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There's a new blog in cyberspace, and it's hosted by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Mary E. Peters. According to Secretary Peters, she's pushing twenty-first century proposals, so she decided that she'd better communicate in a twenty-first century way. The all-new site is called Fast Lane, and at first glance, it is an interesting approach (for a government job, that is).

As the site is in its infancy, a tour only takes about five minutes. There are a dozen or so links to other DOT agencies, a who's-who list of notable contributors, and an e-mail link directly to the Secretary's inbox (yeah, right). It appears that much of their content will be from "guest" bloggers (aka other politicians). Today's guest was the the Mayor of Chicago announcing a new Bus Rapid Transit system.

While we don't see the new site competing with our own (we looked everywhere, and didn't find any reference to the Nissan GT-R or Dodge Challenger SRT8), the innovation of the site appears to be the speed at which information will make it to the public, and the interaction (via comments) that the public is welcome to partake. Don't expect to use the site to vent your frustrations towards the agency - as a dot.gov site, you can expect that all submitted comments on Fast Lane will be moderator approved.

[Source: Detroit News]

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      Just sent them this, let's see if they allow it to be posted.
      If you agree, please do likewise.
      If you disagree, let's try to have a constructive debate where we reach a consensus.

      "I'm very concerned about light-synchronization.
      I hope you have plans to address this extremely pressing issue.
      It is the single biggest drain on this nations resources.
      To explain, when heading down a main thoroughfare the lights are purposely timed to cause "stop and go" traffic.
      This wastes oil, lives, time, brakes, tires, GDP, etc...
      Every morning while heading to work it's the same thing.
      I'm sitting at a red light. The light turns green. All of the SUVs accelerate aggressively to get up to speed, and just as the school of cars begins to cruise and settle into a pace - a green light suddenly turns to red causing everyone to hastily apply their brakes.
      Some people try to go through the light at great speed because they want to break free of this timing cycle. Otherwise, they will spend the next several minutes waiting at a red light. Idling, wasting fuel, time, etc...
      They either end up with a staggering ticket in the mail from a private company shorting yellow lights on purpose to increase revenues, or they change their mind suddenly- sliding to a stop in the intersection, and the poor fool who thought they were going to go through the light ends up rear-ending them.

      No comment about what happens in tragic accidents. Hope none of you have ever had to rush to the hospital because a loved one has been rear-ended.
      Fix the lights. "

      Thanks for taking the time to read and think.
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      I am requesting information on how to become a contributor to the Dulles Rail Project. Please reply and advise asap. Thanks and Gos bless.
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      Gee, "Fast Lane" titled car blog, why does that sound familiar? Oh yeah, because GM started theirs years ago!


      Lutz is gonna be maaaaaad...