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Click above for a hi-res gallery of the Porsche 914

Once every 40 years or so, when the stars are aligned just right, there arises the cosmic possibility for Volkswagen and Porsche to collaborate on a small sportscar. The stars in question seem to be Porsche chairman Dr. Ferdinand Piech, a spirit of takeover cooperation between the two German automakers, and the input of third-party contractor Karmann. It was Dr. Piech, the same man who has been driving Porsche's takeover of the Volkswagen group, who had ushered the original Porsche 914 into reality. But when Volkswagen launches its latest concept at the LA Auto Show this November, it hopes the little Elise fighter will garner enough attention to put the project into production as soon as 2011 with versions for both VW and Porsche.

The original Porsche 914 was based largely on borrowed Volkswagen mechanicals. Karmann was also heavily involved in the 914 project, and could be tapped once again to build the new sportscar for both Volkswagen and Porsche, with the project potentially spawning an Audi R4, as well. Although some sources suggest the Porsche version could adopt the 2.7-liter flat six from the base Boxster, with Zuffenhausen admittedly considering the possibility of going back to four-cylinder engines, anything's possible. Sources point out, however, that the four-cylinder version of the 914 was the top selling model. While you consider the idea of a budget Porsche, check out the high-resolution images of original 914 images in the gallery below.

[Source: Motor Trend via PistonHeads]

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      • 6 Years Ago
      I have a brand new MX-5 with the 6-speed, bilstein suspension, and the limited slip diff.

      I've had an Evo VIII MR in the past, and unlike the Evo, I've said the MX-5 would have to be pried from my cold, dead hands.

      The prospect of a modern 914 however? I mean... maybe 2400ish lbs, and a 200-ish HP naturally aspirated 4-cylinder? That... that would make me eat my words and trade in the MX-5. Or at least keep the MX-5 out of the garage.

      Goddamn you, Porsche! Goddamn you to hell!
      • 6 Years Ago
      After owning several 914's, 2.0L in the past, this is great news to many 914ers out there. If they can keep the price below the Cayman and a flat six engine, I am definitely in. This is the "giant killer" of the 70's, especially with a H6 or even a WRX STi engine swap today, it can still spank today's cars.

      • 6 Years Ago
      Excellent. It appears 98% of the people responding to this actually know quite a bit about the original 914's! Contrary to what typically gets published (without sales numbers) the 914 was a sales success for Porsche. They sold more 914's in a 6 year period then they sold Boxster's over a 6 year period (97-03) by the tune of some 20k cars! That is a LOT for back then when Porsche was still small!

      "It isn't a real Porsche" ?? WTF?? LOL Don't kid yourself. Germans don't build the current Porsche's (Turks) Boxster's have been built in Finland and will be until 2010 or so when they move production to Australia. The current V6 Cayenne.. VR6 engine from VW.. this has been going on for YEARS. Geez.. even Mercedes Benz supplied Porsche with their Tiptronic tranny for the 996TT!!

      I think a small car under the Boxster would TAKE OFF!
      • 6 Years Ago
      wasn't there an aerodynamic problem with the larger engine 914's? a friend had one when they first came out and i vaguely remember something about a problem because of the design that the larger engine models had a tendency to lift up off the ground or something like that; or at least they couldn't hold the road? i remember thinking that the Corvair i had in college seemed safer to me than when i was in his 914.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Oh yes please!! I had a 73 914 2.0 in high school and I really miss that car. I think I miss the smell of burning oil the most ^_^
      • 6 Years Ago
      I would love a high reving 4 banger little Porsche. Something to zip around town in, with lightweight and great handling.

      I am sure it would be just under $40,000. Which is still a little rich for my taste, but atleast I have a chance at owning a new Porsche...
      • 6 Years Ago
      VW ----------> Miata competitor

      Audi ---------> Elise competitor

      Porsche------> Evora?

      I'm not sure how it works out for Porsche in that respect, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. For me, anyway :D.
      • 6 Years Ago
      My 914 is my daily driver, but a couple years ago I ripped out the stock motor and put in a 165 HP Subaru 2.5 liter non-turbo motor. The car weighs 1900 lbs now and has upgraded brakes and suspension. The car is a total blast to drive, is very reliable, and gets 34 mpg on the highway if I cruise at 65. If I re-geared the transmission I'm sure it would do well at higher speeds too. If Porsche can make a 2000 lb car with 150-200 HP and 40 mpg, I think it would be a very popular car.
      • 6 Years Ago
      That should be a base 911T ... It went T E & S

      It was the 6 that very occasionally would have an engine fire problem. On a really hot day if the floats in the Webbers overflowed it would backfire through throats and the plastic velocity stacks would melt and cause extensive damage. The solution was to replace the plastic stacks with brass ones. The 4 had Fuel injection so not an issue, instead it had vapor lock problems occassionly.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Toyota is going to reintroduce the MKI MR2. It will rev to 7500, have torque numbers that aren't that great, look similar to the original, (w/o popup headlights) fit like a glove, handle nicely, get decent mileage and people will buy it at first, then complain it's not fast enough or does not have enough horsepower. And it will cost more than it should. I just don't think a Porsche or VW 914 lookalike can pull this off, at 30k?The brands are too proper to sell for anything less than 25k and that's where the market would be.....if even there.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Ah. The 914 was my first car. Loads of fun because it stuck to the ground like it was glued. Simple mechanicals, no-frills really, but handled nice. It is underpowered by todays standards, but it always got me places in plenty of time because you once you set the speed there was no need to slow down around curves.

      My current cars (Crossfire) feels like a spiritual successor to the 914. Same wheelbase (!), odd multi-company heritage/parts bin, controversial styling and built by Karmann.
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