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If you love racing games, have a PS3 or PC, and have no problem parting with a hefty $349, Fanatec's wireless steering wheel is right up your alley. Sure you can get a gaming steering wheel for a lot less money, but it won't come fully equipped with a 6+1 shifter, three working pedals, and an official seal of approval from Porsche. Fanatec spent seven years coming up with a setup that was worthy of the Porsche name, and the end result is pretty damn sweet. The steering wheel is adorned with real leather, it has three feedback motors, a key-shaped 1GB memory stick for storing settings, and both the wheel and pedals are completely free of wires.

There is no question that $349 is probably too much to spend on a gaming wheel, considering a PS3 only costs $399. But if you spend as much time in the virtual world of video games as you do out in the real world, this may be as close as you'll ever get to driving a Porsche, and it costs a lot less than the real thing.Thanks for the tip, Rick!

[Source: Engadget]

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      • 7 Years Ago
      Do yourself a favor, get a G25 instead. This thing has plastic pedals.

      And there is no way they spend 7 years on it, it's a knockoff of the G25 (with more buttons, which is nice) and the G25 hasn't been out that long.

      Note this wheel also comes with a bump (fore/aft) type shifter and set of shifting paddles too. The G25's are nicer through and don't require you remove the shifter and replace it with another to switch.

      The wheel is in no way completely free of wires, it has a power cable to the wall and also has a wire from the wheel to the shifter. The pedals are wireless though.
      • 7 Years Ago
      There's also the Thrustmaster Rallye GT FF Pro. It doesn't look as sofisticated as the g25, but you can set up to 4 pedals (analog handbrake, anyone?) and side looking pads that no one else remembered of.
      The shifter of the g25 is just too loose for realism, you almost could shift it just by blowing air onto it.
      If only ActLabs were more affordable and up to date...
      • 7 Years Ago
      I have convinced my wife that I will be spending some of our yet-to-be received stimulus check on a PS3. I wonder what my chances are of adding this Porsche racing wheel to the deal?
      Maybe I could make up a story about how it is part of the package - why else the exhorbitant $400.00 price for a PS3? Yeah, sounds like a plan with the potential for causing domestic unrest.
      • 7 Years Ago
      These gaming wheels are really cool and all, but looking at the prices, I think I'll stick with the regular controller...and buy a new shifter for my car, instead. And have money left over!
      • 7 Years Ago
      The extra pads are below the shifting pads.

      I've never actually tested it and wasn't comparing it to the g25, nor bashing this one, either (I would/will buy one if I don't find a better afordable choice), but it's something that is always overlooked in reviews and that doesn't seem to match the sturdy feeling of the rest of the package (should be easily solved, tough, if nothing else, by the user: stiffer springs or whatever should do).

      What is sad is that there's no wheel that offers you the full set of basic controls you're supposed to find in a car (sequential/gated stick, pads, 3 pedals, handbrake) plus something as useful in a game as a pov control (oh, yes: and ergonomically positioned buttons - something every wheel fails miserably, in my view). Maybe a "g26" will.

      As for gated shifters, you might want to check ActLabs site: http://www.act-labs.com/products/race1.htm ;)

      Probably a better quality choice overall, would be a set of pedals and shifter from ActLabs plus a good quality wheel from someone else, since ActLabs never updated their own, although that would cost...
        • 7 Years Ago
        I've used the Act Labs stuff at E3. It's great. But it's also ridiculously expensive and is less fully featured than any of the wheels we are talking about here.

        The extra pads you talk about might be useful on the Thrustmaster RGT, on the G25 and Fanatec Porsche they wouldn't be as useful, because with the (silly) 900 degree rotation they both have, the paddles aren't always accessible when the wheel is highly wound up.

        I do hope Logitech is working on a G26 right now. Add more buttons, a brake bias dial and rework the pedals slightly so they are less likely to move when you use the clutch or heel and toe. I can't believe I'm complaining, because they're the most solid pedals I've used, but there's always room for improvement. Although with the G25, there are M6 screw holes on the bottom you can screw the pedals down with. And they're connected directly to the stiff metal U-channel the pedals themselves are attached to and push against for resistance. With those mounts, you can even remove the case/base on the pedals if you'd like and mount them bare like on a real race car.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Perfect for the 30-year old living in his parent's basement who has everything.
        • 7 Years Ago
        You forgot stoner, 30 year old stoner who lives in his parents basement.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Logitech G25 > this.

      Honestly, the G25 is made with much higher quality components. All this has over the G25 is the fact that it is wireless.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I paid $220 out the door with standard shipping (showed up the next day) for my G25. Even though I am sure the Porsche wheel will be under list at the mail order places, I'd have to figure it's at least $325 at the reduced prices.

      The features just don't seem to add up the the extra price. The cordless feature doesn't matter as long as it needs a cord for power. My cords lay on the cheap rolling desk I permanently mounted mine to (rolls nicely out of my living room into my office when not in use) and only move to plug the unit in the wall and the PS3. I did have to buy a USB extender but at $7.50 it was no sweat.

      The G25 pedals look nicer, the shifters seem on par (though I don't like the Porsche's rail system at all) and the wheels look like they each have different positive attributes. I will say I wish the G25 was a tad larger, but other than the wheel diameter and the fact that it is leather instead of suede, it feels almost exactly like the Momo Monte Carlo that I installed in my race car.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Not a pretty steering wheel in my opinion, but it would be a fun toy.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Forgot to mention that the pads work like usual pads, only are analog (proportional), so are perfect for such things as drifting, where you turn the head slowly to accompany the drift, but for a quick glimpse (eye only movement), a couple of extra well positioned buttons would be better (faster).
      Guess you can't have it all, not with current industry mindset, anyway (carrot/stick strategy).
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