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We reported ex-Fiat boss Frank Stephenson was tasked with a clean-sheet redesign of the upcoming McLaren supercar, codenamed the McLaren P11, just two months ago. Now we are hearing word that the exotic has been totally redesigned and is scheduled for a launch in 2010. Prototypes of the two-seat, mid-engined coupe (and convertible) are in testing as you read this.
Both body styles are reportedly built on a carbon fiber tub with aluminum front and rear subframes. Weight is expected to be less than 3,000 pounds, making it one of the lightest high-performance cars on the road (the current Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren coupe, more than a bit on the porky side, tips the scales about 750 pounds heavier). Power for the supercar is expected to come from a 550-hp V8 built by famed engine builder Mahle.

Now that the design of the P11 is theoretically set in stone, McLaren needs to find a factory in which to build it. Sites across Europe, including those in Italy, Austria, and Britain, are being considered. Insiders say the factory will announce their manufacturing decision next summer.

[Source: Autocar]

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      Nice Gallardo Spyder.
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      "Weight is expected to be less than 3,000 pounds, making it one of the lightest high-performance cars on the road "

      A. This is McLaren, even without Murray on board (THE reason the McLaren F1 is what it is), anything they're marketing department is trumping as a return to mid engined high performance supercars should by default be light.

      B. There are quite a few supercars at or below 3,000lbs (dry, as that's how zonda report's theirs):

      Gallardo SL - 2,932 lbs
      Porsche GT3 - 3,031 lbs
      Zonda Roadster/s/ - 2,821 lbs
      Zonda F/ ClubSport / Roadster F- 2,711 lbs
      F430 - 2,975 lbs
      430 Scuderia - 2,775 lbs
      Gumpert Apallo - 2,645 lbs

      With marketing linking it to the F1 (it is a McLaren, it is a Supercar) it will need to be under 3,000 lbs and it'll need to be damn good to fair well in the increasingly crowded field of rich kids toys under 3,000lbs - especially without Murray.