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You're going to be reading in the mainstream press about how horrible sales were in the U.S. during June, 2008. Yes, they were bad for many automakers, but consider that there were only 24 selling days last month versus 27 days in June, 2007. This makes comparing raw sales numbers misleading, since there were three fewer days to sell. Thus, as always, all the percentages below represent the change in Daily Sales Rate, i.e. the average number of vehicles sold per day, not the change in raw number of vehicles sold.

The big news is how hard Toyota fell last month, its DSR dropping 11.5% as a whole while the Toyota brand itself fell 10.3%. Cross-island rival Honda, however, bucked that trend by improving its DSR a whopping 13.8% and 17.9% for the Honda brand alone. Among the domestics, General Motors fared best with its DSR falling only 8.3%. If you look closely at the list below, while HUMMER, Saab and GMC were down in the big double digits, GM's volume brands held their own and most were down less than 5%. Ford, meanwhile, dropped its DSR by 19.1% (note this is the first month Jaguar and Land Rover sales were not included in Ford's numbers), and Chrysler, LLC, which performed the worst, saw its DSR plunge 28%. As you can see, however, many brands found a way to make it work in June, with Audi, MINI, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Subaru, Suzuki and Volkswagen all up in a big way.

Biggest Winner
MINI 40.5% at 5,211 (6/07: 4,174)

Biggest Loser
HUMMER –54.2% at 2,072 (6/07: 5,093)

Acura –16.4% at 12,456 (6/07: 16,766)
Audi 18.5% at 8,203 (6/07: 7,789)
BMW –6.6% at 20,944 (6/07: 25,220)
Buick –34.4% at 9,631 (6/07: 16,519)
Cadillac –3.1% at 14,337 (6/07: 16,647)
Chevrolet –3.5% at 159,998 (6/07: 186,474)
Chrysler –36% at 27,128 (6/07: 47,658)
Dodge –21.3% at 63,687 (6/07: 91,089)
Ford –19.8% at 145,715 (6/07: 204,303)
GMC –14.6% at 30,713 (6/07: 40,457)
Honda 17.9% at 130,083 (6/07: 124,169)
HUMMER –54.2% at 2,072 (6/07: 5,093)
Hyundai 14% at 50,033 (6/07: 49,368)
Infiniti –0.9% at 9,304 (6/07: 10,558)
Jeep –32.8% at 26,642 (6/07: 44,600)
Kia 21% at 28,292 (6/07: 26,288)
Lexus –21% at 20,253 (6/07: 28,869)
Lincoln –12.5% at 9,718 (6/07: 12,494)
Mazda 3.8% at 23,771 (6/07: 25,761)
Mercedes-Benz 12.4% at 19,576 (6/07: 19,589)
Mercury –16.3% at 11,657 (6/07: 15,660)
MINI 40.5% at 5,211 (6/07: 4,174)
Mitsubishi –35.2% at 7,494 (6/07: 13,014)
Nissan –8.3% at 66,543 (6/07: 81,655)
Pontiac –5.1% at 28,402 (6/07: 33,683)
Porsche –8.7% at 2,650 (6/07: 3,267)
Saab –51.7% at 1,872 (6/07: 4,361)
Saturn –1.9% at 18,912 (6/07: 21,686)
Subaru 18.4% at 18,007 (6/07: 17,108)
Suzuki 6.6% at 9,785 (6/07: 10,325)
Toyota –10.3% at 172,981 (6/07: 216,870)
Volkswagen 12.8% at 23,208 (6/07: 23,137)
Volvo –17.7% at 7,001 (6/07: 9,572)

Not Yet Reported
Land Rover

BMW Group 0.1% at 26,155 (6/07: 29,394)
Chrysler Group –28% at 117,457 (6/07: 183,347)
Ford Motor Co –19.1% at 167,090 (6/07: 232,457)
General Motors –8.3% at 265,937 (6/07: 326,300)
Honda America 13.8% at 142,539 (6/07: 140,935)
Nissan North America –7.5% at 75,847 (6/07: 92,213)
Toyota Motor Co. –11.5% at 193,234 (6/07: 245,739)

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 6 Years Ago
      can you say subaru? then say forester...the new forester is undoubtedly bringing people to the brand.
      • 6 Years Ago
      I'm amazed how hot Mini is right now, I just sold my 03 Mini S, which I hated, drove it for 10k miles and made $1k selling it to a dealer! And can someone run me through the math on how BMW netted growth?
        • 6 Years Ago
        Dealer service does indeed suck (that was true of my M5 as well). They rattle and build quality is marginal. But they handle brilliantly and are much easier to drive at the limit than a RWD car. The auto industry sold consumers on the advantages of front-wheel drive; now they are pushing rear wheel drive again. "Trade em in boys, this year you need 400hp and RWD".
        • 6 Years Ago
        Richard, care to post another revision of your comment?
        • 6 Years Ago
        The build quality wasn't all too hot windows were maladjusted from the factory and it rattled more than any newish car I have had in recent years, it didn't handle like I expected a small car to (I think it was the FWD), the shifter felt rubbery and unnatural, it needed taller gearing, only got 24mpg mostly freeway, and the worst part was the dealer service. I'll never buy another BMW/Mini product just because the dealer service was horrible. On the up side the car did hold it's value and it was very very pretty.
        • 6 Years Ago

        Look at its volume, its not hot. Just doing better than the previous year which wasn't good. Anything would have been better than the previous year. Plus they have the clubman now which is where sales are going
        • 6 Years Ago
        i know its off topic but why did you hate the Mini S?
        • 6 Years Ago

        You misunderstand what I said or I didn't put it across very well. I think the car handled in a way I disliked because it is FWD.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Anyone want to buy my '05 Lancer before Mitsu folds and the floor drops out of the resale value?
        • 6 Years Ago
        Interestingly enough, one of the largest holders of auto dealerships in souther California is closing their Mitsubishi dealership to open a Mazda dealer in its place. My friend works for the owner, he said that "Mitsubishi is probably going to withdraw from the US market in a big way." I don't think he meant entirely, but they just don't have the sales to facilitate their operation at all. Plus, the damn EVO X is like 40 grand. WTF???
      • 6 Years Ago
      anyone notice that for honda the two numbers were exactly the same even though it increased 17% or so? I'd kind of like to know what they actually sold last june
      • 6 Years Ago
      Do people even read???

      "but consider that there were only 24 selling days last month versus 27 days in June, 2008. This makes comparing raw sales numbers misleading, since there were three fewer days to sell. Thus, as always, all the percentages below represent the change in Daily Sales Rate, i.e. the average number of vehicles sold per day, not the change in raw number of vehicles sold."
      • 6 Years Ago
      w00t for Mazda for being the only brand under the Ford umbrella still turning green :D
        • 6 Years Ago
        Gooooo Mazda! *shakes pom poms in the air*
      • 6 Years Ago
      i have a friend that works for the company that makes the CAT's for Ford and he said that Ford only order 600 diesel cats for 2009. WTF?

      i wonder if they only expect to sell 600 powerstrokes or if it was one model say for the F450?

      unless sales are really that bad i cant see them only selling 600 powerstrokes in 2009

        • 6 Years Ago
        Did you ever consider the possibility that Ford sources cats from more than one supplier? Not just possible, probable.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Just curious if GM may have been hurt further by a remaining shortage of their new cars (like the Malibu) from the strikes last month? Also, what percentage of their sales came during the last three days of the month when they were giving them away with huge incentives? 0% for 6 years... no way they are making a penny on any of those sales.

      When I personally look at the big 2.5, I have to think that GM is actually in the best shape of all of them. Not that this is saying much. Chrysler keeps cancelling product lines and has nothing new on the horizon. If Cerberus has a strategy other than liquidating the company I don't see it.

      Ford appears to be betting the farm on turbo-charged engines in old models... in a coupe of years. Short of Mazda they don't have anything particularly interesting for sale in the U.S. if you want a fun and efficient car. More importantly, the company that brought mass production to the auto industry can't seem to figure out economies of scale so that they can sell their excellent Euro models over here.

      • 6 Years Ago
      It isn't just the drop in total number of sales that is hurting the big 2.5, it is the change in the product mix. They used to earn huge profits on each SUV and truck sold, but lose money on each subcompact. Sales of pickups and SUVs dropped 50% last month, compared with 1 year ago.
      • 6 Years Ago
      I think autoblog just kinda throw some numbers together.none of these numbers matches anybody elses,not even the own manufacturers.

        • 6 Years Ago
        We do not make the numbers up. All the sales figures are taken from the manufacturers themselves and we calculate by hand the percentage change in the Daily Sales Rate unless it's provided by the manufacturers. Other news outlets report the change in raw number of vehicles sold per months because the percentages are usually more sensational, especially in months like June where there were three less days to sell vehicles in 2007 versus 2008.
      • 6 Years Ago
      These are interesting times.

      Honda as a company is outselling Chrysler in the US making Chrysler now the #5 automaker in it's home market. The Kia brand is selling as well as Pontiac and better than the Chrysler brand and Suzuki is outselling Buick.

      For the most part mid premium brands and anything that isn't fuel efficient is not selling. Not suprising. The really rich will still buy but the posers can't afford to pretend to be rich when the economy tanks and everyone is feeling the pinch of gas prices.

      I found it interesting that the Aveo was down but the Cobalt was up. I guess people are realizing they can get about the same gas mileage but a way better car for about the same price (Cobalt instead of Aveo). I also found it interesting that the Focus was down (though Ford claims retail deliveries were up 9%).

      The Mini thing is a who cares. They still only sold 5000 of them which still makes it a niche vehicle.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Cobalt XFE gets better mileage than any Aveo, at least rated. This is actually the same with the Civic and Fit.
      • 6 Years Ago
      GM needs to dump Saab. There are many luxury car dealers opening up in this area, the Saab dealer recently shuttered its doors. At least GM otherwise has product to sell. Ford has nothing. They have not developed a new platform domestically in years.
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