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The GT-R/911 schoolyard scuffuffle continues, with Nissan looking at Porsche's test and basically saying "yer doin it wrong" to the German automaker. Chief engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno has graciously offered remedial driving classes to the driver for Porsche's lapping session where a GT-R was reportedly 25 seconds off Nissan's torrid time of 7 minutes, 29 seconds. Porsche had concluded that special tires must have been quietly fitted in a quest for 'Ring primacy. Porsche has yet to say anything other than "Ve don't sink zee car can do it in schtock form."

Not so, says Nissan. While a claim to the fastest production car on the Nürburgring might help prospective customers froth up some money, and owners are unlikely to try verifying the claim, Nissan is not interested in wasting time on one-offs, according to Mizuno. "For us, testing the car in standard production specification is far more relevant", says the engineer. The very tires that carried driver Toshio Suzuki on the 7:29 run are in the hands of Sumitomo, and Nissan would encourage interested parties to STFU and go look at the rolling stock. It seems Nissan thinks Porsche needs a little help figuring out the GT-R, to which the company will be happy to help. "We are aware that several automakers have purchased the GT-R for their own testing and evaluation," Nissan says in its most recent rebuttal, "we would welcome the opportunity to help any auto manufacturer with understanding the full capabilities of the GT-R." Nissan's statement is after the jump.

[Source: carsguide]

Nissan Motor Company Ltd.

Global Communications

October 9, 2008



In light of comments made recently in the media concerning the testing of the Nissan GT-R, it is clear that there are some important facts that were not accurately represented.


    • On September 24, 2007 the Nissan GT-R recorded a lap time of the Nordschleife circuit at Germany's Nurburgring of seven minutes and 38 seconds. This lap time was completed in weather conditions that the Nissan test team knew would not show the full potential of the car.

    • On April 17, 2008 the Nissan test team was back at the Nurburgring and recorded a new lap time of seven minutes and 29 seconds, several times.

    • For all testing at the Nurburgring and other circuits such as Sendai Highlands in Japan, the GT-R development team used production specification vehicles with production specification tires. These tests are part of the extensive performance and durability program undertaken before, during and after the commercial introduction of the GT-R.

    • The GT-R is a world-class supercar developed to be sold in multiple global markets. While specifications can differ across the various markets, the cars used to record both Nurburgring lap times were identical to the Japanese market production specification cars.

    • For the April 2008 test, the GT-R carried an additional 50kg of weight due to the Marelli data recorder and video camera equipment. In addition, the test was witnessed by 'Best Motoring' magazine from Japan who reported the test in their July 2008 issue, which included a DVD program of the session.

    • Nissan records the lap times around the Nurburgring using the same methodology and measuring locations as Sport Auto Magazine in Germany. Sport Auto Magazine provides the most consistent and objective measurement of lap times around the Nurburgring, allowing accurate comparisons between different vehicles.

    • In both timed lap sessions at the Nurburgring, chief test driver and professional racing driver, Toshio Suzuki was at the wheel. Suzuki has been the chief test driver on the GT-R program throughout the vehicle's development.


The GT-R offers two different tire choices for customers:

    • Bridgestone POTENZA RE070R
    • Dunlop SP SPORT 600 DSST CTT

    • For the tests conducted at the Nurburgring where the lap times of 7:38 and 7:29 were recorded, the Dunlop tires were used. The tires – which are designed for high performance driving in the dry and wet - used in the tests were identical to the production specification tires available to GT-R customers.

    • In June, 2008 Dunlop Japan issued a press release announcing that their tires had been used by Nissan to record the 7:29 lap time. The release can be accessed in Japanese and English at:
    • For any media interested in seeing the actual tires used at the test (7:29 lap time), they should contact the Public Relations Department at Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. in Japan.

Driving the GT-R

    • Consistent with industry benchmarking practices, we are aware that several auto makers have purchased the GT-R for their own testing and evaluation. Like all GT-R customers, we recommend that any auto maker buying a GT-R should follow the recommended run-in procedures, service schedules and maintenance to ensure the maximum performance from their car.

    • In addition, we offer performance driving courses for prospective and current GT-R owners to help them get the best performance from their car. We would welcome the opportunity to help any auto manufacturer with understanding the full capabilities of the GT-R.


From Kazutoshi Mizuno, Chief Vehicle Engineer and Chief Product Specialist for GT-R:

"We have used circuits like the Nurburgring and Sendai extensively during the development of the GT-R. The fastest lap-time was never the objective but a simple parameter for us to measure the GT-R in a consistent way against other world class supercars."

"Testing a car with specialized parts such as unique tires or suspension has no meaning for us. The GT-R was designed from the start to be a supercar that could be driven anywhere, anytime and by anyone. For us, testing the car in standard production specification is far more relevant than creating a one-off vehicle that our customers cannot buy."


Due to the weather conditions at the Nurburgring, testing has now stopped and will resume around April 2009. Nissan will be back at the Nurburgring testing both the standard GT-R and upcoming additional models. We look forward to welcoming more members of the media to join us for these test sessions, consistent with our transparency at previous test sessions.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 6 Years Ago
      Why does Porsche care? The GT_R and the Turbo are not even in the same price range. Well Nissan should set the time again after a few trial runs. Love the rivalry though. Porsche is sounding like a worried competitor.
        • 6 Years Ago
        tourian to be honest if i had the money for a gt2 i wouldnt take a look at the gtr


        i would drive a porsche and you will have gtr its a statement, it says i have more money than you, that is why most people get ferraris lambor porsches etc only few are really motor heads and buys their cars for the performance.

        any way if you have the money to spend 200k for a gt2 you can buy in no time a gtr just for your track days
        • 6 Years Ago
        Can you explain to me what price range has to do with the value of the car itself ?

        If a Bugatti sells the Veyron for 50 K, would it be in the same league ?
        (no matter the loss they would make)
        What if a Yugo comes in at 50 K ?
        If Porsche decides to sell the rsr at 50K, would you then consider it a match for the GT/R ?
        Is all this reproduction-vegetable-measuring based on selling price ?
        Any (ok, let's say many) company can make a faster/better car and sell it for less than the GT/R.
        Nissan probably does cover the losses (if any) better than Porsche could.
        • 6 Years Ago
        It doesn't matter that YOU would pick a GT2 over a GTR "IF" you had the money. The point is the people that "DO" have the money are buying less and less Porsches these days. Cars like the GT-R could pose a threat to them and they are doing damage control to try to reverse their sales slide.
        • 6 Years Ago
        then I come with an AMUSE CARBON r35

        and shatter your game to bits

      • 6 Years Ago
      First of all, I can't find the (official?) Porsche statement on the GT-R.

      Well, as I see it:

      1.- Porsche guys will be in big trouble if Nissan can repeat (or beat) the 7:29. As I'm sure they are not that stupid I bet these guys know something we don't know.
      2.- The accused part don't look worried at all and they're not stupid either. So, again, the Nissan guys must know something we don't know.
      3.- Conclusion, someone's gonna look really stupid.

      I can't wait how this ends.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Nissan says to Porsche - "You can't drive".

      Just a few more months and the Vspec should be out on the ring.

      • 6 Years Ago
      If it sounds too good to be true...
      I'm sure the GTR is a great car, but laptimes in the CGT/Enzo/MC12/Zonda league with 200 hp less and 400lb more? Come on...
      • 6 Years Ago
      Nissan has created a car that's in a class of its own - without doubt the most advanced car ever made. They made better car than 911 in any version so Porsche is obviously annoyed and desperately trying to reverse-engineer it.
      I'm not a Nissan fan, I'd take Mazda every day, but GT-R is a gem.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Most advanced??? GTR is impressive, but the basic technology is not new...ever heard of Group B? Ford Cosworth RS, Porsche 959? These cars were out 20 years ago! This whole Ring "controversy", while entertaining reading, still does not change the fact that I can not afford a 911, GTR or ZR1. I would take a base 911 2wd with a real manual 6speed box if I had an imaginary 80K to 100K because I drive in the real world, not on the Ring. But I would want a test drive in each one first, you know, because it would be the proper thing to do!
        • 6 Years Ago
        The most advance car ever made? Really?

        I think maybe the F1 engineers would have something to say about that.
      • 6 Years Ago
      "we would welcome the opportunity to help any auto manufacturer with understanding the full capabilities of the GT-R."

      I'd be willing to bet $5 that the car Nissan used for the time they did is NOT set up the way the GTR you buy down at Billy Bob's Nissan Hyundai is set up. Not that it matters really.
      • 6 Years Ago
      There's only 1 way to settle this -- a live 1-on-1 race during the Super Bowl halftime!!!

      GT-R vs. 911 - FIGHT!
      • 6 Years Ago
      I think this is fantastic. They should properly benchmark this car so competitors can keep up and exceed the GT-R!
      • 6 Years Ago
      Just goes to show what smart people can do with limits on price, and no dogma.

      Porsche is a very dogma-heavy company. After all, who else has been making rear-engined cars for so damn long?
        • 6 Years Ago
        I kinda like how they have kept developing Rear Engine cars. Their problem is they refuse to let anything (Cayman) preform better than the 911, which limits them. I think people will still buy 911s even if Caymans offer the same preformance for the same reason people buy Morgans. The 911 survived the 928, not because Porsche deliberately made the 928 inferior, but because both cars ended up evolving differently.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Porsche probably had the speed limiter turned on
      • 6 Years Ago
      The GT-R has broken physics and the Porsche people are just trying to properly realign the Earth on its axis.

      Speaking of broken, I keep hearing stories of destroyed transmissions and voided warranties because the VDC was disabled.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Been a reader of Autoblog for ages (years?), so thought i'd finally join in with the comments.

      Is it only me who thinks Nissan's best way of combating all this would be to throw some racing rubber on the GT-R and set an even faster time with them..? That'd surely illustrate whether the original time was made using the standard stuff. Of course, Nissan wouldn't be able to do that if the GT-R was already using fancier stuff, as Porsche claims...
        • 6 Years Ago
        that's brilliant :D

        someone call nissan. someone who has the number.
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