Actually, to be more precise, wants more than just the preservation of the Saturn brand. The Web site hopes to garner enough signatures to convince Wagoner & Company to keep Saturn in the General Motors stable.

It seems a bit odd to be asking GM to keep a brand it hasn't exactly showered with love. Bob Lutz has even said the company considered killing it off before the latest crisis.

But as we've reported, dumping the brand could cost GM at least $3 million for each Saturn dealership. And with no original products, it's hard to imagine many corporations lined up to bid on essentially nothing more than a Saturn logo and a dealership network.

Saturn owes much of its success to a grassroots network of devoted fans who, at one time, congregated in Smyrna, Tenn. for yearly homecomings. Maybe a fan-based surge of support for the brand is what GM needs to revive Saturn as more than just a division of re-badged Opals. Thanks for the tip, everyone!

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[Source: Saturn Fans]