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BMW Assist -- essentially the Bavarian's version of GM's OnStar -- has made BMW Search using Google Maps available on the 1 and 3 Series. Previously, it was only available on BMW models from the 5 series up. If you subscribe to the BMW Assist Convenience Plan, you can use BMW Search to find businesses, then input the information directly into the navigation system, or call with your Bluetooth phone over the service's AT&T Mobility Network (you don't need to have AT&T, though).

BMW Search joins BMW's MyInfo service, which allowed customers and businesses to send listings and street addresses directly to the car. BMW Assist is standard on 5, 6, and 7 Series, and included in the Premium Package or as a stand-alone option on all other models.



Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey - September 15, 2008... BMW introduces access to Google Maps (http://maps.google.com) search capability within the vehicle on 2009 BMW Assist and Navigation system - equipped 1 and 3 Series. For the first time, subscribers to the optional BMW Assist Convenience Plan can access "BMW Search" to quickly find a desired business with just a key word, benefiting from the world's most famous online search engine. After finding what you want, you can immediately start route guidance or a hands-free call with your Bluetooth® - linked phone at just a simple push of a button.

Utilizing newly introduced hardware operating on the AT&T Mobility GSM network, this unique service identifies the current location and destination of the vehicle automatically and then displays the local results with details of address, phone number and distance. For example, you can look up business information like the names of restaurants, hotels, service stations, banks, supermarkets, cinemas and public facilities such as schools or city halls, all by the simple use of a key word. You can also easily ask for a search at another location.

In a nutshell, "BMW Search" using Google search technology and intelligence saves time and reduces frustration with destination entry on today's navigation systems. The information you look up is continuously updated by Google. "BMW Search" is the next logical and consequential development of the link between the automobile and the Internet.

To allow customers to send business listings and street addresses with associated phone numbers from the internet directly to their BMW, Google and BMW began offering "MyInfo" with the introduction of the X6 back in April, now extended to all other 2009 BMWs except for X3. "BMW Search" now opens up access to the Internet directly from the vehicle, representing another building block in the BMW Assist services portfolio.

About BMW Assist:
BMW Assist provides the driver with services that enhance on-the-road security and convenience, for added peace of mind. The BMW Assist and Bluetooth® System is standard on all 5, 6 and 7 Series models, including the M5 and M6, and is included in the Premium Package or available as a stand-alone option on all other models. BMW includes the Safety Plan for 4 years at no additional cost. BMW is the only manufacturer that offers this duration of service as other manufacturers only include the first year of service. The BMW Assist Safety Plan is a subscription based service that is subject to certain limitations.

The in-vehicle equipment integrates GPS technology and hands-free wireless communication functions to deliver emergency and other services, accessed via buttons in the overhead or center console. The BMW Assist system transmits the location and vehicle information to the BMW Assist Response Center. A response specialist speaks with the vehicle occupants to coordinate dispatch, notify emergency contacts on file, and link BMW Roadside Assistance or emergency services as needed and/or requested. A severe accident automatically activates the Automatic Collision Notification function.

The BMW Assist Safety Plan also includes Door Unlock and Stolen Vehicle Recovery services, which can save the driver time and money. New to BMW Assist is MyInfo, which allows users to send business listings and street addresses with associated phone numbers from the internet, directly to their BMW. TeleService automatically notifies the BMW center when the vehicle will need service. A service advisor then proactively calls the customer to set up a convenient appointment and have the needed parts ready.

BMW Assist subscribers can also enroll in the BMW Assist Convenience Plan (available at an additional cost of $199 per year) to avail themselves of BMW Assist concierge services; from finding the lowest fuel price or the best French restaurant in the area to information on flight arrival gates or times, as well as receiving directions, traffic and weather information. On most models produced September 2006 and later, a selected destination and its phone number can be sent directly to the BMW Navigation system and the subscriber's Bluetooth - linked mobile phone, after a push of the Concierge menu option. New for 2009 is BMW Search, which allows online access to the Google Maps database inside the vehicle to quickly find a desired business with just a key word. The Convenience Plan also includes Critical Calling, a service that can connect the driver to a requested party via a response specialist in case their mobile phone is not in the vehicle or its battery is discharged.

Lastly, the BMW Assist system includes Bluetooth hands-free calling and phone connectivity with phonebook access and speech recognition for dialing by name or number via steering wheel controls. Use of this feature requires a customer-provided compatible Bluetooth mobile phone. To learn more about BMW Assist, please visit www.bmwassist.com.

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      • 6 Years Ago
      Let me get this straight: $199 per year for info that you can get for free by texting GOOGL?

      Oh, BMW. What has become of you?
      • 6 Years Ago
      Yeah. But the BMW system runs on Edge, which makes it as slow as ...the original iPhone.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Which is a marked improvement from the CDMA network it used to run on up until very recently.

        Although in all fairness the data speeds are unimportant to this functionality since it will be sending and receiving very little. If you want to continue your parallel with the original iphone this will be about as fast as using the google search on it, EXCEPT the car doesn't need to download the map-tiles since it as them locally. All it will need to receive is a few KB worth of point-of-interest information.
      • 6 Years Ago
      As an avid OnStar user, mostly for directions and connections, the BMW is the only car that nearly seduced me from my Saab. BMW assist is appealing.. and that extra fee is a write off for a business person, but the thing that derailed me was that none of the BMW sales people I spoke to at multiple dealerships could tell me a PEEP about the different services of BMW assist. Duh. I don't need to pay $20,000 more for a 530ixt over my simple, cheap, fast, fun, [connected] Saab. Google or not.