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We don't normally cover every little change an automaker makes to its lineup as the model year clicks over, but General Motors has some significant features it's adding for 2009 that shouldn't fall through the cracks. For one, Bluetooth will finally become available on nearly all of GM's cars and trucks. For the longest time, only the Cadillac STS was available with Bluetooth phone integration, which ends with MY2009. Second, the six-speed automatic transmission that before was not widely available in the General's half-ton trucks and SUVs has spread like wildfire across the GMT900 lineup and will now be standard or optional in such vehicles as the Avalanche, Silverado and Sierra 1500, Suburban, Yukon and Yukon XL. Curiously, though, it's still not available on the Tahoe.

Other items of note include a new 6-speed automatic for the Pontiac G6 to replace its underwhelming 4-speed, the replacement of GM's 3.6L V6 in the GMC Acadia and Saturn Outlook with the direct-inject version that will bump power up to 290 hp, and finally a new four-cylinder base model for the uplevel Malibu LTZ that features the the 2.4L four-cylinder ECOTEC engine paired with a six-speed automatic. Thanks for the tip, Cameron!

[Source: GM]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      LETS TRY TO READ WHAT IS ACTUALLY WRITTEN -- 2010 generation or not.
      The people who were burned by poor GM cars are probably not even here.
      The old guys' point is that GM once had MOST of the cool cars available, and now has returned from being not competitive to having several competitive models -- good, but only a step, and after its errrors flushed the State of Michigan.
      We expect more -- and we hate to see GM, Ford, and Chrysler reduced to being defended by teeney-boppers.

      And the Cobalt is not gonna keep the Chinese from getting in -- save your enthusiasm for grade A cars, not grade C+, formerly D, cars, kid.
      • 7 Years Ago
      What i dont understand is ,why are all the GM fanboys acting all surprise at the fact that GM f@#ked a lot of people in the past and present,and the only reason for their effort is because they almost died,am i the only one who will not run out and buy a GM product ,just because they are in a ditch and are trying to survive?all this talk about GM making great products,really?got some history to back that up?
        • 7 Years Ago
        Because many of us weren't screwed by are old GM products, they worked well and provided great service that is why.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Who really buys a product because they feel sorry for the company producing it? Sure, some people's brand loyalty led them to buy junk without first driving the competition. They got screwed. No one on this whole board has denied that. Chevy even has an ad campaign dissing older Malibus. All anyone has said is that GM is NOW offering very compelling products. No one has said that they expect everyone who got pissed at GM to go straight back to them like an ex girlfriend with self-esteem issues. The truth is that GM now has the quality and excitement to start earning back its old reputation. That's good for every consumer, even import-only buyers, since it means that every other automaker now has to try even harder to earn your buck.
      • 7 Years Ago
      All we know is GM is on a roll and its going to bite toyota in the ass! Go GM!!! I saw a red Malibu LTZ the other day like about 150 feet away, damn the Malibu has presence! This red one just stuck right out, couldnt say that 2 years ago, GM's got its character and charisma back!
        • 7 Years Ago
        Johnny ---
        Your enthusiam is great!
        "One swallow does not make a summer"
        and the excellence of the current Malibu doesnt help the folks who are sorry they bought some of the past cars.
        Especially when they feel they expressed loyalty that was not rewarded.

        Big boys take their licks when they have messed up --- little kids say "I am fine now, forget what I did yesterday."

        Let it all heal -- it will take a decade, assuming we still have US manufacturing left in 10 years.
          • 7 Years Ago
          the car was in a parking lot at a shopping mall, i was at an adjacent arbys clean across the road that joined the two parking lots, it was a dark maroon, but it was so clean and curvaceous, i loved it! hey dont drop your hopes! Also try finding a camry that will stick out like that!
      • 7 Years Ago
      GM makes cars for men!...WOW! did'nt take long for a redneck to come out of the woods,so when are we going to hear ,the japs are attacking !and we need to take back our country,i bet your trailer park is just littered with GM products,
        • 7 Years Ago
        yes because all the people buying the CTS and Enclave and Acadia live in trailer parks and collect welfare. ironically, I find that people who blindly diss American cars are generally less intelligent on the whole. Then again that shouldnt be shocking because bias and ignorance go hand in hand.

        What I love about the Bluetooth expansion is that it takes away one more excuse from import fanatics who swear they cant get any technology from american brands. GM is giving you bluetooth in more vehicles than anyone else AND you dont have to buy navigation or a premium technology package to get the feature. Honda touts BT in most of its ads for the Accord but fails to mention its only available with nav in the EX-L model. Now all of the "low tech" Big 3 offer BT on most of their vehicles and Ford takes it a step further with Sync.
      • 7 Years Ago
      In addition to stopping the gratuitous bashing of GM, let's also stop pretending that they're suddenly among the best and brightest, or even more laughably, that they've had their act together since the 90s.

      Face it, GM has exactly four products that can justifiably be called above-average: Silverado, CTS, Malibu, and (maybe) Acadia. The first of which debuted in 2007.

      Meanwhile, the other 80% of their wares are still in a muck of mediocrity, i.e. Cobalt, G6, Impala, every Buick, Equinox, TrailBlazer, Colorado, H3, Solstice.

      With standards like these, it's no wonder the brand's fans get ecstatic at the 5-years-late arrival of a 6-speed automatic transmission.
      • 7 Years Ago
      btw you two a^sholes above me, GO EAT YOUR SH*T CUZ WE DNT WANNA F*CKING HEAR IT!!! YOu just cannot tolerate the fact that GM is back!
      • 7 Years Ago
      "The people who were burned by poor GM cars are probably not even here.
      The old guys' point is that GM once had MOST of the cool cars available, and now has returned from being not competitive to having several competitive models -- good, but only a step, and after its errrors flushed the State of Michigan.
      We expect more -- and we hate to see GM, Ford, and Chrysler reduced to being defended by teeney-boppers."

      I dont consider large V8 powered cars with poor quality and sloppy handling to be "cool". Again, this is a function of my age. I do not worship muscle cars or other vehicles from that Era. GM is making the best vehicles in its history right now. Forget about the 60s man, they are never coming back.

      teeny bopper? I am nearly 30 years old sir. Several competitive models? Malibu, Aura, CTS, 3 lamdba models, Sierra/Silverado, GMT900s, STS, C6, Cobalt SS, G8, Astra, etc. I think that is more than "several". In fact, I would say that most of GM's current lineup is competitive. Once you through out the oldest models like Trailblazer and Colorado you don't find much there that is lacking.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Did'nt we hear the same crap last year?and the year before that,talk about an old broken record.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Yeah, before you just heard speculation from auto mags about the stuff. (Just for kicks go back and look at some old Motor Trend issues and see what % of their "news" they get right...hint, it'll be 50 at most). This stuff is on GM's ordering guide, so if dealers are allowed to check option boxes that aren't really available, mass pandimonium will ensue.
      • 7 Years Ago
      The Saturn Aura and the Malibu will have a 4 cly with the six speed auto standard. There will be a base 4 cly and an upscale 4 cly and as I understand it they will both have the 6 speed auto.

      • 7 Years Ago
      Dude have someone proofread before you post lol

      "For one, Bluetooth will finally become on nearly all of GM's cars and trucks. "

      its like you combined come and become available
        • 7 Years Ago
        I can always tell when it's one of John Neff's posts when it's poorly written and filled with grammatical/spelling errors. He must be one of the higher ups or something. If he was posting like that on my blog, I'd have fired him long ago.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Typical example of Autoblog proofreading. Or lack thereof.

        We'll respect Autoblog a lot more as an authoritative resource if you take a little more care in preparing the articles.
      • 7 Years Ago
      You know, it's kind of funny... It's the same old cycle - I'll actively comment on AB for a while but then eventually get peeved to the point where I just can't take the blatant ignorance anymore. Each time, many of the names might be different - but it's the same old drivel. Anyway... where do I begin?

      First off BOB... "Teeny Boppers?" Right... because anyone who is defending the General while also capable of using the "interwebs" must be some stupid kid, right?

      Hate to break it to you pal... but I've been driving for twenty years now and it's always been behind the wheel of an American car. Why is that? Two reasons... first, I don't like Japanese imports for no other reason than they do absolutely nothing for me - most are bland and/or wholly unimpressive... furthermore, I won't buy European because I can find better ways to waste my money... I may find some to be jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but where's their reliability? Second and most importantly - I've never had a domestic make leave me stranded and they've always done whatever I've asked of them.

      Here's the problem with the baby-boomer generation from the perspective of a Gen-Xer... All you guys talk about how great the cars were from the 50s/60s/70s and how you felt screwed by the cars you bought from the 80s/90s. Again... I hate to break it to you, but mechanically/technically speaking all of those "great" cars were total buckets compared to what's on the market now - and to say otherwise is downright pathetic.

      Don't get me wrong... I still get a hardon when I think of my Grandpop's old Wildcat, or my Dad's 442, or my Uncle's Riviera... but from an all around perspective of build quality, comfort, handling, and performance - I'll take my old '04 Regal GS any day of the week. That was one hell of a car... yet many considered it to be from the dark, POS days of 90s GM engineering... and it's utter bullocks.

      I've owned Buicks, Cadillacs, Chryslers, and Jeeps my whole driving life... which has encompassed the late 80s up to today... and guess what? They were (and still are) all great vehicles. If GM cars from the 90s were so horrible.... why do I still see tons of LeSabres, Cutlasses, Cavaliers, Centurys, Devilles, Intrepids, Concords, Sebrings, Cherokees, and Wranglers out on the road? If we were to believe the likes of some that litter sites like this, they would have all gone straight to the scrapyard right after their warranty had expired.

      It's all sad, pathetic BS... and it gets awfully old. I just don't get the point. Rarely will you see me commenting on here about a car-manufacturer I don't care for... So why is it all the import-philes insist on always making negative comments about domestic manufacturers? Because believe me... there are more than enough negative things to be said "X" or "Y" Toyondan.

      It doesn't matter what GM does or will ever do... most of you lack even a modicum of humility nor common sense to give them the slightest bit of praise. It doesn't effin' matter what they did in the past - what matters is what they're making NOW... and if you can't possibly get past that, then I feel sorry for you - because you're obviously a bitter, spiteful person who dwells in compulsive, debilitating reflection... I'd hate to be around you, I'd hate to be you, and if I were - I'd loathe the thought of getting out of bed in the morning.
      • 7 Years Ago
      All of this definitely sounds like more good news for GM. Keep up the good work on your turnaround plan.
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