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Ford is confident enough in the improved quality of its vehicles that the automaker is increasing the warranty on its Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vehicles. Under the old warranty terms, the powertrain was covered for six years or 75,000 miles; starting last week the powertrain coverage was upped to six years or 100,000 miles. Ford has also seen fit to add a three-month or 3,000-mile comprehensive warranty along with 24-hour roadside assistance to their CPO cars. In reality, this new extended warranty coverage brings Ford level with other manufacturer's powertrain CPO warranties, placing them smack-dab between rival GM's five year or 100,000 mile warranty and Honda and Toyota's seven year or 100,000 mile coverage. Chrysler's CPO coverage extends for eight years but only up to 80,000 miles. All of these brands also match Ford's new comprehensive coverage. As Ford's higher-level brand, Lincolns will get a six-year/100,000 comprehensive limited warranty.
[Source: The Detroit News]

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      • 7 Years Ago
      I wonder if they are going to pull the 100,000 mile = 100,000 km warranty in Canada that some manufacturers tried in the past, or if they will follow GM's lead and actually translate it to 160,000 kms (or if the CPO warranty will even be extended to the northern neighbours)
      • 7 Years Ago
      Fusion Sport makes even a more appealing used car to me now.
        • 7 Years Ago
        To the guy who was quick to point out that some of these Fords are as far back as 91, duh. but some are as early as 2002. You obviously know enough about fords to know that these trucks do not change very much and have carried over engines from years past. My question to everyone is what is the big point about current inital quality with Ford? Hondas and Toyotas are reliable for a huge reason, that reason being that these engines are carry overs from basically decades back. Honda has been using their small four bangers for years, these 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 2.2 have stood the test of time, they just keep updating them. When people think Toyota reliablity their engine of choice usually is r22 that thing is bullet proof. My point is how can Ford just now be showing equal quality when compared to Honda and Toyota when their engines lack real long term data?
        • 7 Years Ago

        First off, engine reliability is only a small factor in the overall car's ability to be reliable.

        Second, the 4.6L V8, which is the derivative of the 5.4L V8 and even the 6.8L V10 has been in cars since the 1991 Thunderbird. The 4.0L SOHC engine started out as a 2.8L pushrod motor in the 80's. The newest Ford engine, the 3.5L is a derivative of the 3.0L duratec engine that has been in cars since the mid to early '90s. That's over 15 years (at the least) and these groupings of engines make up most of Ford's powertrain lineup in some variant.

        Your point was?
      • 7 Years Ago
      Stuka, why cant a 2001, and 2002 be a cpo vehicle?
        • 7 Years Ago
        CPO programs are only on relatively late-model vehicles. This is not to be confused with buying an extended warranty from a dealer on any used car. The CPO programs are sponsered by the manufacturers, and generally only apply to vehicles that are 3-5 years old (specific number depends on which manufacturer it is).

        So, as it is now 2008, I don't think you can find a CPO vehicle any older than a 2003.
      • 7 Years Ago
      @epilonious........Huh? so this is the peoples fault? WOW! and you called me a tool,so you are saying ,if i park my car in the garage and go up stairs to bed and the darn thing burn down my house down and kill me and my family,its the same as me not wearing my seat belt?WOW! i'm truely speechless.
        • 7 Years Ago
        my bad i was thinking of honda again, less than six years
        • 7 Years Ago
        I'm saying that's about as likely as your house getting struck by lightening and being set on fire during a nasty storm.

        But you don't get to whine about ford quality if lightening strikes your house... or if you do something stupid yourself like park a hot lawnmower next to a pile of sawdust... and you can't rail against stupidity or you'd be lamenting yourself... so instead you post a litany over and over and over again.

        In the meantime, since your argument is not changing and the biggest 'tactic' you can come up with basically "nuh uh, you are!", I am done talking with you in this thread.

      • 7 Years Ago
      Mike you are getting my point without even noticing it.
      my point is why is ford now getting props for quality and reliablilty if these engines are derived from past engines?
      Many will admit that ford was making several unreliable cars and trucks throughout the 80's. So what makes it any different now if they are carring over engines from the past? dont say they have fixed their errors and redeveloped them to be more reliable, because to truely do so is to scrap them all and start again. Reliability is going to take basically decades to become even with Honda or Toyota.
      dont get me wrong I am not a truck owner I really cant say who makes a better truck. That depends who and why someone needs one. But i can say that Ford has built a reputation on being one strong truck. Just as this reputation took some time reliabtilty is gonna take quite a while.
      People bash Ford because they dont make good cars, hell they dont even make money on them. Ford has the problem of making cheap cars that dont last long.
      This may be the reason why Ford has a bad reputation.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Well,i'm sorry for hurting autoblog and all the ford fans feelings out there,but after learning today about the 3 people that died because of a ford vehicle,i could not just sit back and turn a blind eye,...are you f@cking kidding me?this should be posted numerous times on autoblog,these are people dying!but i get it,where would the fun and joke be in that?after all, is'nt that what this site is all about?a joke!!..oh look! Toyota Tundra!,now that's a reel story.
        • 7 Years Ago
        you make me feel like I'm back in high school it's a blog, calm down.
        • 7 Years Ago
        I'm pretty sure much much much much much more people die from not wearing their seatbelts.

        The big difference is that you are railing on a cruise control switch as if it was causing the same amount of deaths as people not buckling up. When really it's less likely to cause an issue than a tire blowing out at highway speeds, sliding on wet pavement, falling asleep at the wheel....

        I guess the big difference is that you get to whinge about Ford, and that seems to be the need you are sating when you keep posting about it, and it's rather obvious now.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Man, if you're this wound up about a cruise control switch I'd hate to see what you post on the McDonalds blogs.
      • 7 Years Ago
      "Well,i'm sorry for hurting autoblog and all the ford fans feelings out there,but after learning today about the 3 people that died because of a ford vehicle"

      many people are dying because your toyotas and hyundais are not safe enough. tru safety in new cars, specially in hyundais have shown considerable improvement as compared to the old ones, but since your original post included fords from as far back as '91, I feel justified in pointing out that hyundais since up to ATLEAST 2003 were practically DISPOSABLE.

      the CRAPPY brakes of corollas(apparently made from cotton) dont stop the car on time. I have compared brakes of civic and corollas numerous times. My 10 year old civic has better braking than my 3 year old toyota, probabaly an exceptional case but even new corollas leave a lot to be desired in terms of braking and handling(a lot of people die in accidents because their cars have corola like handling and braking)

      a friend of mine saw an accident involving the new camry, the driver had lost control, jumped the sidwalk, landed on the service road and the car and turned over. But the DEFECTIVE airbags didnt go off.

      so what does that mean? that ALL camrys are rubbish? ofcourse not. a toyota, like a ford is a machine and some of its parts can fail.

      So if you want to bash car bash for ford for killing people. then bash hyundais, kias, and nissans too.

      As for the SAFETY of FORDS, lets not even bring the subject up since ford owns VOLVO
        • 7 Years Ago
        two things:

        1 my coment was meant to be a reply to 'thedevil'

        2 i dont know why i put nissan up there. i havent driven enough nissans to pass any judgement. the only 'nissan' i have driven is my infiniti g35. so i take the name nissan out from my sentence "So if you want to bash car bash for ford for killing people. then bash hyundais, kias, and nissans too."

        p.s. i have driven one more nissan; a nissan sunny training car, had modified brakes so again i cant comment on that
      • 7 Years Ago
      You are dead wrong! this is why they did it,..............April 8, 2008
      Flaming Fords
      • Ford Expedition Suspected in Fatal Ohio Home Fire
      • Ford Fires Continue Despite Long-Delayed Federal Warning
      • Feds Warn Some Ford Trucks and Cars Can Erupt in Flames
      • Ford Fire Lawsuits Spread
      • Ford Recalls 57,000 More Trucks, SUVS for Fire Hazard
      • Ford Fires Strike in Minnesota, California
      • Ford Plans Another Recall to Fix Fire Hazard
      • Ford Fire Hazard Recall Creeps Along
      • Ford Escape, Mazda Tribute Continue Ford Fire Tradition
      • Ford Fires Kill Pets and Spread Despair as Year Ends
      • Ford Lacks Parts for Fire Recall Repair
      • New F150 Erupts in Flames as Ford Truck Fires Rage On
      • Red Hot Texas Car-B-Que
      • Kerry Vows Action to Get Flaming Fords Off the Road
      • Flaming Ford Scandal Disgraces Ford, Feds
      • Ford Tries Again to Fix Fire Problem with Massive Recall
      • One Ford the Recall Missed
      • Ford Stops Sales of Big Super Duty, Recalls 2008 Trucks
      • Ford Recalls 155,000 More Trucks to Fix Fire Hazard
      • Feds Probe Fires in Ford Escape, Mazda Tribute
      • Feds Wind Up Ford Engine Fire Probe with Massive Recall
      • Ford Truck Fires Mount as Recall Rolls Slowly
      • Ford Trucks Burn As Recall Fiddles
      • Ford Truck Fire Fix Delayed by Parts Shortage
      • Ford Recalls 4 Million Trucks to Fix Fire Risk
      • Nader Demands NHTSA Warn Ford Truck Owners
      • Wrongful Death Suit Charges House Fire Started in F-150
      • Feds Look Deeper for Ford Fire Causes
      • Recall Leaves Many Questions Unanswered
      • Houston Lawyers Sue Ford
      • Ford Recalls Some Fire-Prone Models
      • Feds Probe Ford F-150 Engine Fires
      • Ford Recall Was Biggest Ever
      • Bronco
      • Crown Victoria
      • Dump truck
      • Expedition
      • Explorer
      • F-150
      • Other F-Series Trucks
      • Focus
      • Mustang
      • Ranger Pickup
      • Taurus
      • Windstar

      A 2002 Ford Expedition parked in a homeowner’s carport is suspected as the cause of a fire in Madison County, Ohio that killed a woman and her two children.

      The Columbus Dispatch reported that the origin of the fire has been narrowed to a 10-foot space in the carport although investigators have not yet determined the cause.

      Peter Romans, who survived the fire that killed his wife and children, told investigators that the fire started in his parked Ford SUV, according to the news paper.

      The fire killed Billi Romans, 51; Ami Romans, 16; and Caleb Romans, 12. Their bodies were found near the back door of their house,

      Peter Romans, 47, escaped with minor burns and smoke inhalation.

      The 2001 Ford Expedition suspected of igniting the fatal blaze was included in the Ford Motor Company recall of 9.6 million vehicles equipped with a faulty cruise-control switch. the switch can “lead to a vehicle fire at any time,” according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

      The Ford recall began in 2005. It has dragged on because of the sheer size of the recall effort, a shortage of parts and a lack of urgency by regulators.

      Several dwelling fires have been attributed to the faulty cruise-control switch which can overheat and erupt into flames.

      After years of fires involving Ford vehicles, NHTSA on February 28 warned Ford, Lincoln and Mercury owners of fire hazards involving the faulty cruise control switches in recalled Ford vehicles that have not been repaired.

      ConsumerAffairs.com has been reporting on the problem for years, chronicling fires in vehicles parked outside homes, in garages and even at fire stations.

      In a strongly worded and highly unusual statement, NHTSA urged owners of the recalled vehicles to go to a Ford or Lincoln Mercury dealer as soon as possible and have the potentially dangerous cruise control system disconnected.

      The recalled vehicles are:

      1. 1993 – 2004 F150
      2. 1993 – 1999 F250
        • 7 Years Ago
        That sure is one long post. Informative though. I don't think I'll be buying a Ford anytime soon.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Thanks Autoblog for providing the comment tracking feature.

        Now when I click on TheDevil's name, I am seeing that he posted some variant this "ZOMG FORD CRUISE CONTROL SWITCH" whinge at least three times today, once in a post that was about Toyotas.

        I am sorry a Ford cruise control switch caught fire and burned down his or her house... that is the only reason I can think of that someone would post a longer and longer rant about a Ford recall so much in the same day. If his or her house didn't get burned down then, well, 'thedevil' seems to be a complete tool.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Why are you wasting your breath with this drivel? NONE of those cars are sold as certified pre-owned cars. And some of those are from as far back as 1991?! Ford's reliability ratings for cars made after 2004 has been very high. Their warrantee expenditures have also dropped. They saved 750k in warrantee repairs last year over the previous year. Which shows newer vehicles are far better.

        With that said, I own a certified pre-owned ford, and it has been flawless for the 2 years that I have had it.
        • 7 Years Ago
        a similar 'collection' can be created for any car manufacturer, especially if your not citing any sources.

        do the same for your beloved toyota
        • 7 Years Ago
        Here's two for Toyota THIS WEEK!

        Scion xB Bursts Into Flames On It's Own
        1996 to 2000 Toyota Tacoma Frames Rust Through
        (causing vehicles to split in parts while driving)

        We could REALLY do one up for Toyota!

        Here's an incomplete list of Toyota's with Problems
        Not including the Scion xB's that explode or the 96-00 Tacomas that have so much rust on their frames that they'll break in half if hit by an F150 or even a ranger!

        Just to to level things up a bit!

        2007 Toyota Camry Solara
        2001 Toyota Tundra
        1992 Toyota Corolla

        2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
        2000 Toyota 4Runner
        1992 Toyota 4Runner

        2007 Toyota Tacoma
        2000 Toyota Camry Solara
        1992 Toyota MR2

        2007 Toyota Camry
        2000 Toyota ECHO
        1991 Toyota Pickup

        2007 Toyota Sequoia
        2000 Toyota RAV4
        1991 Toyota Previa

        2006 Toyota Tacoma
        2000 Toyota Corolla
        1991 Toyota Land Cruiser

        2006 Toyota Tundra
        2000 Toyota Celica
        1991 Toyota 4Runner

        2006 Toyota Camry
        2000 Toyota Camry
        1991 Toyota MR2

        2006 Toyota Prius
        2000 Toyota Tacoma
        1991 Toyota Camry

        2006 Toyota Matrix
        2000 Toyota Avalon
        1990 Toyota 4Runner

        2006 Toyota Corolla
        2000 Toyota Tundra
        1990 Toyota Tercel

        2006 Toyota Sequoia
        1999 Toyota Corolla
        1990 Toyota Pickup

        2006 Toyota Avalon
        1999 Toyota Sienna
        1990 Toyota Camry

        2005 Toyota Avalon
        1999 Toyota Camry
        1990 Toyota Celica

        2005 Toyota Prius
        1999 Toyota Avalon
        1990 Toyota Land Cruiser

        2005 Toyota Tundra
        1999 Toyota 4Runner
        1989 Toyota 4Runner

        2005 Toyota Matrix
        1999 Toyota RAV4
        1989 Toyota Pickup

        2005 Toyota RAV4
        1999 Toyota Tacoma
        1989 Toyota Tercel

        2005 Toyota Corolla
        1998 Toyota Tacoma
        1989 Toyota Land Cruiser

        2005 Toyota Sequoia
        1998 Toyota Avalon
        1989 Toyota Camry

        2005 Toyota Tacoma
        1998 Toyota 4Runner
        1988 Toyota Van

        2005 Toyota Camry
        1998 Toyota RAV4
        1988 Toyota Land Cruiser

        2005 Toyota Highlander
        1998 Toyota T-100
        1988 Toyota Tercel

        2005 Toyota Sienna
        1998 Toyota Corolla
        1988 Toyota Camry

        2004 Toyota Prius
        1998 Toyota Sienna
        1988 Toyota 4Runner

        2004 Toyota Tundra
        1998 Toyota Camry
        1988 Toyota Pickup

        2004 Toyota Matrix
        1997 Toyota T-100
        1987 Toyota Van

        2004 Toyota Corolla
        1997 Toyota Tacoma
        1987 Toyota Tercel

        2004 Toyota Tacoma
        1997 Toyota Avalon
        1987 Toyota Land Cruiser

        2004 Toyota Camry
        1997 Toyota Previa
        1987 Toyota Camry

        2004 Toyota Highlander
        1997 Toyota 4Runner
        1987 Toyota Pickup

        2004 Toyota Sienna
        1997 Toyota Tercel
        1986 Toyota Land Cruiser

        2004 Toyota Sequoia
        1997 Toyota Camry
        1986 Toyota Tercel

        2003 Toyota Celica
        1997 Toyota Corolla
        1986 Toyota Van

        2003 Toyota Tacoma
        1996 Toyota Celica
        1985 Toyota Tercel

        2003 Toyota Camry
        1996 Toyota Tacoma
        1985 Toyota Van

        2003 Toyota Highlander
        1996 Toyota 4Runner
        1985 Toyota Land Cruiser

        2003 Toyota Tundra
        1996 Toyota Tercel
        1984 Toyota Tercel

        2003 Toyota Matrix
        1996 Toyota Camry
        1984 Toyota Camry

        2003 Toyota Corolla
        1996 Toyota Corolla
        1984 Toyota Van

        2003 Toyota Sequoia
        1996 Toyota T-100
        1984 Toyota Supra

        2002 Toyota 4Runner
        1995 Toyota 4Runner
        1984 Toyota Corolla

        2002 Toyota ECHO
        1995 Toyota Tercel
        1984 Toyota Cressida

        2002 Toyota Corolla
        1995 Toyota Camry
        1984 Toyota Land Cruiser

        2002 Toyota Sequoia
        1995 Toyota Corolla
        1983 Toyota Camry

        2002 Toyota Tundra
        1995 Toyota T-100
        1983 Toyota Supra

        2002 Toyota Celica
        1995 Toyota Pickup
        1983 Toyota Land Cruiser

        2002 Toyota Prius
        1995 Toyota Tacoma
        1983 Toyota Cressida

        2002 Toyota Tacoma
        1994 Toyota Camry
        1983 Toyota Tercel

        2002 Toyota Camry
        1994 Toyota Corolla
        1982 Toyota Land Cruiser

        2002 Toyota Highlander
        1994 Toyota 4Runner
        1982 Toyota Cressida

        2001 Toyota Sequoia
        1994 Toyota Pickup
        1982 Toyota Celica

        2001 Toyota ECHO
        1994 Toyota T-100
        1982 Toyota Tercel

        2001 Toyota Sienna
        1993 Toyota T-100
        1981 Toyota Land Cruiser

        2001 Toyota Celica
        1993 Toyota Pickup
        1981 Toyota Cre
      • 7 Years Ago
      I'm still trying to figure out who came up with the artfully worded "Comprehensive LIMITED warranty."
        • 7 Years Ago
        Thats old news. It was none other then Mr. Ben Dover
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