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If the recent onslaught of spy shots is any indication, development is well under way for the successor to the Pagani Zonda. AMG is once again developing the engine especially for the supercar – tentatively known as the C9 – which means that the new Zonda has to undergo the same exhaustive battery of tests as any new Mercedes. Just as well, because the new C9 is expected to be produced in far greater numbers than its extremely exclusive predecessor.

To gear up for that kind of production, which, aside from the engine, is built entirely in-house, Pagani is preparing to open a brand new factory. The new facility in Modena, Italy, the heartland of supercar country, will be three times larger than the existing factory and is slated to begin operation in 2010 when the new C9 will hit the streets.

[Source: evo magazine]

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      This is long overdue- Pagani is a fantastic company with an extremely professional staff, and their current factory is a manifestation of their dedication to personalized, individually unique production. I've been back to see the place and the first impression I had was that, if you asked Pagani to build your car, every little detail would be known to you, the assemblers would wind up being your drinking buddies, and you'd probably have home phone numbers for every person involved if you ever wanted to check in.

      Compare that to the Bugatti factory of the early '90s, where they could probably do 10x Pagani's capacity, but the experience was cold; more like buying Versace suit off the rack instead of visiting a Veronese Tailor.

      Pagani's team is handling this business wonderfully. I am very happy to see that this expansion is coming now, and that it will keep the same bones as the current factory. That sloped facade at the front is there now, though without the big awning. I think the awning is a mistake- when I showed up there, when I entered the showroom I almost felt like I was entering some one's apartment. It was a very personal experience, and the awning kind of discards that and makes the entrance more typical, more like walking into a car dealership.

      But what do I know, I don't have a massively successful supercar to my name. I should just shut up and say, Brava, Brava! Saluti!
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