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Last weekend, Emily Miller of Rod Hall Racing was out to become the first Ironwoman in the history of the TSCO Vegas to Reno off-road race to finish the grueling competition solo. To do so, she'd have to drive the her H2 the entire 457-mile distance. She did it in a time of 16:40.30 after having lost the front passenger wheel at mile 80 and having to rebuild the front end. And she still came in third in the stock-full class. Teammate Chad Hall took first in an H3 Alpha, and was the first production vehicle to cross the line. The other Halls -- Rod and Josh -- also took first in their respective classes. Congratulations to Emily, -- and if you're looking for her at future races, she'll probably be the one wearing a cape. Thanks for the tip, 4x4 King!

[Source: Hummer Guy]

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      To do so, she'd have to drive the her H2 the enter 457-mile distance.

      THE HER
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        When I first read your comment I thought you had written some unintelligible crap but then I read the article and realized it was the guy getting paid that wrote the unintelligible crap.
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        but you missed entire...

        As for the first two ignorant idiots that don't believe these vehicles are capable, well I think their idiotic comments speak for themselves...
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      The blog is about Emily Miller completing the race, not about the Hummer. So I'll give the lady some proper respect. Congratulations, Emily! Job well done. Good luck in your future competitions.

      I hope Indy and Nascar are in her future, and I bet she can show Danica Patrick a thing or two.
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      I read earlier today that two Gulf Arab companies have spoke to GM about HUMMER.

      It's coming boys. The sale is near.
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      Can this thing actually go off-road?