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Click any image for a high-res gallery of Toyota's SEMAfied trucks

Toyota's Venza trio didn't stir our souls, but a few of its customized trucks had us itching for some Italian iron and a remake of the first Back to the Future flick.

First up is the Toyota Tundra/Ducati Transporter that makes trips to the track a breeze with a motorized loading ramp, an integrated tool system, storage for spare parts and a set of solar panels mounted on the bed rails to provide auxiliary power. A 5.7-liter supercharged V8 sends power to 22-inch custom aluminum Alcoa wheels coated in Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires. In addition to a handful of suspension and body mods, the truck gets a custom interior with thrones fitted with an In Seat Solutions Relaxor Massage system. Naturally, the Ducati Desmo MotoGP bike is sold separately.

Tucked in behind the Tundra was the Tacoma Truck Concept, coated in a cream pearl exterior and retro stripes that had us fondly reminiscing about our first off-road experience in the 80s. A four-cylinder engine is mated to a four-speed automatic gearbox and a four-wheel-drive system (4x4x4) pulled from Landcruiser, featuring a solid front axle, transfer case and Toyota Motorsport rear axle. A custom roll bar and front grill joins KC Daylighter six-inch lights, Bushwacker fender flares and American Racing AR-23 wheels. And the exterior isn't the only thing retro about this Tacoma. According to our man Mike Levine from Pickuptrucks.com, the seats are swathed in 20-year-old Recaro fabric that the Toyota crew found in the corner of their warehouse.

The last of our Toyota trucks was the TRD Tacoma Off Road Project, which features a supercharged 4.0-liter V6, a seven-inch widened track, custom front control arms matched to a new set of Bilsteins with 13-inches of wheel travel and an independent rear suspension with 14-inches of wheel travel. Think of it as the Raptor asinterpreted by Toyota, but without the trick rear suspension setup.

Check the galleries below for plenty of pics and take a peek below the fold for all the details.



The Ducati Desmosedici RR is the only street legal MotoGP bike ever produced. The ultimate track day bike requires the ultimate transport; that's where Toyota comes in with the 2009 Tundra Ducati esmosedici transporter.

The Tundra/Ducati Transporter is built on a Tundra CrewMax, which has been modified to accept a 6.5-inch bed. The transporter is tied thematically to the bike, incorporating Ducati Corse style along with high tech materials and execution to create synergies for two companies obsessed with quality and performance. Additional features include major bed innovations such as flip up bedsides, a motorized loading ramp by Rampage, integrated tool and spares storage, and popup solar panels for accessory power.

Performance is enhanced through the full catalog of TRD Performance parts such as supercharger, exhaust, intake, suspension and brakes. The interior treatment by Fast Ed's Interiors combines high tech style with Italian flair.


• Ducati Corse Exterior by Focus On Cars
• Custom fabricated seats, sewn carpet, suede headliner by Fast Ed's
• Seat Massagers by In Seat Solutions-Relaxor Massage Products
• Rampage Powerlift Ramp
• Alcoa 22" custom forged aluminum wheels
• Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico tires
• CarriageWorks Rear Roll Pan

• Toyota Racing Development Performance Parts
o TRD Boost Gauge and Pod
o Big Brake Kit
o 5.7L Supercharger (500HP/550TQ
o TRD Lowering Kit
o TRD Dual Exhaust
o TRD Sway Bar
• USAG 526V ToolBox (Official Tool Supplier to Ducati)
• RockBlocker protective light films
• VIS Racing Carbon Fiber hood

• 2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR Motorcycle
• Ducati Corse Racing Suit by Dainese
• Ducati Corse Helmet by Arai
• Ducati Corse Boots
• Ducati Corse Gloves


The Tacoma Truck Concept is a fun look back to Toyota's long-standing heritage of building highly capable, durable trucks that met the needs of a wide variety of drivers. Rather than focus on flash or power, this concept looks towards capability and efficiency by showcasing Toyota's venerable 4cyl engine, but mating it to a 4-speed automatic transmission and solid front axle-equipped 4WD system. Tied thematically to the Toyota Trucks from the 80's, the Tacoma Truck features American Racing AR23 wheels, BF Goodrich tires, Buchwacker flares, KC Daylighter lights and a Grant's Kustoms roll pan.

• Cream Pearl Exterior with retro stripes by Focus on Cars
• Brown interior with Recaro fabric by Fast Ed's Interiors
• Full drivetrain conversion to Landcruiser solid front axle, transfer case,
rear axle by Toyota Motorsports Technical Group
• Custom tubular bumpers, roll bar
• Custom front grill by Focus on Cars
• Grant's Kustoms Rear Roll Pan
• KC Daylighter 6" Off Road lights
• Bushwacker Fender Pocket Style Fender Flares
• American Racing AR-23 wheels
• BF Goodrich All Terrain KO tires

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 6 Years Ago
      Is it me, or has the Crewmax gotten bigger every year?
      • 6 Years Ago
      I really like the Ducati one cept for the grille, that's gotta go.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Yeesh, the Tacoma with the four-banger and automatic is ugly on the inside. So very eighties.

      That said, regarding the Tacoma: I saw one of the new ones (2009) today. I like it. What I don't like is that I have to get a manual if I want a four-cylinder PreRunner.

      I checked the Access Cab's back seats especially. There isn't more room than the old ones, but it looks like they've made the butt part bigger and softer, there's "enough" leg room, and they've removed this annoying hump they used to have on the seat backs and added headrests so it feels like you're sitting straight up but the seat isn't jabbing you in the back. I think that's as comfortable as you're going to get in the backseat of an extended-cab compact truck.

      So I guess what I'm saying is, I'd like the tan one, with '09 back seats, a four cylinder for fuel economy, automatic and PreRunner (no real need for 4wd in New Mexico).

      Oh yeah: WITHOUT THE DAMN SUBWOOFER, IF YOU MAKE THE SUBWOOFER STANDARD YOU'LL SCREW IT ALL UP TOYOTA! It takes up way too much room in the back and I don't give a rat's ass about playing Pantera at jet-plane decibels.

      If Toyota builds such a vehicle, I'd have no need for the ugly-ass A-BAT concept. And I'd stop pulling for it, honestly.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Those souped-up'd Toyota trucks look great ... AWESOME !!

      Here is Australia, Toyota has released a TRD Hilux which is powered by the Supercharged 4.0 V6 and it is regarded as Australia's first 'Tuff Truck'

      Google 'TRD Hilux' or log onto 'TRD.com.au' for a look ... i'm sure many of you will like it.

      Let me know what you think !!
        • 6 Years Ago
        +10 (that red Tundra i would so buy)

        THESES TRUCK ARE HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I LOVE TOYOTA TRUCKS...AND WHEN YOU ADD TRD...they just get even better.

        • 6 Years Ago
        Apparently nobody remembers having to replace entire engines and exhaust systems cutting off brake lines.

        Toyota trucks suck ass.
        • 6 Years Ago
        JDM - i can only imagine the supercharged 4.0 V6 and supercharged 5.7 V8 donks being a gem especially after being tweaked by TRD.

        Did you check-out the TRD Hilux in Australia ??

        If you didn't ... google 'TRD Hilux' or visit 'TRD.com.au'

      • 6 Years Ago
      The Tacoma Truck concept is fantastic - It is really awesome to see the install a solid front axle and a simple 4WD drivetrain into the modern truck. I LOVE the retro touches too. The missing solid front axle is the only reason that I haven't bought a new Toyota truck - if I could get a 4x4 Taco w/ a 4cyl, 5speed, and solid front axle I would be first in line. Heck, I'd even go in for the sweet retro stripes and tan color theme! Reminds me of my first 4Runner.
      • 6 Years Ago
      The Tacoma Truck concept is the Best Of Show as far as I'm concerned! The only reason I haven't bought a Toyota truck since my 1985's is because they took away the strong, reliable solid front axle. I've been crying for Toyota to return to its roots with a proper solid-front-axle truck ever since.

      If Toyota produces this truck - or any other solid-front-axle truck - I will be the FIRST IN LINE. I will gladly pay a $5,000 premium for dual solid axles, dual differential locks, and factory 4:1 transfer case gearing.

      Toyota - PLEASE - make a modern-day 1985 Toyota Pickup!!! Bring us the foreign-market HiLux!!! And please return the Land Cruiser to its roots as a rough-and-tumble 4x4, rather than the ugly, off-road-incompatible mallcrawler it is today!
      • 6 Years Ago
      I like how they made the tan Tacoma look like one from the late 80's with the paint job. Looks good.
      • 6 Years Ago
      The Landcruiser is every bit as tough and rugged today as it ever has been but now does it in comfort, style, and safety.

      The Landcruiser in Australia is known as the 'King Of The Road' and remains the most popular, capable and reputable off-road vehicle of any.

      Infact - travel to the harshes, most arid, humid, dusty and remote landscape of Oz which co-incidentally is amoung the most challenging on earth and Toyota rules the land ... especially the Cruiser and it the commercial derivative known as the '70 series' or 'Troopy'

      Infact - amoung our hard working tradies, farmers, industries and mines ... Toyota is all to often the preferred choice and extremely popular because of it.

      In Australia, we love our Toyota 4x4's and commercial's with Nissan the next most popular.
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