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To go along with the news that Ford would be delaying, if not completely canceling, its new Boss V8 engine is a startling fact about its Power Stroke diesel sales. According to PickupTrucks.com, Ford's diesel F-Series truck sales are down fifteen percent, from a whopping seventy-five percent of all Super Duty sales to a slightly less impressive sixty percent. One reason for this change is surely the fact that diesel now costs a whole dollar higher than gasoline on average, so the fuel savings of choosing the oil-burner are now mitigated somewhat by the price at the pump. Still, a large chunk of owners who use their vehicles for towing will surely choose the diesel for its longevity and the ease with which it produces its power.

In related news, Mike Crowley, Ford's truck and SUV group marketing manager, says, "Historically, regular cabs have been about twelve percent of our business. Today, regular cab sales are twenty percent, while crew cabs have fallen from sixty-five percent to the mid-fifties. Extended cab sales remain about the same, around twenty-five percent." This trend may have something to do with the fact that those who need trucks for work are still buying them, but those who use a four-door pickup as an everyday vehicle are finding it harder to justify in the face of high fuel consumption.

[Source: PickupTrucks.com]

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      This can be partly attributed to Ford's complete disaster of a Diesel engine lately. They think they have it fixed now, but over the last 4 years they've sold a lot of really unreliable Diesel engines and I would expect that drove a lot of Diesel buyers to other marques.

      With the GM Duramax making a name for itself and Dodge having the always respectable Cummins, Ford is kind of the odd man out on Diesel right now.
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      Interesting post, I must admit it is really sad to see what has happened to Ford of all companies. They were at one point an American icon and now they are but a mere shell of what Henry Ford conceived. When you take into consideration that the F150 accounted for nearly 25% of their total sales (according to http://www.forddieseltrucks.net) the issue is further magnified. We are now in a desperate situation where Ford can't even move what they have on the sales lot and for that matter, good luck trying to trade in a F150 or any other truck/SUV these days. You are looking at 1/2 KBB :( Bad times ahead for Ford, bad times indeed......

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      why not the LS2LS7?- I don't quite see it that way. If that was the case, the decline would have happened 4 years ago, not now when its nearly impossible for the thirsty Powerstroke to pay for itself ($8000). I think this shift in SD sales mainly reflects less money being available to purchase these things.
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