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Poor Maxwell Smart. In the original series, Agent 86 started off pretty cool with a Sunbeam Tiger before the relative demotion to a Karmann Ghia convertible. This summer's retread of the Don Adams vehicle has Steve Carell fighting KAOS with an appropriately crime-fighterly Vespa LX150. With fuel prices pushing or past $4/gallon in a lot of places, things are tight at CONTROL, and the Vespa gets better mileage than pretty much any car. If you want to see what it's like to roll like Maxwell Smart, pay a visit to a Vespa dealer, they're offering free Subway gift cards in exchange for a test drive or product demonstration (hear that, Neff? Free lunch!). A Vespa did feature in the original series, so giving a role to the scooter in the new version isn't without precedent, though an Eos might have been more historically correct.
[Source: Inside Line]

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      • 7 Years Ago
      What? Did no one think to use the Smart car?
      It makes so much sense- Maxwell SMART,
      SMART car. I assume this is a marketing deal
      with Vespa (Piaggio).
      • 7 Years Ago
      Smart's ride in the last season was an Opel GT.
      This model is back on the market in europe as a Saturn Sky/Pontiac Solstice clone.
      It would do as a budget spy car, though a Smart for 2 would have been funnier if it hadn't already been used by Steve martin in the new Pink Panther movie...

      Eos? Pu-lease.