or 4 wheel drive; have a basic interior (AM-FM radio, no A/C, vinyl upholstery, removable rubber floor mats, crank up windows and be available with, or without the bed (there are hundreds of custom fabricators that supply utility-boxes, flatbeds, and van boxes; they are much better equipped to supply these items than GM is.)

      One-size fits all? You bet. The user can make it into what is needed, not what Ford thinks is needed.

      Ford needs to be building basic, PROFITABLE, commercial transportation equipment.
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        They do make those trucks, and what kind of a jerk boss do you have to be to not have A/C? They also add these options, I know a guy who ran a work crew doing landscaping and a big problem was making sure you had the right tools in the truck for a job and that all the tools came back (Tool Link). If you run multiple crews and one is idle or can hold off on a job, it's good to know where they are and which jobs they are close too (Crew Chief). It's also nice for the trucks to "know" when they need service (Crew Chief). The onboard PC wouldn't be for every truck, maybe just the boss so he can check quotes, print invoices and check on all the other trucks. If you don't need these options get a stripped F-250 with a Diesel (it will run Bio-Diesel). The idea is there are other truck makers, with the basic truck, you need to add options that are useful, that can increase sales and profit.