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General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner has confirmed that HUMMER is the only brand in the automaker's portfolio that's up for sale. Many believed that Saab's days were also numbered and the Swedish brand would be getting out from under the corporate umbrella as soon as a buyer could be found. Not so says the Ricker. Other brands thought to have been out on the lawn behind a For Sale sign included Opel-Vauxhall, GM of China and Holden. While HUMMER may be the only GM brand for sale, the automaker is certainly keen to sell other assets weighing it down. Wagoner didn't elaborate on which assets those might be, but his company's remaining 49% stock in GMAC doesn't seem to be doing it any good.

[Source: Autocar, Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty]

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      • 6 Years Ago
      Who is going to buy all these brands anyway? I see some crazy Asian company buying Hummer and Saab, but who is going to give a red cent for GMC, Pontiac or Buick?

      Shareholders should unite and sue the entire BoD for failing to fulfill their fiduciary duties. The BoD should have fired Wagoner about 5 years ago.

      Gladly for Ford, Bill Ford had the balls to fire himself and put together a team to do whatever it takes t save the company. Mr. W(agoner) wants our money but doesn't want to raise cash selling assets . . . which bring us in full circle. . . Who is going to buy all these brands anyway?
        • 6 Years Ago
        Really ?
        I cant see anybody interested in buying a company like hummer...
      • 6 Years Ago
      You know its insanely pathetic they didn't invest in HUMMER with an eye towards the future. So what if Jeep owned the small oftroader market with the Wrangler, GM had a decade to at least TRY and make a competitive vehicle. Even relatively small Land Rover has made a good show of it, what did HUMMER bring to the table? 2 Overweight monstrosities that eschewed ability for fashion. I sat in the H2 a month after it came out, and I was laughing at the dealer even back then. I couldn't bother to drive the thing, it was ridiculous.
        • 6 Years Ago
        COMPLETELY agree.

        Hummer should replace the retail unit of GMC.

        The H2 is stylish outside, but utterly useless inside, compared to it's platform-mate GMC and Chevy SUVS.

        H2 and H2T should be scrapped as-is, and replace the GMC truck/SUV line. GMC could go completely commercial-only.

        I sat in an H2 after they came out, I had to clamor through the passenger door, and my knees were hitting the dash. NOT good for a full SUV. Square up the Yukon and GMC version of the Suburban, give it the Hummer front end, without the shrunken dimensions of he H2.

        H2T should be a hummer-ified Avalanche.

        The H3 and H3T should replace the non-full-size GMC SUV and truck.

        The HX concept should come out as the H4, and be a Wrangler-competitor, in a decidedly smaller-vehicle move.

        The H3 and H3T seem like decent enough vehicles, the H2 seems to be needlessly stupid, and should be closer to its GMT800/900 platform mates, and H4 should be a useful, yet small vehicle.

        With Chrysler's uncertain future, who knows what will happen with Jeep... if it will get sold-off, or what. GM should be taking advantage of that uncertainty, and making it's Hummer brand more accessible, more useful, smaller and more efficient, and extending it as a new stabilizer. Utility and value are going to be important in the future, much moreso than image and flash for an "i'm richer than you" pricetag.

        Hummer can be saved. GM could use it as a stabilizing leg in the future, if it does the right things NOW, both on a product planning, and a corporate structure standpoint.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Wagoner is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations; his masters are merely telling him to follow this plan.

      It's all essentially all part of a bigger agenda. Don't think so? Do your own research on the CFR
      • 6 Years Ago

      But who will buy Hummer? It is no longer viewed as a cool brand like in the past and is considered an environment unfriendly brand by many.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Well, since we're wielding the big knife today, here we go:

      Hummer -- Sell it.

      Buick -- The Chinese love 'em, send 'em all there. We don't need a luxury brand (Cadillac) and a wanna-be luxury brand.

      GMC -- Despite my love for the GMCs I've had, there's no reason to have two nearly-identical truck brands. Not in this economy.

      Saab -- I never really saw the wisdom in owning Saab anyway. Sell it back to the Swedes.

      Saturn -- Everything good that Saturn was known for is now gone, it's now basically Oldsmobile in everything but name. Why keep it around?

      Let's see ... that leaves Chevy, Pontiac and Cadillac, I guess. They are the real centers of excitement at GM, if that's what you want to call it. Killing or selling off everything else would enable GM to devote full energy to those three brands. It only makes sense.

      Sure, there are the issues of what to do with the dealers. But when they're faced with the cold, hard reality of GM going under entirely, I believe these folks will fall in line behind some solid plan, whatever it may be.
        • 6 Years Ago
        You got Saturn and Pontiac mixed up. If GM moved the G8 to Saturn (with a new name and more Saturnlike styling) they could realistically kill Pontiac and keep a brand with cars that are mostly dissimilar to other brands under their belt.

        Have Vaux/Opal do the design work and they can keep them as well and have them as a true "world brand" which they tried to do with Saturn before, but didnt sell well with the plastic models in Japan.

        Right not Pontiac has nothing but Chevy rebrands and one Toyota one. The G8 is the ONLY car they have that has little in common with the other brands. The Solstice WAS another, but the Sky is actually better IMHO and neither are lasting much longer now that they killed the replacement.
        • 6 Years Ago
        The really radical thing to do is to sell Cadillac. Keep Chevy and Pontiac, use Buick in China only.

        Why Cadillac? If the point is to save GM, you have to sell something that people will pay real money for. Cadillac is the only GM brand that could stand on it's own and that's not competitive with GM's other offerings. It's probably also worth the most and has a slightly different (and desirable) customer footprint. Bundle it with Hummer, just like Ford did with Jag and Land Rover.

        Keep Chevy as a bargain brand, Pontiac as mid-range luxury (a step up from Chevy). I could see an argument for shifting all truck platforms to GMC to bring more focus to that segment, even if a Chevy truck is somewhat iconic.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Why is there such a rush to sell hummer when every single truck or suv they sell is profit?
      • 6 Years Ago
      I hope Wagoner gets hit by a Hummer.
        • 6 Years Ago
        How 'bout:

        Run down by a Hummer on 24's, then split in half by the CF splitter of a ZR1 doing 150mph, then sees an Aztek and brain explodes in realisation of its ugliness, finally on the way to the cemetary the Escalade runs out of fuel.

        Wagoner is an incompetent manager, if he was in a sport he would be unemployed long time ago.
        • 6 Years Ago
        I misread that for a second... never mind what I was thinking. ;)
      • 6 Years Ago
      To: Wagner

      Keep Chevy and Cadillac and "fire sale" everything else, IMMEDIATELY, you greedy crook!

        • 6 Years Ago

        Another option is Chapter 11 and then eliminating all the divisions not named Chevy and Caddy. Disband all the dealerships related to those now defunct divisions. While in bankruptcy, renegotiate all the labor and supplier contracts.

        This will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs in the short-term......but in the long-term the company becomes profitable and it may be able to begin to increase it's market share.

        Just think if GM spent all the money in it's marketing budget on two divisions and 20 models.....instead 7 divisions and 50 models.
      • 6 Years Ago
      I guess everyone know where i stand on this fool.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Why does this person still have a job? Where is the board of directors and their responsibility to shareholders? After 8 years of running GM into the ground, he should be fired with no benefits.

      Not only is GM sinking fast, but they have NO PLAN to get out of this. The Volt? Give me a break, one model does not a turn around make.

      At least Ford is doing 'whatever it takes' (new CEO, mortgage everything) and has a raft of new models in the pipeline focus on what customers want. GM? Oh, wait, they just introduced not one, but two expensive, gas guzzling halo models, with another one soon to be released. Yeah, they're good, but they are not the volume models a company the size of GM needs to stick around. All the money spent on developing them would have been better used on better interiors and quality for volume cars like Cobalt and Aveo.
        • 6 Years Ago
        volume cars like cobalt and aveo,the big three were reacting to the market demands, we were buying big trucks and suvs, like there was no tomorrow, when gas hit 4.00 we stop buying them and then we blame them for not having small cars, we were not buying small cars!!the market shifted in a matter of days, to say that they alone are at fault is wrong, we put them in this predicament, we need them to succed
        • 6 Years Ago

        Three words...BEAT, TRAX, GROOVE.

        GM does have the product in the pipeline, but getting to the sales room floor is untenable with the current market situation. No one is buying new cars...not even from Toyota! The economic situation has to be fixed first.

        As for the VOLT...Bob Lutz pet project, which is a good idea, but it has a few flaws also. Who wants to buy a $40,000 Chevy? Right car; wrong pricing. Sure, it will eventually expand into other market segments, but there isn't enough time for that.

        Toyota Prius was the right direction to pursue. Now even I drive a Honda Civic Hybrid. Where is GM? They got hybrid SUV's and pickups, but their car lines are woefully inadequate. One step at a time would have been the better plan to pursue, rather than trying to hurdle over the entire marketplace all at once.
        • 6 Years Ago

        Chevy Beat: "General Motors' head of Global Product Development has told journalists that the vehicle will not be sold in the US. The reason, he reportedly states, is that the car has not been engineered to meet the country's crash laws."


        Since both the Groove and Trax are based on the same platform (the Daewoo Matiz/Kalos) and no production of either has been announced (and no one has seen any testing mules), it's a safe bet they are DOA like the Beat.

        What other upcoming product do they have? It's pretty much all Volt or nothing and that's not enough. Like I said, too little, too late.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Where's the board?? TTAC is right, they are board of bystanders. Having said all this, one of the KEY and most influential people on board is CEO of Dupont, Kullman. Dupont is a big supplier of GM and Kullman is his biggest supporter on the board. So should she question Wagoner, he can easily find a different company to supply paint for GM. Obviously she is not independent by a long shot. At best this is unethical to GM shareholders, at worst this is criminal. I think SEC should investigate and fine her and Dupont. While it is OK for a suppliers CEO to be on board of OEM, it is not OK for that individual to continually support an individual with that kind of record and with that type of salary.

        I really am surprised that Autoblog does not pickup on this stuff, WSJ pointed out the fact that she is very much biased, as long as Wagoner gives her and her company huge contracts she will never dare to question him, and to date she hasn't. Come on Autoblog, you can do better than that.
      • 6 Years Ago
      How on earth does this guy keep his job? The company he runs has lost 95% of its value under his watch. He is a clown at best.
        • 6 Years Ago
        MJK, DUKE was undergrad, Bush went to Yale.

        But both got MBA's from Harvard.

        Man that exam must be easy.

        Autoblog, you should ask dean of Harvard business school to comment on these two.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Obama graduated from Harvard.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Well i know how, the same way Bush kept his. You turn around and say ohh i got my MBA from Harvard.

        How big of a coincidence is that, two of Americans most dysfunctional men are heading such large enterprises. And both come out from same University.

        And since they are both of similar age they probably had classes together.

        • 6 Years Ago
        actually...Rick went to Duke...hence all the "Blue Devil" silliness about the ZR1.
        • 6 Years Ago
        No Jamie Bush ATTENDED Yale & I still don't believe he actually GRADUATED (despite what any diploma says)

        Obama SUCCEEDED at Harvard, including leader of the Law Review... legacy dopes don't get that title!

        I think its safe to say he have a truly intelligent guy as President... he has a very tough job ahead of him & will never be compared to Bush (in terms of education & brain power).

        • 6 Years Ago
        This brand bloatedness isn't any new thing. GM has been acquiring brands since its inception. It has to stop, and selling HUMMER would be the first step towards a more manageable and profitable GM.
        I completely agree. This guy should have lost his job a LONG time ago.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Harvard should print its MBAs on enron stock for such a respected school its seems to create nothing but retards
        • 6 Years Ago
        I think Harvard is ashamed to be linked with this guy.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Like I've said before- spin off Saab, sell Hummer, dump Pontiac, GMC, and Saturn, keep Buick as a China-only nameplate (they sell cars like crazy over there), and keep Chevrolet and Cadillac.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Agree with most of that.

        Sell Saab. Back to the Swedes, or somebody.

        I'd like them to keep Hummer, if they would actually turn it INTO something, like JEEP. Their products are stylish, but functionally, they are also-rans... And the H3T is very cool, but just now coming on the market. Where has it been before now?

        I could see GMC/Hummer being one brand. GMC as the industrial truck arm. Serviced at diesel shops, and commercial duty ONLY. Not retail nearly as much as it is, The GMC Utes (Yukon, etc...) get Hummer front ends and styling cues, but not as much as H2 with pillbox windows. Somewhere between the current GMC utes and the H2, and diesel powered. H3 and H3T replaces the smaller GMC SUVs, and Cheyenne small truck entirely. Full size retail trucks are all CHEVY, Commercial trucks are all GMC.

        Buick, Saturn, Pontiac, Opel, and Vauxhall become one brand, allied closely with Holden. Mostly there already. One management unit, One model roster of big and small sedans, coupes/hatches, roadster, MAYBE one CUV people-mover minivan alternative. NO larger SUVs. (leave SUVs to Chevy/Caddy.)
        Vauxhall in England
        Opel in continental Europe
        Buick in China/Asia.
        Saturn, with Buick-badged full-size sedans sold at Saturn/Buick/Hummer dealers. No overlap.

        Pontiac sporty variants of those sedans/coupes/hatchs/roadsters sold at Chevy/Chevy Truck/Pontiac dealers. Either that, or Pontiac, Buick, Saturn meld into one "alternative" brand to Chevy's mainstream cars. They would be the sportier ones or Luxury ones, or the more import-competition focused cars, and RWD/AWD cars.

        If they continue as "separate" brands, they should not be functionally separate. More like Lincoln/Mercury. Joined at the hip, and really just ONE alternative unit to Ford, despite the nameplates on the cars. There is no need for separate brand units, separate marketing, separate production or even separate franchising from GM corporate level.

        Essentially one functional brand, with however many brand names the public will still respond to. People might buy a premium buick more than a premium saturn, so a premium sedan might wear buick badging, where an economy car would sell better as a Saturn than a Buick. But all one corporate unit behind both.

        Chevy becomes economy and mainstream cars, CUV, SUV, Truck dealers, plus Camaro/Corvette. Just as they are now.

        Caddy is the ONLY premium model, with luxury cars, SRX and Escalade. Just as they are now. but leaner, meaner, and no direct overlap with other GM brands.

        So basically they would have 4 functional units.

        1. Chevy American Cars:
        Mainstream and economy cars, FWD. Camaro, Corvette sub-units.

        2: Truck unit.
        GMC commercial trucks, Chevy, Caddy, and maybe Hummer retail trucks and SUVs. NO OTHER BRAND NAMES for trucks. GMC through commercial fleet outlets, Chevy through Chevy dealers, Hummer through Saturn/Pontiac/Buick alternative dealers. Cadillac SUVs through Cadillac dealers.

        3: Import/Export unit:
        Saturn/Buick/Pontiac/Vauxhall/Opel/Holden. All the same lineup, different markets, depending on brand awareness. ONE management structure, (although Holden would probably keep some autonomy, it is doing pretty well) Alternative economy cars, import fighters/premium sedans, performance oriented cars. Everything below cadillac, and alternative to Chevy. Hummer SUVs down-market along-side, as alternative to Chevy SUVs.

        4: Cadillac Luxury unit.
        Specifically mid- to high-end luxury cars. Luxury utility vehicles. That is all.

        Four, rather than 7 or 8 management and product units.

        Thin upper management to coordinate between those four units, to manage corporate-wide issues. FIRE the current management, and get people in there who know how to build efficient businesses. Stockholders should require board of directors to enforce that, and fire the CEO, and other top management who have caused this.

        The whole upper management, and the middle-management at the heads of each business unit should be replaced with people who know what they are doing, and the corporate culture of sucking-up to people higher in the chain, should be scrapped, and rebuilt to allow people to do the jobs that they need to do.

        DRASTIC union cuts. They have two options. They can keep their contracts, which will be worthless when GM ceases to exist and they are all unemployed and everything goes up in a fireball...

        or they can re-negotiate to a MUCH lower, reality-based contract, inline with appropriate market forces for other similar jobs, and keep their jobs at GM.

        Their choice.

        They can either follow this plan, make an even MORE efficient one, or crash and burn.
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