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"Truth-enhanced" car dealer advertising is nothing new. After all, how many times have you seen a newspaper ad for a special on, say, a base model, when the accompanying image shows a fully-optioned, range-topping version of the car instead? It's your job to read the fine print and stay informed so that you're not disappointed by the crank-window special the salesman presents when you get there.

To that end, we'd like to offer a helping hand to potential customers of Lynnfield, MA's Kelly Jeep. If you visit their website and click on "New Vehicle Specials" (under New Vehicles), you'll find a listing for an '08 Chrysler Town & Country. Okay, fine -- but the image that's paired with the listing is the one above. It's the Photoshop love child of the Euro-spec 300C Touring and a Town & Country. In fact, it doesn't look half bad with the 300's front end, big wheels, and flared fenders. One might even be tempted to ask, "Damn, that thing got a Hemi?" Whatever the case, it's more appealing than the blandtacular actual Chrysler Town & Country, which is what the nice man at the dealership will be happy to show you. We understand that the car in the photo above is hidden away in a barn where the owner also keeps a stable of unicorns. Thanks to Koko for the tip (and the laugh).

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[Source: Kelly Jeep]