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One day before the press converge on the LA Auto Show, General Motors has released pricing on its 2009 Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid, 2009 GMC Sierra Hybrid and the 2009 Pontiac G3. The full-size hybrid pickup trucks each feature GM's patented two-mode hybrid drivetrain with a 6.0-liter V8 under the hood. Assisted by an electric motor, the trucks are rated to tow up to 6,100 pounds. Fuel economy is impressive for a pickup -- they are rated at 21 mpg city and 22 mpg highway (2WD) when unladen. The base price for the Silverado is $38,995 (including a $975 destination charge). The Sierra barely undercuts it with a starting price of $39,365 (including $975 DFC). Production on the pickups starts in December, with delivery to dealers starting in early 2009. If trucks aren't your thing, pricing on the all-new Pontiac G3 hatchback will squeak in at $14,995 (including $660 DFC), making it the least expensive car in Pontiac showrooms. While you'll drive home in air-conditioned comfort sipping fuel at 32 mpg on the highway, don't expect much in the way of driving excitement.

[Source: General Motors]

Chevrolet Announces Pricing For 2009 Silverado Hybrid

DETROIT - Chevrolet today announced pricing for the 2009 Silverado Hybrid - the only full-size hybrid pickup on the market. It starts at $38,995, including a $975 destination charge, for 2WD models with the 1HY package. The MSRP does not reflect a $2,200 federal tax credit that applies to many customers who purchase the Silverado Hybrid.

The Silverado Hybrid delivers fuel economy comparable to many midsize sedans, but with the cargo and towing capability expected from a full-size truck. It is offered in the crew cab body style and also available with 4WD.

Production begins in December 2008, with delivery to dealers expected in early 2009. All models come with an eight-year/100,000-mile hybrid component warranty.

"For customers who need a full-size truck, but want much better fuel economy, the Silverado Hybrid is the clear answer," said Ed Peper, GM North America vice president, Chevrolet. "It offers over 40-percent greater efficiency in city driving and a 25-percent overall increase in fuel economy, without compromising power or towing capability."

The Silverado Hybrid uses GM's patented two-mode hybrid system and a powerful 6.0L gas V-8 to deliver highly efficient performance - including all-electric driving up to 30 mph (48 km/h). That allows fuel savings to be realized even when the truck is fully loaded or towing a trailer. It has a 6,100-pound (2,767 kg) towing capacity.

EPA-estimated fuel economy for 2WD models is 21 mpg in the city and 22 on the highway; 4WD models are estimated at 20 mpg in city and highway driving. That mileage, combined with a 26-gallon (98 L) fuel tank, delivers a cruising range of more than 500 miles with 2WD models and more than 470 miles with 4WD models.

Well equipped

Silverado Hybrid 1HY models are based on the popular Silverado 1LT package and include popular equipment options such as the heavy-duty towing package, locking rear differential, EZ Lift tailgate and lock, and 18-inch wheels. Also included are automatic climate control, steering wheel audio controls and Bluetooth phone capability.

Equipment that is specific to the hybrid model includes:

  • 6.0-liter V-8 engine (332 hp / 247 kW)
  • Low rolling resistance tires
  • Hybrid ornamentation
  • Soft tonneau cover
  • Standard head curtain side air bags

The Silverado Hybrid also comes with standard head curtain side air bags.

In addition, a Silverado Hybrid 2HY package is offered. It includes more features and amenities such as a navigation radio, leather-trimmed seating, a hard tonneau cover, rear parking assist and more. It has a MSRP of $45,130 (including destination charge).

GMC and Pontiac Announce Pricing for 2009 Sierra Hybrid and G3

DETROIT –GMC and Pontiac today announced pricing for two new models arriving in dealerships in early 2009, further reinforcing the channel's reputation for value combined with efficiency and capability. The model introductions and MSRPs (including destination freight charge) include:

  • The GMC Sierra Hybrid pickup truck, which combines the fuel efficiency of a midsize sedan with uncompromised full-size truck capability, $39,365 (including $975 DFC) for 2WD models with the 3HA package and $45,500 (including DFC) with the 3HB package
  • The all-new Pontiac G3 hatchback, $14,995 (including $660 DFC)

GMC Sierra Hybrid

The 2009 Sierra Hybrid joins the Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid as the only full-size hybrid pickup trucks on the market. Equipped with GM's two-mode hybrid system, Sierra Hybrid is offered in the crew cab body style and is also available with 4WD.

EPA-estimated fuel economy for 2WD models is 21 mpg city and 22 on the highway; 4WD models are estimated at 20 mpg in city and highway driving. That mileage, combined with a 26-gallon (98 L) fuel tank, delivers a cruising range of more than 500 miles with 2WD models and more than 470 miles with 4WD models

Production begins in December of 2008, with delivery to dealers expected in early 2009.

Towing capacity is rated at 6,100 pounds (2,767 kg). A $2,200 federal tax credit is currently available to many customers who purchase the Sierra Hybrid.

A well-equipped pickup

Sierra Hybrid 3HA models include popular equipment such as the heavy-duty trailering package; StabiliTrak electronic stability control; locking rear differential; EZ Lift tailgate and lock; 18-inch wheels; cloth seats; XM Satellite Radio and OnStar. Also included are automatic climate control, steering wheel audio controls and Bluetooth phone capability.

Equipment that is specific to the hybrid model includes:

  • 6.0-liter V-8 engine (332 hp / 247 kW)
  • Low rolling resistance tires
  • Hybrid ornamentation
  • Soft tonneau cover
  • Head curtain side-impact air bags

In addition, a Sierra Hybrid 3HB model is offered. It includes all of the 3HA content as well as leather bucket seats with six-way driver and passenger power; Power Flow navigation with Bose audio and rear-seat controls; rear park assist; power adjustable pedals and a three-piece hard tonneau cover. MSRP is $45,500 (including destination charge).

Pontiac G3

The all-new Pontiac G3 hatchback arrives in dealer showrooms in March 2009 and becomes Pontiac's fourth vehicle achieving highway fuel economy of 32 miles per gallon or higher.

The G3 combines sporty styling, quick handling and is surprisingly well-equipped, with standard air conditioning, four air bags (two frontal and two side-impact air bags) and the OnStar safety and security system. With an EPA-estimated 34 miles per gallon highway and the lowest starting price of any Pontiac, the G3 emphasizes value without compromising a fun driving experience.

All Pontiac and GMC models are covered by GM's five-year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty, and three-year, 36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. Additionally, Sierra Hybrid models come with an eight-year/100,000-mile hybrid component warranty.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 6 Years Ago
      @ Nietzsche...

      There are losers in the GM stable like the G-3 mentioned here. But you are way off base in many ways.

      Malibu/ Aura is one of, if not the best, midsize car sold in the US. Six speed auto with a 4-cylinder and fuel economy better than the competition.

      Impala is bland but offers size, price, and fuel economy that is matched by almost no one.

      Corvette offers some of the best performance in the world for the money.

      CTS, Enclave, Sky, Solstice, G-8, Vibe, Astra... not exactly dumpster material in most books.
        • 6 Years Ago
        I also saw a Traverse. I really like the front and sides of it, but the rear looks like a half-hearted attempt at a design and makes the vehicle look way too bulky.
        If I wanted a 3-row vehicle, (call me crazy but) I would take a minivan. It is way more practical than a crossover (sliding doors are so much more space-efficient and ease ingress/egress by many orders of magnitude) and comes in a more space-efficient package than a crossover.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Which vehicle in the Impala's class gets better mpg than it?

        You're right a minivan is more practical. Some people won't buy one though. In fact GM and Ford don't even make them anymore (although that's partially because they made such awful ones they couldn't compete).
        • 6 Years Ago
        I saw a Chevy Traverse yesterday. Wow. Two thumbs way up.

        If I wanted a 3-row vehicle, that'd be up there at the top of my list. Could GM have made a 3-row SUV this practical and capable years ago? If so, they were knuckleheads not to.
        • 6 Years Ago
        I think that Pontiac is seriously deluding itself if it thinks it can convince people that the G3 is a performance model. Given that the G5 "green" (analog to Chevrolet XFE, whatever it is) gets better fuel economy than the G3 and is bigger, I see no purpose for the G3. Also, I've been in an Aveo. The interior is absolutely atrocious and the driving dynamics are ridiculously bad (from what I felt as a passenger; I wasn't driving).
        I like the Malibu and Aura, but I think the materials could be a little bit better. They are good (I'm not saying they aren't), but I don't think they quite live up to the hyperbole of "class-leading".
        The Impala is very spacious and cheap, but its engines are rather outdated. Competitors have more potent (and smaller) engines that also offer equal or better fuel economy to the Impala.
        The Vibe is not really a GM-designed car (yes, there's a little bit of GM, but it's mostly Toyota), so it doesn't really count.
        While the Astra is a great car, it's too expensive for its class (I don't think Saturn has the brand cachet to compete in the upmarket compact class (along with the VW Rabbit)), and despite all of us gearheads whining for so long for it to come here and then celebrating when it does, it hasn't exactly been setting sales records. I fear this may forebode bad things for the Euro Ford Focus and Fiesta when they come here.
      • 6 Years Ago
      do they think everybody makes union wages?

      G3 for $15k?
      No thanks I'll take a Fit.
      • 6 Years Ago
      How does the Sierra undercut the Silverado when it's not quite $400 more?

      And that G3 had better be damn near loaded for just shy of $15K.
        • 6 Years Ago
        I'm wondering what the G3 gives you that a $9,999 Nissan Versa doesnt.

        A/C is standard. But that aint worth $5,000.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Awww ... c'mon Dave! It gives you Pontiac EXCITEMENT!

        Just kidding.

        The photos I've seen of the G3 show cruise control, a nice stereo (NO stereo is available on the $9999 or $10,999 Versa, you gotta move up) and some other amenities.

        But $5K worth? Hmmm ... I don't know.

        Of course, with incentives and other discounts, most dealers in my area will sell you a G5 coupe for about the same money, and a Cobalt can be had for even less. And yes, both the G5 and Cobalt get better mileage.

        I'm also curious if there will even BE a Pontiac Division (let alone a GM) within a few months, so naming the price could well turn out to be academic.
      • 6 Years Ago
      if you can afford a $40,000 truck, you don't need to worry about gas, especially now...

      even though the Aveo 5 and this G3 are the same thing, IF i had to buy one of them, i would be more inclined to get an aveo because i would be avoiding those red gauges, don't know why but i dont like them.....
        • 6 Years Ago
        if they really wanted to save fuel, they would buy a compact because making hybrids hurt the environment more than the consumption of gas....
        • 6 Years Ago
        I would like to meet this person who has legitimate towing needs and is willing to pay so much extra just to save a couple MPG. These trucks will sell in tiny numbers.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Kumail, i'm no engineer but a subcompact simply can't tow as much as a truck. For those that legitimately need towing and hauling capability a truck is the only way to go. "Buying a subcompact" will do nothing to help these people out or help out the environment.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Since the Silverado is the only thing GM seems able to build... They shouldn't be saved by the Gov't or anyone else! They're a useless Dinosaurs, unaware that we are even in the 21st century. Bye bye GM, you won't be missed by too many
      • 6 Years Ago
      Gas should be under $2/ gal. almost everywhere in the US in the next week or three.

      Not a good time to be a$ 40,000 hybrid truck. Especially when standard trucks can be had for well over $10k off of sticker price right now.
      • 6 Years Ago
      I really hope GM secretly spend buttloads of money tuning the aveo so that the G3 is actually good, if only just to see the automotive community let out a huge collective "wtf" at the car.
      • 6 Years Ago
      You know things are bad when you buy a deawoo for $15,000.
      • 6 Years Ago
      A base Pontiac Aveo for $15k?? There'd better be a good bit "optional" equipment standard for that.

      • 6 Years Ago
      • 6 Years Ago
      GM keeps kicking itself it the butt and wonders why it still hurts.

      Rebadged Daewoos suck.
      Rebadged Daewoos that cost $3000 more, suck even more.

      OPEL should be producing the subcompact entry for GM worldwide.

      After all, the new midsize Opel Insignia just won 2009 Car of the Year in Europe. Add that to the Saturn Aura and Chevrolet Malibu parade and the hits will keep on coming.

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