• Oct 10th 2008 at 12:54PM
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We've already been scolded this year not to call the air car the Air Car. The nomenclature is not getting any easier, but hopefully we've reached the last rebranding of the "Compressed Air Vehicle." An update to the MDI website tells us that the vehicle line up now has a "FlowAIR" theme. The models are now known as the OneFlowAIR (open top), MiniFlowAIR (a mini minivan) and CityFlowAIR (a truck-like vehicle with a bed). If you've been following the MDI story, you might recognize parts of these names from their previous incarnations as the OneCAT and MiniCAT.
An urban public transportation concept vehicle is now called the Multi FlowAIR and there is also the very odd looking AirPod, a concept that can be used to ferry people or goods in a little bubble. If outfitted for personal transportation, there are four seats - one in front for the driver, two adult seats looking backward and a seat for an infant somewhere, if I understand the French correctly.

[Source: MDI]

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      Hmmm... I see a real future for this technology. HELL, I hope we see it ASAP considering the way the current auto industry is crashing... wait a minute, maybe it's crashing for a reason? Hmmm...

      Check out www.thefuture.net.nz if you'd like a clearer picture of exactly why and where this type of technology is going to be used. This website is extrememly informative and interesting.

      Thanks; gnomædh ( http://flowair.blogspot.com )
      • 6 Years Ago
      I want this car. The technology is sound. I have seen demos of it and the car can be made and sold at under 10,000 for the 2 door 4 seater model while still making a nice profit. I could see this getting more feature, a solar charger for the air compressor and also home high pressure air compressor for home fueling for easily under $15,000
      • 6 Years Ago
      It s so rustik ! We need to wait more than this modern "mehari" .
      But it's a step for R&D ...
      • 6 Years Ago
      MDI Guy Nègre is realy a "visioneur". He made not only a new engine but also a new mobility concept with under others the Airpod ! If you are interested in this project, my wife is still selling some MDI SA shares at a price 10 to 20 % less as MDI is selling (MDI selling price is 5,500 € per share. For information MDI SA has only emitted 73,280 shares at all !). If you are interested : martinmarschner@hotmail.com
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      It seems the main business of MDI is issuing press releases to garner free publicity for their concepts, I believe they view these press releases as a means of gaining exposure and selling "Factories" or franchises.
      This concept appeals to those who have no understanding of thermodynamics and the scientific principles inherent in a compressed air vehicle.
      It will work as a golf cart or a very short range vehicle, that is all.
      Air is a very poor energy storage medium, the amount of air necessary to power a vehicle is enormous and the tank would be prohibitively large to fit in a roadworthy vehicle of decent range.
      Lots of promises and claims that are never realized.
      The ignorance of the public is fed by the ignorance of the press in these matters of science.
      No proof was ever provided to support any of the performance claims of the promoters, their "advertisements" are simply believed by those who desire alternative energy sources, but lack the scientific knowledge to analyze the claims and determine if they have a basis in reality
      Golf anyone?
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        in answer to Avagadro -
        I saw this thing driven on TV several months ago. It lived up to expectations: traveled at 60 mph for about 220 miles. the driver [NOT related to the manufacturer - one of the guys on the program, 'Planet Mechanics'] said it sounded rather like a tractor -- a real putt-putt sound. but - if it delivers as promised - that's a small price to pay.

        btw -- on that program the guys were developing a moped that would run on compressed air. they succeeded using an air tank that would fit between the rider's legs on a slightly heavy-duty bicycle and would carry light cargo.

        Air power has proven itself to my satisfaction based on those two examples.
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