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Times are tough in the US auto industry, and Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn doesn't see the situation improving any time soon. Ghosn and company are planning under the assumption that overall US sales won't break 15M units for the year, which is a substantial 2M units less than just three years ago. To complicate matters, the Japanese automaker expects steel prices to rise either later this year or early in 2009, which would put further strains on the entire industry.

While times are tough, Ghosn does see a silver lining for Nissan, as the Japanese automaker has a full lineup of fuel efficient cars that customers are buying. That should translate into increased market share, though since it's a larger piece of a smaller pie, it probably won't translate into more year over year volume. While that isn't reason enough to break out the Dom Pérignon, it's better than most automakers can say these days.

[Source: Forbes]

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      • 6 Years Ago
      How about Nissan make some decent everyday cars ... they having nothing "good" to compete with the Auris/Civic. In fact their only decent cars are the 350z, GT-R and maybe the Navara/SUV range.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Nissan really has some models that need to be redone soon. First on the list is the Sentra. That car was mediocre the minute it came out and it doesn't have the Toyota badge to sell it. The Versa is good but it really is too big and close to the Sentra. It really needed to be more subcompact that compact sized. The pickups have not had good sales even when fuel was lower. The Altima coupe is nice but not really a lower end sports car like the past 240SX. The new Maxima is going to have a tough life between the G35 and Altima SE/GXE.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Very funny, Autoblog. Putting Mr Bean in the picture instead of Nissan's CEO.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Mr. Bean is that you?
      • 6 Years Ago
      Nissan under Mr. Bean, er Ghosn made a mistake taking the Frontier upscale in size off of the Titan platform. The older one was a true compact with much better mileage.

      Now that the Titan is being canned in favor of a re-badged Dodge they should move the Frontier back down in size.

        • 6 Years Ago
        Are you kidding? Even with the larger more powerful VQ40 in the 2nd gen frontier it still does much better by way of fuel mileage. The VG33 in both SC'ed and non-SC'ed both drink more then the latest frontier.

        The frontier would sell quite well if they ever actually advertised it. When was the last time you saw an ad for it?
      • 6 Years Ago
      The American market is no longer the be all and end all of car manufacturers' profits. So what if the US market shrinks by 2M units this year? How many more cars will Nissan sell in Asia in 2009? Finally manufacturers are waking up to the fact that spending money trying to get a Ford man to buy a GM, or whatever, is a waste - they need to concentrate their time and resources on making sure that Mr. Singh and Mr. Chan's first cars are theirs!
      • 6 Years Ago
      Are you kidding? Even with the larger more powerful VQ40 in the 2nd gen frontier it still does much better by way of fuel mileage. The VG33 in both SC'ed and non-SC'ed both drink more then the latest frontier

      No I'm not kidding. I had a '98 Frontier King Cab SE with a 5spd 2.5L 4cyl that consistently got 27mpg highway if driven conservatively. That's a lot better than the current version's 2.5L 4cyl. The compact v-6 got better mileage than the new version as well.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Mr. Bean or not, he is till one of the best CEO's ever and helped take Nissan from debt to profit. Even Kirk Kerkorian wanted him to become CEO of GM because of how talented he is. Not to mention he probably has dibs on the first GTR Vspec.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Of all the automakers right now Nissan seems to have the best line up of current and upcoming cars...I really don't think the slowing market will hurt them NEAR as much as most of their rivals.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Mr. Bean!!
      • 6 Years Ago
      Cue the FX30 diesel.
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