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If you have a passion for Tata-owned British luxury vehicles and you're willing to move to central England, then Jaguar/Land Rover may have the opportunity of a lifetime for you. The newly Indian-owned British marques are looking to fill 600 positions to beef up their engineering staffs that work on emissions performance. Both experienced engineers and yungins fresh out of college are needed, as well as a few HR schmucks and some purchasing and finance bean counters. The reason for the new hires includes tough new European CO2 emissions targets coupled with the fact that former parent Ford Motor Company had been supplying much of the brain-power to meet those targets. Many earth-saving technologies have already been developed, like an engine stop/start system for Land Rover, but more bodies are needed if game-changing products like the LRX are to see the light of day. If you apply, remember that reading Autoblog daily is considered a total asset by HR people.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd, Photo by madebytess
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      "If you have a passion for Tata-owned British luxury vehicles and you're willing to move to central England..."

      Well, I do have a passion for Tata-owned British luxury vehicles...
      • 7 Years Ago
      Wish i could be a engineer now so i could apply. Still in training at the moment, not long hopefully!
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      How wrong are you! The midlands is one of the most affluent areas in the UK, particularly for automotive engineers. The reason Jaguar had to pay such high contract rates was because there was so much competition in the UK for the same engineers., the midlands in particular. What with BMW, Toyota, Rover, Peugeot, and countless automotive suppliers, engineering consultancies and motorsport companies recruiting, contractors could demand higher and higher rates. Not the case any more since Rover has since gone to the wall along with many suppliers and Peugeot have closed their factory. But Toyota, Jaguar, Land Rover and BMW along with many suppliers still remain. Prodrive (the engineers behind the Subaru WRX and rally cars) are based here. Tata have had their own research facilities at Warwick for years and some Chinese car makers also have development teams in the region no doubt snapping up engineers from Rover.
      Central Birmingham has been redeveloping itself for decades with flats in the most fashionable areas changing hands for close to half a million. Hardly the picture of Urban deprivation you describe. The Midlands contains some of the most beautiful towns and cities in the UK like Warwick and Leamington all within commuting distance. Get your facts straight.
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      If I didn't just get a new job that I really enjoy, I'd be all over this! Maybe they will still be looking in a few years, when I am looking for something new to do?

      I would do a 5 year stint in the UK, just for the opportunity to own/drive an R34 Skyline GT-R!
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      Do the employees get free curry for lunch?
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        Thank Heaven for...7-Eleven!

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      I'm confused, why are there so many comments about Jaguar & LR being owned by an Indian company, yet Austin Martin escapes from all the Kuwaiti jokes?
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      Wish I was graduating as an engineer right now... Paying off student loans in USD making salary in pounds would be beautiful
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        Yeah but the cost of living in the UK is much, much higher. I have plenty of clients who are working in the US but originally are from the UK and work for British companies. Every single one of them comments on how cheap it is to live here. They are getting paid in GBP of course so the exchange rate is very much in their favor.
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      I think the fundamental issue has always been "the willingness to move to central England."

      JLR has always struggled to hire the best engineers and designers because no-body wants to live in England's version of Detroit.

      Infact, before the sell off to Tata, JLR was offering contract positions for Engineers at almost double the rate that Ford was willing to pay. This is because Ford was located in the more popular South East of England, and JLR is based in and around Birmingham.

      For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of visiting Birmingham, England; it can only be described as a desolate concrete jungle with high unemployment, high rates of crime, and locals with an English accent/dialect that is incomprehensible to most other Brits (reffered to as the "brummie" accent).

      This area in England used to be the industrial heartland, but since the 1970's it has suffered from a monumental lack of investment. Hence, the majority of the British manufacturing industry has since died off, or is in its final death throws.

      In a recent survey of British job agencies, it was determined that people originating from this part of England were the least likely to suceed at a job interview simply on account of their accent. Who says England still suffers from it's outdated class system?
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