• Dec 16th 2008 at 2:23PM
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First, Audi announced that it would be offering both its Q7 large SUV and Q5 midsize SUV with optional hybrid powertrains. All summer long, it seemed that the German automaker went back and forth with its Q7, ultimately deciding to focus in on diesel technology in lieu of the hybrid. We were still expecting the Q5 to be offered with a hybrid option, but that now seems to unlikely. Autocar reports that Audi isn't happy with the crash-test performance of its nickel metal hydride batteries, though that's a rather lame excuse given that so many other automakers seem to have tacked that little problem. We just have to wonder if the sinking price of fuel has anything to do with this decision.

Still, Audi will get other fuel-saving technology such as stop/start systems. Like longtime rival BMW, Audi will introduce technology that will incrementally increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Also on the docket are more diesel engines and an increased use of aluminum to reduce overall vehicle weight.

[Source: Autocar]

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      Damn--I was really hoping for a Audi Q5 Diesel-Electric Hybrid. The electric mode would be used in town, and the Diesel mode would be used in the suburabs and exurbs. SUV's are not out of date--ridiculous. Compact SUV's make a great deal of sense--they have space, crash-worthiness, and get decent fuel economy.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Notice the brands,, AUDI but not just them, toyota, honda, gm,ford and all the rest. What do these brands have in common? You guess it right, they are petrol related vending devises. I mean they charge money to sell a product that use petrol. They never been able to change even a single thing concerning this. They lies all the time that something new is coming like hybrid or batteries or hcci combustion, LOL. They know that only hydrogen is an alternative but they refused many many time to offer on the markets and accepted corruption from other industries like goverments and big oil and banks not controled by privateers. So customers are fed-up by petrol and pollutions and only consumers have decided to get rid of petrol the best they can by not buying anything if possible. Car industry have shrink 50% in the last 2 years worldwide because now consumers realized that the current offering is s&it, nothing else. The actual cars are horrendous with build-in carburation problems giving hiccups and vibrations and poor performance because you have to run good on gasoline while at the same time don't use you gasoline fuel to move forward because it's polluting and expensive. It's a build-in innexorable problem, move forward by petrol while saying that petrol is bad, LOL.All the gadgets like start-stop and e.p.a regulating oppose a gasoline engine to run good because a gasoline engine run on gasoline so if you don't inject sufficient gasoline then you have hiccups, slow accelerations, vibration, extra weight, extra cost to build the engine, etc. A constant nightmare where just bush and military industry and banks and big oil have fun time but they say on other channels that hydrogen is the future.

      Audi is just a sh&t box using gasoline or diesel and they don't want to offer hydrogen, so give them an eternal rest by bankrupcy and buy a tata, at least it's a good compromise. Don't buy a battery car , it's even worst on all count. Old u.f.o were power by water, so why not use that in actual cars ???

      • 6 Years Ago
      SUVs are simply out of date.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Hybrid technology simply isn't cost effective neither in a financial sense nor in an environmental sense.
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