• Apr 13th 2008 at 4:15PM
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We've known for some time now that Ford would be introducing a new light duty diesel V-8 in their trucks in 2010 and the first images have now popped up on the interwebs. An attendee at a Ford dealer show in Las Vegas this week snapped some pics of the 4.4L oil burner. The engine is reportedly based on the 3.6L diesel already offered in European versions of the Land Rovers and Range Rovers. Unlike the diesels currently offered in Ford's Super Duty trucks, supplied by Navistar, the new engine is an in-house design. According to the accompanying sign, the engine will debut in the F-150 partway through the 2010 model year with availability spreading to the rest of Ford's full-size SUVs, vans and even the Super-Duty trucks. Output is expected to be about 310hp with 15 percent more torque than the 5.4L V-8 and twenty percent better fuel economy. Fifty state Tier 2 Bin 5 compliance will be achieved by urea injection.

[Source: F150Online.com]

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      This 4.4-liter V8 Lion will soon be joined with competition from the General and Dodge in the form of a 4.5-liter V8 Duramax (to be built in N.Y.) and a ???-liter (to be built in Ohio by Cummins), respectively.

      There are also rumors flying about Nissan and Toyota. Nissan last stated that they would develop their own diesel for the Titan, but now it is rumored that Dodge will build the next-generation Titan, which means--one would expect that--the new Titan will also get the Cummins diesel(s).

      Toyota is rumored to be working with Hino to produce an engine. Toyota has some capital interest in Hino. One thing is for sure, Toyota is a long way from being able to design and produce their own T2, bin 5 certified diesel engine. With regards to diesel technologies, Toyota falls in near the bottom.

      Honda is working on a 3.0 liter V6 diesel for the Ridge Line, Passport, and Odyssey. They are hoping to design the first V-6 or larger diesel that can meet T2, bin 5 without using SCR (select catalyst reaction), which means urea injection that requires an additional fluid be periodically refilled by the consumer..
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