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Chet Czaplicka doesn't own one of the Big 3's suppliers or run a car dealership. Instead, he is the chief executive of a blood-processing firm in the Detroit suburb of Livonia, Michigan. But like most people in that part of the country, he has several autoworkers in his family. And, perhaps more importantly, he understands how extensively the overall US. economy is enmeshed with the production of automobiles.
"I live here. My business is here. My Ma draws a pension from Ford," Czaplicka says in a recent Detroit News article. "If these companies go down, I'm screwed."

But instead of just bitching about it, Czaplicka is doing something. He's offering each of his employees $1,000 if they'll buy a Ford, GM or Chrysler vehicle. He's looking at a $92,000 payout if every one of his workers take him up on the deal before it expires Jan. 5.

At least one of Czaplicka's company's employees has been inspired to go shopping for a Ford. The story says Sean Murtha is considering a new Ford Edge for his wife. "A thousand bucks, that's like three months of payments," says Murtha, who is with the company's Fort Lauderdale office. "We're a bit removed from the Detroit scene but it's nice we can contribute."

[Source: The Detroit News]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 6 Years Ago
      Only if there was an American product that already made my Top 2 list. And there is - the Camaro, so yeah!
        • 6 Years Ago
        The Taurus is a poor example I will give you that. There are other Ford vehicles that hold their value a little better. I'm sure you could find some Tundras with awful residual value.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Very nice :)

        Yeah...this question is a no-brainer really. The domestics have fantastic products on sale and coming up for sale, the prices are heavily discounted and gas is cheap. I have to have a Mazda since thats my brand but I'd love to have a GM as well if I had the money to pay for the extra insurance and monthly right now.
        • 6 Years Ago
        @Jake B
        Oh there are definitely imports that depreciate badly too. It's just that cars (especially family sedans) is a real weak spot of the Big 3, and being able to sell cars profitably is an important part of making them successful again. They've always (well, until recently anyway) been able to build profitable trucks, so the real work has to be done on their cars-it's not like Toyota's even going to bother plowing money into the Tundra at this point so the Big 3 should be able to keep a decent lead on trucks.
        I'm just pointing out that one of the things making their car problems such a huge uphill battle is the depreciation on the bread and butter family sedans (and if possible, their profitable luxury sedans-the depreciation on Lincoln and Cadillac sedans compared to imported luxury sedans is just not acceptable). At this point even the Taurus was IDENTICAL to a Toyota it'd be harder to sell the Taurus just because the Toyota would have depreciation on it's side. A buyer might still buy domestic, but if they see that a one year old version of the domestic is half the price of the new one even if they bought domestic it's not going to be a new car. Then the unsold new car will end up going to a fleet where it's driven for a year then sold to another buyer for half price.
        I have nothing against domestic cars at all-I'd be happy to drive a Ford Taurus, other than a slight overuse of hard plastics the car seems very competitive. It's very reliable (even gets recommended by Consumer Reports), has decent power, and gets good mileage for a car it's size. But if people can buy 2008's for $16K it doesn't matter how competitive the car is-who's going to buy the 2009 for $26K?
        Obviously, fixing those UAW contracts is going to be a big help, since part of the reason why the Big 3 kept pumping out cars that didn't sell was because the labor was paid for whether or not they built the cars. But no matter how I look at things it's going to be a long and hard battle that's going to require serious self-control on the part of the Big 3 to not just beat the competition in quality, but to be able to beat them from a depreciation cost perspective too. It's honestly gotten to the embarrassing point where a Hyundai of all cars can have better depreciation than a lot of the sedans from the Big 3. They're going to have to use every last ounce of self-control and just refuse fleet sales AND push out improved new models (so they don't suffer from the oversupply of used versions)-and they have to be so greatly improved that they justify the cost over their OWN used models. Toyota isn't the biggest problem at this point, it's the huge glut of their own used cars really messing up the supply and demand on the new cars. I've talked to tons of people about buying a domestic car, and even if they believe that newer domestic cars aren't unreliable crap (many people had unfortunate past experiences) the depreciation means they mostly buy used domestics.
        I've seen a bunch of comments where people here post about how they love their domestic cars-which they purchased USED at a huge discount, and how they're much better values than imports. But the problem is that the Big 3 need people to buy those cars new at full price. Buying a used domestic at a huge discount is easy-but if you really want to support them right now, you've gotten open up your wallet and bite the bullet on that huge depreciation. There's really no way to make it not hurt either-some people say if you drive it into the ground the depreciation isn't a problem-but the Big 3 need people to keep buying their new cars every couple of years to recover!
        A lot of domestic fans here talk about how other people are traitors for buying Toyota's, but I don't see a lot of them putting their money where their mouth is and buying a brand new domestic at near full MSRP. Where are the people bragging about how they're helping the big 3 because they paid $31,000 for a Ford Taurus Limited? Or $29000 for a Chevy Malibu LTZ? They don't exist because nobody ever pays even close to full price for a domestic, and that's the problem right there.
        • 6 Years Ago
        I'll take the grand! :)
      • 6 Years Ago
      G8 GT Please.
      • 6 Years Ago
      I wish for an ignore setting. Artie would have made it.
        • 6 Years Ago
        I'm sorry that truth and logic annoy you. Try to not read my posts?
        • 6 Years Ago
        You all can give me lowest rank just like you do to Artie. All he is doing is sharing the way he feels geez.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Yes Artie, we are witnessing the collapse of America. Just who exactly do you think is behind our economic collapse? Democrats? Republicans? Greedy Unions? Let me say the same people who are 'saving us from destruction' are the same people who are willfully causing the destruction of our nation. Most of the blame goes to the private for profit banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve. The powers behind this cartel are the ones who are collapsing our country economically so the establishment can come forth and implent their New World Order. You should take the time and research the Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and the Bildeberg Group. These are the people who are running the show. These are the ones who are working to get our economy decimated and they are turning us into a modern serfdom. We will be totally dependent on whatever currency they issue us.

        This country needs to get back to the CONSTITUTION and REAL CONSTITUTIONAL MONEY (Gold and Silver) and stick these worthless Federal Reserve Notes up their a$$es and hang them for treason. But people are too plugged in to their I-pods, or sucked to the boob tube watching Idol or Desperate Housewives to really care listen to what the hell is happening to our country.

        Jackson knew all about giving the power to a private central bank:

        ' The banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and the corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.'

        We will be forming a North American Union here soon. We will have a new currency once the dollar collapses called the 'Amero'. 20k troops are being deployed in our OWN country, totally violating Posse Comitatus. We have illegal border checkpoints all over the country now.

        Welcome to the new Amerika. Papers Please

      • 6 Years Ago
      Quick answer: No
      • 6 Years Ago
      I agree. Id rather turn it down and purchase an antique. imagine something fun to drive, fun to service and easy to do so.

      modern cars , as much as they are a symbol of the technological wonder just dont
      allow the same sort of love affair to develop. must be witchcraft, a drop of blood or skin from a knuckle left on the vehicle somewhere. and boom it becomes part of you.

      im perfectly happy to live in the past. :)

      • 6 Years Ago
      I'd probably buy American anyway so I would take the grand to boot.

      And I have nothing against the foreign makes but when I look at the big picture (bang for the buck, reliability, parts, longetivity) Ford and GM tend to offer the best value to me.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Artie, did the banks not also get a bailout? 335 Billion so far and they are still barely lending to each other. You said you won't buy an American car because of the bailout (which I DON'T support either). I also did not support the bank bailout mainly because they got the money with no restrictions. They are still paying dividends, bonus' and aquiring other banks. Where they not supposed to lend?
      • 6 Years Ago

      What about a classic 1950's car with tail fins?
      • 6 Years Ago
      If I could afford the balance - CTS. BTW - does a G8 count?
      • 6 Years Ago
      Only if I were in the market for a Z06 would I do it.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Imagine if the Fiesta were out. $1000 would make for a sizable down payment.
      • 6 Years Ago
      And yes, if my boss gave me $1,000 when I buy my 2010 Mustang GT, yes, I would. Only because I'm already thinking of getting one, though.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Artie and you and the other riceballs with the BS propaganda your not only FOS but if you really are in the USA your a traitor to all American workers and when this country pops into a civil war you better hope the japs protect you
      Oh BTW, the feds have owed GM billions of dollars since WW-II, about time they pay it back.

      GM vehicles are more fuel efficient then the junk you market.

      19 of our 2009 models have an EPA estimated 30 MPG highway or better — more than Toyota, more than Honda

      For 2009, we offer more hybrid choices than any other manufacturer.
      We currently have six hybrids, by mid-2009 we will introduce three more, and by 2012 we will offer 15 hybrid models

      11 of our last 13 new-product introductions have been fuel-efficient cars or crossovers.
      This trend will continue with 22 of our next 24 new-product introductions

      Higher quality.

      We back our quality with the Best Coverage in America:
      A 100,000-Mile/5-Year Transferable Powertrain Limited Warranty.1 Plus, Roadside Assistance1 and Courtesy Transportation Programs.

      1 This coverage is superior to Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Ford. We believe in our quality and reliability, and we back it up!

      The 2008 Chevy Malibu and Chevy Silverado were the "Highest Ranked Midsize Car and Large Pickup in Initial Quality" according to J.D. Power and Associates

      2 Safe.
      37 of our 2009 models have five-star frontal crash safety ratings

      3 We offer the safety and security of OnStar,

      4 including Automatic Crash Response,

      5 OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics

      6 and Turn-by-Turn Navigation.

      7 Not Honda. Not Toyota. Not Ford. Not Chrysler. Not Nissan. Not Dodge
      The proof is on the road today.

      The Cobalt XFE offers an EPA estimated 37 MPG highway.
      More than Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic DX

      8 The Malibu offers an EPA estimated 33 MPG highway, which is better than Toyota Camry LE or Honda Accord

      9 The Traverse offers the best highway fuel economy of any eight-passenger crossover,

      10 an EPA estimated 24 MPG highway. It has more interior space than Honda Pilot or Toyota Highlander

      The Silverado is Car and Driver's Best Pickup 2 years running.

      11 The Silverado XFE offers an EPA estimated 21 MPG highway. No other large pickup beats it. Not Ford. Not Dodge. Nobody.

      12 Buick • Pontiac • GMC

      The eight-passenger Buick Enclave crossover is quieter than
      Lexus RX 350.

      13 And with an EPA estimated 24 MPG highway, it gets better highway gas mileage than Lexus RX 350 and Acura MDX

      14 The Pontiac G5 XFE offers an EPA estimated 37 MPG highway. More than Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic DX8

      The GMC Sierra XFE offers an EPA estimated 21 MPG highway. No other large pickup offers better highway mileage. Not Toyota. Nobody.

      15 Saturn

      The AURA midsize sedan offers best-in-class

      16 highway fuel economy. Its EPA estimated 33 MPG highway beats Toyota Camry LE and Honda Accord

      17 The VUE Hybrid has the best highway fuel economy in its segment:

      18 an EPA estimated 32 MPG Cadillac • Saab • HUMMER
      The Cadillac CTS is a 2009 "Best Resale Value" Award winner from Kelley Blue Book's kbb.com.

      19 It is one of Car and Driver's 2009 10 Best.
      And it was also selected a top safety pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

      20 The Cadillac Escalade Hybrid eight-passenger luxury SUV offers an EPA estimated 20 MPG city.
      Better than a 2008 MINI Cooper S Convertible with automatic transmission

      21 The Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan, SportCombi and Convertible have earned the 2009 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's "Top Safety Pick" award in the midsize category for the third straight year

      22 The HUMMER H3 has a lower annual fuel cost than Nissan Pathfinder

      23 And our future looks even brighter.
      The upcoming Chevy Volt (expected launch date late 2010) represents a fundamental reinvention of the American automobile industry. The Volt will deliver up to 40 miles

      24 on a single electrical charge, well within the daily commute of nearly 80% of Americans. It represents a giant step toward energy independence

      GM will also continue to invest in hydrogen fuel cell technology, which is capable of reducing automobile tailpipe emissions to non-polluting water vapor.
      Already, GM has deployed 90 Chevy Equinox compact SUVs to people in what constitutes the world's largest market test fleet of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

      All made by GM
        • 6 Years Ago
        Your argument lost it's credibility once you mentioned the fact that GM has numerically more models (19) that have over 30 mpg than any other manufacturer. Trying to spin the NEGATIVE fact that GM has too many stupid model names for the same cars into an argument that American should buy GM cars means that you're assuming Americans are too stupid to realize what a retarded argument it is. Cut that crap out and stop treating your customers like idiots.

        Honda doesn't even make 19 friggin' models, so how the hell could they possibly have more models with 30mpg than GM?
        • 6 Years Ago
        >>Artie and you and the other riceballs with the BS propaganda your not only FOS but if you really are in the USA your a traitor to all American workers and when this country pops into a civil war you better hope the japs protect you

        The funny thing is most buyers of US branded cars seem to have a Red-state demographic yet their "pro-American" Republican representatives in Government couldn't care less about the Big-2.5
        You people are dumb enough to be duped by patriotic fervor to get officials elected and now Detroit is using it to make their last stand.

        Do you have the balls to walk into a Marysville, OH Honda plant and call those workers traitors.... your civil war might start right there
        • 6 Years Ago
        "Artie and you and the other riceballs with the BS propaganda your not only FOS but if you really are in the USA your a traitor to all American workers and when this country pops into a civil war you better hope the japs protect you
        Oh BTW, the feds have owed GM billions of dollars since WW-II, about time they pay it back"

        Hilarious! That's exactly what I mean about the belligerent bum attitude!

        "what, you don't want to give me your money?!! you and your traitorisms! you owe me! you don't know what it's like. you and your japanese cars. you're FOS you riceball!."
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