• Jun 13th 2008 at 4:58PM
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A few months back, Tesla Motors sued Fisker Automotive for allegedly stealing information related to the production of its upcoming plug-in electric sedan named Whitestar and using it to develop its series-hybird, the Karma. Yesterday, a judge ruled in favor of Fisker Automotive by allowing the case to go into arbitration outside the courtroom, which was apparently part of the original agreement between Tesla and Henrik Fisker in the first place. It appears that Tesla went outside that original agreement by bringing forth its lawsuit in the first place, though Tesla may have considered that contract void as the original lawsuit alleged that it was signed merely to gain access to confidential information.

Although the arbitration is to be handled outside of court, the judge has scheduled a management conference this August, perhaps to be sure that negotiations are moving along. This is good news for Fisker, which is currently working to get its Karma PHEV sedan to market by the fourth-quarter of 2009.

[Source: CNET]

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      Everytime I see this picture of this car it reminds me of the guy on the Pringle's Potato Chips can.
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        Damn you, that's even worse than seeing the Joker all the time... now instead i'm picturing some weird hybrid, fitting i guess.
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        And now it will for me too.
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      The grille does make this car look like the Joker's car!
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      This horrid critter is like good advertising. You do remember it. Too bad it's in a negative way, unforgettable, like herpes.
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