Click above for high-res gallery of the BMW X6 in the wet

During our recent trip to South Carolina to drive the new BMW X6, our test loop included a stop over at Michelin's U.S. proving ground in Laurens. Two tracks were available for us on which to thrash the X6, one lined with sprinklers to wet the pavement and the other dry. Lou Ann Hammond of shared an X6 for the test drive and she brought along a video camera. Lou Ann has now posted several video interviews on her site with BMW engineers talking about some of the technology in the X6. She also braved the passenger seat with her camera as I explored the limits of wet adhesion in the X6 and that video is online, as well. The X6 is heavy and even the most sophisticated slip control systems can't overcome the basic laws of physics. After 17 years working as an engineer on slip control systems, the most important lesson you learn is that Newton was right. Nonetheless, the X6 never embarrased itself on the track.

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