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Audi's plans for expansion have been covered endlessly on these pages, and with a goal of selling 1.5 million vehicles globally each year by 2015, Audi understands that success in the U.S. is a key to its goals. Audi is aiming to sell 200,000 units annually to Stateside consumers and the automaker hopes that a portion of those sales will come from a small CUV that slots in below the Q5. Johan de Nysschen, executive veep at Audi of America, is calling the unnamed softroader a "lifestyle" product, which is expected to go on sale early next year. However, a deal with Nissan that only allows Audi to use the "Q" designation on its larger vehicles (the Q5 and Q7) means that it won't be called the Q3... supposedly.

The Autoweek article goes on to say that Audi is considering adding another supercar into its lineup, but de Nysschen didn't offer up any details. Could it be another R8 powered by either a V10 or a V12 TDI? Time will tell, but a halo vehicle to take on the forthcoming Mercedes uber-coupe or BMW M1 revival isn't out of the question.

The A1, however, won't be coming to the U.S. in its first lifecycle. And the future of Audi diesels remains an open question, with the oil-burning Q7 due to hit the market next year and an A4 diesel supposedly in the works.

[Source: Autoweek]

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      Audi can go f*ck themselves. This country neither needs nor wants a small CUV. Nor can we afford a high end sports car. Gas is over $4/gallon in a country with a crappy economy and no reliable mass transit system. Does Audi bring over a small yet attractive fuel efficient car? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
      Refer to my first sentence.
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        I think you are right, but it's often silly being a car enthusiast myself to see myself and others talk about brand moat, when none of the car manufacturers (except for a handful) have a brand moat. Audi, MB, and BMW do not have brand moats, and they typically have earnings of about 5%. Sure you can pull out worse companies that get 1% or negative, but that doesn't counter the argument;

        By some investment valuation books, a company whose earnings is around 5% is selling a commodity, i.e., has no brand moat.

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      Not bringing the A1 makes some sense due the current exchange rate. I would guess that the cost would be similar in price to the A3 if they shipped it here now. As to the Q3 that would be stupid, MB (GLK) & BMW (X1) are making models for this segment which may not payoff. The R8 super car (V10 and/or V12tDi) was already planned.
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      Well. Here's hoping that Audi revives plans for the R4, a mini R8 with a twin turbo V6 motor. Some might not consider that a supercar, but Nissan GTR is a V6, and that's consider one.

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      No A1! Oh wait, that's what Ford said about their Fiesta 3-door. And look!

      The Q3 moniker not being used is ridiculous. The rest of the luxury brands use similar names (X5/3/6/1?) If they start another prefix, the company is officially worthless.

      A V10 R8 is, well at least, I thought, is in the works.