• May 21st 2008 at 5:28PM
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In the run-up to the Exiga's launch, Subaru has released a teaser site along with a darkened photo of its new seven-passenger wagon. But it was just a matter of time before we got a non-Subie-approved glimpse of the automaker's new people mover. According to the crew at NASIOC, the version you see above is sporting an optional aero package with some additional front skirting, side sills and window treatments. The massive glass roof is likely to be one of the features that Subaru will hype when the Exiga launches in Japan next month, but don't expect to see the new super-wagon in the U.S. anytime soon.

[Source: NASIOC via Straightline]

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      • 7 Years Ago
      Not sure how mine ended up above the post I was replying to. Oh well.

      IMO, Subaru is attempting to move upscale with some of their models, the Legacy/Outback in particular has trims more on a par with Audi or BMW. The Exiga looks to fit that bill.

      They are already working on a RWD differential setup for the AE86/Celica/Supra or whatever they are planning to call it.

      If all Suby's went the BMW route with RWD and optional AWD, I'd be all for it, so long as they all handled better than FWD.

      • 7 Years Ago
      From that angle it kinda looks like a Matrix . . .
      • 7 Years Ago
      wow..I already likes the looks of it :)
        • 7 Years Ago
        Nice looking, looks a lot like the old Forester imho. Could have been its successor, was probably the design considered for it but the other one won out for whatever reason.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Looks like a Photoshop job.

      Some strange things going on with the edges all over the place. I have my doubts...
      • 7 Years Ago
      The EDGE's on rental lots don't mean they're ALL fleets, some company's buy them and THEN rent them out.

      With that said - Subaru... what's the deal? Not a lot of people want AWD shoved down their throats, even with all the "safety" it brings, make it a option, because it loweres fuel consumption terribly, all Subaru's drink gas.
        • 7 Years Ago

        If you don't want AWD, Subaru is not shoving it down your throat enough to keep you from buying something else.

        Buy a Mazda 3 (I think they are nicer, anyway, aside from the FWD drivetrain, because I prefer AWD, even in the dry.)

        Every company on the market, aside from subaru seems to have a vehicle like that, in FWD. Subaru is the only one that is AWD.

        If subaru ditches AWD, they shoot themselves in the head. AWD on all of their cars are one of the few differentiations that Subaru has over most other mainstream offerings.

        Other cars are going more AWD, but not in Impreza's class, and barely any in Legacy's class.

        And most suvs, cuvs, and tall wagons have 2wd, or inferior AWD systems to Subaru, and some of Audi's offerings. Most are clutch and/or brake-managed after slip occurs, rather than mechanical, and full-time symmetrical.

        Subaru is a niche manufacturer with 1% marketshare. They are hardly the only option on the market, and almost everything else is 2WD, in most of Subaru's car segments.
          • 7 Years Ago
          The hell they aren't, if you want a Subaru you have to take AWD, how is that not force feeding it?

          Anyway, Audi ditched the Haldex AWD for their better AWD, and the AWD on Ford products is totally variable depending on conditions, not slip reacting systems like on the CR-V. XWD is better, X-Drive is better, Infiniti's AWD is better, need I go on? Subaru makes their AWD standard, wow, let me go buy two just because they took the option away.

          They could increase that market share if they we're to open their eyes and see that they're not gaining in a substantial amount new buyers, the only real Niche subbie is the STI and maybe the WRX, otherwise what else does a Subaru have besides AWD? Nothing... the Boxer engine maybe but that's hardly a selling point.
        • 7 Years Ago
        i HATE how FWD cars feel while cornering. The experienced hand notices.

        Plus they don't guzzle that much, just because they don't make and 110hp 1.3L I-4s.

        The smallest engine they have in the US is 2.5L. And they have more power than, say a VW 2.5L. They trade a little MPG for HP. So what? The AWD or lack of would not make much of a difference.

        I'll deep throat the AWD 6 days a week, and RWD on Sundays.

        • 7 Years Ago
        And I say this to you;

        EPA ratings are bogus. For anyone I know with a Suby, they get the EPA highway mileage in the city, and highway mileage near 30mpg.

        I live in one of the worst trafficked areas in the country, and that goes for my turbo'd version as well. 25+ mpg is the norm. No Camry or Accord V6 can out-handle, out-run, or out-distance me.

        And I laugh when someone says they don't 'need' AWD. A lot of people don't seem to 'need' ABS either. But its worth it to me and many other drivers to have both.

        Don't water down your brand, Subaru. Stick with what you do well.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Fuel economy is far more related to than it is to drivetrain type.

      It used to be true about auto vs. manual. Now they've improved automatics to get equal or better MPG in the city.

      Same thing goes for AWD. The most advanced systems are reporting the same drivetrain lost as a typical FWD.

      Like I said before, the 2.5 boxer is bigger than most 4-bangers. They should be compared to 2.5L V-6s.

      In turbo guise, they are roughly equal to FWD cars with similar power.

      If you really want Suby to get 30mpg, tell them to develop 1.5L boxer with 150hp or less.

      My friend's Legacy N/A gets 26-27 mpg on average in the heart of suburban DC. And he drives like an ass.

      I'll bet there's lots of Mazda6 owners that get the exact same (or worse mileage) in the city, yet menatlly they tell themselves it is phenominal because it is FWD.

      Its in your heads.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I don't think you're going to get the job for Subaru's marketing manager anytime soon.

      They are decades away from ever competing with the likes of Toyota, Honda, or even Nissan.

      I believe that all this luxury talk is to compete with the smaller luxury spinoffs, like Acura, Lexus and Infinity.

      Smaller luxury brands don't focus quite so much on gas mileage, but they all offer AWD.

      If you don't like it, don't buy it. They have absolutely no need to undermine their fanbase yet.

      "Yeah, all Subaru's used be good... now they come with the option of being good." Is basically how we'll treat it.

      FYI, ABS is OPTIONAL on Toyotas like the Yaris and Corolla. So obviously they think not everyone 'needs' it. Its a perfectly legitimate comparison.

      AWD is a safety addition, as is ABS. If I had to rank how much safer a vehicle was with either one, I'd say they'd rate about the same.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Subaru is more about quality than quantity. Because they don't make cheap, crappy Toyota's and Kia's with optional ABS. If they did, I would lose much respect for them.

        And AWD is a safety addition. Acceleration is the smallest of its benefits. HANDLING, CORNERING, and ACCIDENT AVOIDANCE are its strongest points, in the wet or dry.

        You can be a hater, but don't pretend to be nowledgeable.

        "Subaru appears to be positioning the Exiga as a luxury alternative to the traditional wagon or crossover, with a well-appointed interior and a panoramic roof."

        • 7 Years Ago
        NO it's not, it's optional so the base price can be lower, not having AWD won't lock up your wheels during hard acceleration.

        Subaru isn't luxury, they're bland mobiles with AWD.
        They're decades away because people don't want what they're offering.
      • 7 Years Ago
      @A7C4... The reply junk isn't working well.

      It sounds like you REALLY need to consider something else.

      If you don't want AWD, and you don't think the boxer engine is a selling point, and are merely quoting magazine fuel numbers... Buy something else.

      Buy a Mazdaspeed3. Buy an Audi A3 non-Quattro. Buy a Toyota Matrix or Pontiac Vibe. Buy a Caliber, or a last-year 5-door Focus, or whatever.

      I could generate lists for almost every other model Subaru has, and many other options without AWD.

      Why would you want a Subaru if you DON'T want AWD or boxer engines???? What else does Subaru offer that is so attractive? That may sound odd coming from a Subaru driver. But without those two things, and a manual transmission, I might as well be driving a Camry or a Mercury Milan, or something, which would have been a hell of a lot easier to find than my Legacy GT.

      You probably think that Apple is forcing Mac OS X too much, by not selling their computers with Vista installed, or not offering the iPhone with Windows Mobile. (*caveat, I do disagree with them forcing the iPhone with AT&T only. I do draw the line with corporate collusion.)

      Not every product is supposed to be for every person. The new WRX is a product of mainstreaming the impreza lineup, and it got uglier and softer-handling for it. Mainstream is not where Subaru belongs. Toyota, Honda, and others will clobber them in the mainstream part of the market, and not even lose a wink of sleep over it.

      BTW, Audi's transverse cars, like A3 and TT, are still newer versions of haldex, as are Ford, Volvo, Saab (even X-drive, yes.) They may not be completely disconnected, and have some static torque transfer, they are still primarily FWD biased. ATTESSA (Nissan/Infiniti) is primarily Rear-biased and front-assist, which is better for performance, but still is reactive, rather than constant.

      Subaru has been All-AWD for nearly 10 years now. it is established, and they sell more cars now than they did then, with the FWD option.

      And if you are merely complaining about fuel economy, first of all, go buy a prius, or something, it's FWD, and gets much better mileage.

      Second, find me a car that:
      gets ~300 turbocharged horsepower
      has a manual transmission,
      well under 6 seconds to 60mph,
      gets 26mpg highway, and about 19-21 in the city
      --(good luck finding a turbo car that gets any kind of better mileage in stop-and-go traffic),
      and doesn't torque-steer so bad that it will rip your arms off and beat you to death with them.
      doesn't have the inherent understeer in most FWD chassis setups.
      Does all that the same thing in the rain, ice, and snow. (albeit under a light touch on the throttle)

      Yes, My subaru does ALL of that, and is a whole lot of fun. BECAUSE it is AWD with a boxer engine.

      If you want better economy, buy a FWD economy car. There are PLENTY of them out there. You don't have to buy a Subaru, you wouldn't understand one, and might not even like it.

      Let those of us who 'get it', get them, without being diluted for people who really want something else anyway.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Subaru would make a killing if they brought the seven-seater over. No other manufacturer offers a true seven-seat wagon in the US except for Volvo, which is in another price stratum entirely. Everyone else has moved on to crossovers, but some of us still like the idea of a lower-slung wagon with room for two extra kids in a pinch.

      I would buy this in a heartbeat.
        • 7 Years Ago
        +1, never understood the appeal of the truck-like proportions/ride height of crossovers. This is a sporty people mover.
        • 7 Years Ago
        I think it is hard to do. Americans are BIG relative to most of the rest of the world - esp. Asia - so the cries of "Well, if you could only get into the seats," would be plentiful and loud.

        Then, 3 rows of seats in a wagon don't leave a lot of crush room for the kiddies in the back now, do they. The Volvo rear-facing third seat just looked like a disaster on I-95 in waiting - though our 145 had it when I was a kid.

        Additionally, this thing is tallish looking. Hard to sell the old low centre of gravity benefits of the H-4 or H-6, when you've jacked up the whole thing a la' Ford 500.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Im sorry, but that is hideous. It looks like CUV given the Too Fast Too Furious Tokyo Drift treatment. I don't know what market they are going for with this, but I don't see anyone over the age of 30 getting this. And as for me, I'm well under that and thats too many body panel angles for me... by far. That is just bad.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Haha, well being a 20 year old college student, in CA, I think that I am probably closer to the target demographic than yourself. I just like to see a car put together with some thought towards taste. If that makes me conservative, then so be it. I just cant shake that "Wish I was still a teeny bopper driving my 98 Civic DX, with body kit and shrieking muffler" feeling when I see this car. I think that the Ford Edge is a good example of a design that is both classy, and targeting a younger demographic.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Got to agree with you Cole, maybe the others are looking at some other special pictures but not that one. That front air damn lower is overworked and the lights in way to small for the area they are in.

        A pillar reminds me of a bus.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Yea, because the Edge is really a fleet vehicle, I would bet that design will appeal to more people than this would. Look at the front clip, perhaps its just the Aero package that it has on, but it look very much out of place. The air scoop, yea, thats fine, but combined with that front end, its just too much for my taste. You can call me conservative if you want, thats fine.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Oh, and to call me boring? That is just childish, especially when you consider that we are talking about a 7 person wagon, a PEOPLE HAULER, this is some super exciting sports car, or even a sedan for that matter. Its a family vehicle, as you said. Ill keep my SV650, and you can keep calling me boaring.
        • 7 Years Ago
        "Haha, well being a 20 year old college student, in CA, I think that I am probably closer to the target demographic than yourself" --- Subaru is marketing a seven seat minivan to children??? News to me. I think you're a target passenger, not customer.

        By your argument, only kids should be driving Minis since most of the bits on the Cooper out-rice this by a mile. Can you say: non-functional hood scoop, cute little flag stickers, etc.?

        And I don't see how you get an old, riced-out McHonda from this Subaru design. Aren't really any extraneous add on bits, the scoop looks tasteful. I'm pretty sure there's plenty of people my age (38) driving cars with sporty scoops, spoilers, etc. From the angle offered above, I'm struggling to see where you're getting "Fast and Furious". One single example would be enlightening...

        And I'm sorry, there is no way any person shopping for a Subaru is going to even consider a Ford.

        Neat auto or fleet auto. Take your pic...
      • 7 Years Ago
      I just don't like the name "Exiga" or Lotus Exige?

      • 7 Years Ago
      ^^ Typo. Should read:

      "Economy is more related to power (hp) than it is to drivetrain type"

      If you want good mpg, buy a WEAK car.
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